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 Ncollision_detectionGeneric interface to collision detection
 CAllowedCollisionMatrixDefinition of a structure for the allowed collision matrix. All elements in the collision world are referred to by their names. This class represents which collisions are allowed to happen and which are not
 CCollisionDetectorAllocatorAn allocator for a compatible CollisionWorld/CollisionRobot pair
 CCollisionDetectorAllocatorAllValidAn allocator for AllValid collision detectors
 CCollisionDetectorAllocatorFCLAn allocator for FCL collision detectors
 CCollisionDetectorAllocatorTemplateTemplate class to make it easy to create an allocator for a specific CollisionWorld/CollisionRobot pair
 CCollisionPluginPlugin API for loading a custom collision detection robot/world
 CCollisionRequestRepresentation of a collision checking request
 CCollisionResultRepresentation of a collision checking result
 CCollisionRobotThis class represents a collision model of the robot and can be used for self collision checks (to check if the robot is in collision with itself) or in collision checks with a different robot. Collision checks with the environment are performed using the CollisionWorld class
 CCollisionWorldPerform collision checking with the environment. The collision world maintains a representation of the environment that the robot is operating in
 CContactDefinition of a contact point
 CCostSourceWhen collision costs are computed, this structure contains information about the partial cost incurred in a particular volume
 CIfSameType< T, T >
 CWorldMaintain a representation of the environment
 CWorldDiffMaintain a diff list of changes that have happened to a World
 Nconstraint_samplersThe constraint samplers namespace contains a number of methods for generating samples based on a constraint or set of constraints
 CConstraintSamplerConstraintSampler is an abstract base class that allows the sampling of a kinematic state for a particular group of a robot
 CConstraintSamplerManagerThis class assists in the generation of a ConstraintSampler for a particular group from a moveit_msgs::Constraints
 CIKConstraintSamplerA class that allows the sampling of IK constraints
 CIKSamplingPoseA structure for potentially holding a position constraint and an orientation constraint for use during Ik Sampling
 CJointConstraintSamplerJointConstraintSampler is a class that allows the sampling of joints in a particular group of the robot, subject to a set of individual joint constraints
 CUnionConstraintSamplerThis class exists as a union of constraint samplers. It contains a vector of constraint samplers, and will sample from each of them
 Ndistance_fieldNamespace for holding classes that generate distance fields
 CcompareEigen_Vector3iStruct for sorting type Eigen::Vector3i for use in sorted std containers. Sorts in z order, then y order, then x order
 CDistanceFieldDistanceField is an abstract base class for computing distances from sets of 3D obstacle points. The distance assigned to a freespace cell should be the distance to the closest obstacle cell. Cells that are obstacle cells should either be marked as zero distance, or may have a negative distance if a signed version of the distance field is being used and an obstacle point is internal to an obstacle volume
 CPropagationDistanceFieldA DistanceField implementation that uses a vector propagation method. Distances propagate outward from occupied cells, or inwards from unoccupied cells if negative distances are to be computed, which is optional. Outward and inward propagation only occur to a desired maximum distance - cells that are more than this maximum distance from the nearest cell will have maximum distance measurements
 CPropDistanceFieldVoxelStructure that holds voxel information for the DistanceField. Will be used in VoxelGrid
 CVoxelGridVoxelGrid holds a dense 3D, axis-aligned set of data at a given resolution, where the data is supplied as a template parameter
 Ndynamics_solverThis namespace includes the dynamics_solver library
 Nkinematic_constraintsRepresentation and evaluation of kinematic constraints
 CConstraintEvaluationResultStruct for containing the results of constraint evaluation
 CJointConstraintClass for handling single DOF joint constraints
 CKinematicConstraintBase class for representing a kinematic constraint
 CKinematicConstraintSetA class that contains many different constraints, and can check RobotState *versus the full set. A set is satisfied if and only if all constraints are satisfied
 COrientationConstraintClass for constraints on the orientation of a link
 CPositionConstraintClass for constraints on the XYZ position of a link
 CVisibilityConstraintClass for constraints on the visibility relationship between a sensor and a target
 NkinematicsAPI for forward and inverse kinematics
 CKinematicsBaseProvides an interface for kinematics solvers
 CKinematicsQueryOptionsA set of options for the kinematics solver
 Nkinematics_metricsNamespace for kinematics metrics
 CKinematicsMetricsCompute different kinds of metrics for kinematics evaluation. Currently includes manipulability
 NmoveitMain namespace for MoveIt!
 NcoreCore components of MoveIt!
 NtoolsThis namespace includes classes and functions that are helpful in the implementation of other MoveIt components. This is not code specific to the functionality provided by MoveIt
 CConstructExceptionThis may be thrown during construction of objects if errors occur
 CExceptionThis may be thrown if unrecoverable errors occur
 Nmoveit_controller_managerNamespace for the base class of a MoveIt controller manager
 CExecutionStatusThe reported execution status
 CMoveItControllerHandleMoveIt sends commands to a controller via a handle that satisfies this interface
 CMoveItControllerManagerMoveIt! does not enforce how controllers are implemented. To make your controllers usable by MoveIt, this interface needs to be implemented. The main purpose of this interface is to expose the set of known controllers and potentially to allow activating and deactivating them, if multiple controllers are available
 Nmoveit_sensor_managerNamespace for the base class of a MoveIt sensor manager
 CSensorInfoDefine the frame of reference and the frustum of a sensor (usually this is a visual sensor)
 Nplanning_interfaceThis namespace includes the base class for MoveIt planners
 CPlannerConfigurationSettingsSpecify the settings for a particular planning algorithm, for a particular group. The Planner plugin uses these settings to configure the algorithm
 CPlannerManagerBase class for a MoveIt planner
 CPlanningContextRepresentation of a particular planning context – the planning scene and the request are known, solution is not yet computed
 Nplanning_request_adapterGeneric interface to adapting motion planning requests
 CPlanningRequestAdapterChainApply a sequence of adapters to a motion plan
 Nplanning_sceneThis namespace includes the central class for representing planning contexts
 CPlanningSceneThis class maintains the representation of the environment as seen by a planning instance. The environment geometry, the robot geometry and state are maintained
 CRobotTrajectoryMaintain a sequence of waypoints and the time durations between these waypoints
 CIterativeParabolicTimeParameterizationThis class modifies the timestamps of a trajectory to respect velocity and acceleration constraints
 CEIGEN_MAKE_ALIGNED_OPERATOR_NEWROS/KDL based interface for the inverse kinematics of the PR2 arm

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