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ompl::base::AllValidStateValidityCheckerThe simplest state validity checker: all states are valid
ompl::geometric::BasicPRMProbabilistic RoadMap planner
ompl::Profiler::BeginBlockThis instance will call Profiler::begin() when constructed and Profiler::end() when it goes out of scope
ompl::BenchmarkBenchmark a set of planners on a problem instance
ompl::BinaryHeap< _T, LessThan >This class provides an implementation of an updatable min-heap. Using it is a bit cumbersome, as it requires keeping track of the BinaryHeap::Element* type, however, it should be as fast as it gets with an updatable heap
ompl::geometric::BKPIECE1Bi-directional KPIECE with one level of discretization
ompl::Grid< _T >::CellDefinition of a cell in this grid
ompl::GridN< _T >::CellDefinition of a cell in this grid
ompl::control::KPIECE1::CellDataThe data held by a cell in the grid of motions
ompl::geometric::Discretization< Motion >::CellDataThe data held by a cell in the grid of motions
ompl::Benchmark::CompleteExperimentThis structure holds experimental data for a set of planners
ompl::control::CompoundControlDefinition of a compound control
ompl::control::CompoundControlSamplerDefinition of a compound control sampler. This is useful to construct samplers for compound controls
ompl::control::CompoundControlSpaceA control space to allow the composition of control spaces
ompl::base::CompoundStateDefinition of a compound state
ompl::base::CompoundStateSamplerDefinition of a compound state sampler. This is useful to construct samplers for compound states
ompl::base::CompoundStateSpaceA space to allow the composition of state spaces
ompl::control::ControlDefinition of an abstract control
ompl::control::ControlSamplerAbstract definition of a control sampler. Motion planners that need to sample controls will call functions from this class. Planners should call the versions of sample() and sampleNext() with most arguments, whenever this information is available
ompl::control::ControlSamplerPtrA boost shared pointer wrapper for ompl::control::ControlSampler
ompl::control::ControlSpaceA control space representing the space of applicable controls
ompl::control::ControlSpacePtrA boost shared pointer wrapper for ompl::control::ControlSpace
ompl::control::RealVectorControlSpace::ControlTypeThe definition of a control in Rn
ompl::base::DiscreteMotionValidatorA motion validator that only uses the state validity checker. Motions are checked for validity at a specified resolution
ompl::geometric::Discretization< Motion >One-level discretization used for KPIECE
ompl::BinaryHeap< _T, LessThan >::ElementWhen an element is added to the heap, an instance of Element* is created. This instance contains the data that was added and internal information about the position of the data in the heap's internal storage
ompl::Grid< _T >::EqualCoordPtrEquality operator for coordinate pointers
ompl::geometric::ESTExpansive Space Trees
ompl::base::EuclideanProjectionThe datatype for state projections. This class contains a real vector
EulerIntegrator< F >Simple integrator: Euclidean method
ompl::ExceptionThe exception type for ompl
ompl::geometric::GAIKInverse Kinematics with Genetic Algorithms
ompl::base::GaussianValidStateSamplerGenerate valid samples using the Gaussian sampling strategy
ompl::base::GoalAbstract definition of goals. Will contain solutions, if found
ompl::base::GoalLazySamplesDefinition of a goal region that can be sampled, but the sampling process can be slow. This class allows sampling the happen in a separate thread, and the number of goals may increase, as the planner is running, in a thread-safe manner
ompl::base::GoalPtrA boost shared pointer wrapper for ompl::base::Goal
ompl::base::GoalRegionDefinition of a goal region
ompl::base::GoalSampleableRegionAbstract definition of a goal region that can be sampled
ompl::base::GoalStateDefinition of a goal state
ompl::base::GoalStatesDefinition of a set of goal states
ompl::Grid< _T >Representation of a simple grid
ompl::GridB< _T, LessThanExternal, LessThanInternal >This class defines a grid that keeps track of its boundary: it distinguishes between interior and exterior cells
ompl::GridN< _T >Representation of a grid where cells keep track of how many neighbors they have
ompl::Grid< _T >::HashFunCoordPtrHash function for coordinates
ompl::geometric::HCIKInverse Kinematics with Hill Climbing
ompl::msg::InterfaceThe piece of code that desires interaction with an action or an output handler should use an instance of this class. This class connects to the active OutputHandler (if any) and forwards messages
KinematicCarModelModel defining the motion of the robot
ompl::control::KPIECE1Kinodynamic Planning by Interior-Exterior Cell Exploration
ompl::geometric::KPIECE1Kinematic Planning by Interior-Exterior Cell Exploration
ompl::geometric::LazyRRTLazy RRT
ompl::geometric::LBKPIECE1Lazy Bi-directional KPIECE with one level of discretization
ompl::GridB< _T, LessThanExternal, LessThanInternal >::LessThanExternalCellDefine order for external cells
ompl::GridB< _T, LessThanExternal, LessThanInternal >::LessThanInternalCellDefine order for internal cells
ompl::base::MaximizeClearanceValidStateSamplerGenerate valid samples randomly, but with a bias towards higher clearance
ompl::geometric::BasicPRM::MilestoneRepresentation of a milestone
ompl::geometric::RRT::MotionRepresentation of a motion
ompl::geometric::RRTConnect::MotionRepresentation of a motion
ompl::geometric::SBL::MotionRepresentation of a motion
ompl::control::KPIECE1::MotionRepresentation of a motion for this algorithm
ompl::control::RRT::MotionRepresentation of a motion
ompl::geometric::EST::MotionThe definition of a motion
ompl::geometric::BKPIECE1::MotionRepresentation of a motion for this algorithm
ompl::geometric::KPIECE1::MotionRepresentation of a motion for this algorithm
ompl::geometric::LBKPIECE1::MotionRepresentation of a motion for this algorithm
ompl::geometric::LazyRRT::MotionRepresentation of a motion
ompl::base::MotionValidatorAbstract definition for a class checking the validity of motions -- path segments between states. This is often called a local planner. The implementation of this class must be thread safe
ompl::base::MotionValidatorPtrA boost shared pointer wrapper for ompl::base::MotionValidator
ompl::NearestNeighborsLinear< _T >::MySort
ompl::NearestNeighbors< _T >Abstract representation of a container that can perform nearest neighbors queries
ompl::NearestNeighborsLinear< _T >A nearest neighbors datastructure that uses linear search
ompl::NearestNeighborsSqrtApprox< _T >A nearest neighbors datastructure that uses linear search. The linear search is done over sqrt(n) elements only. (Every sqrt(n) elements are skipped)
ompl::base::ObstacleBasedValidStateSamplerGenerate valid samples using the Bridge Test
ompl::control::ODEControlSpaceRepresentation of controls applied in ODE environments. This is an array of double values. Only forward propagation is possible
ompl::control::ODEEnvironmentThis class contains the ODE constructs OMPL needs to know about when planning
ompl::control::ODEEnvironmentPtrA boost shared pointer wrapper for ompl::control::ODEEnvironment
ompl::control::ODESimpleSetupCreate the set of classes typically needed to solve a control problem when forward propagation is computed with ODE
ompl::control::ODEStateSpaceState space representing ODE states
ompl::control::ODEStateValidityCheckerThe simplest state validity checker: all states are valid
ompl::control::KPIECE1::OrderCellsByImportanceDefinintion of an operator passed to the Grid structure, to order cells by importance
ompl::geometric::Discretization< Motion >::OrderCellsByImportanceDefinintion of an operator passed to the Grid structure, to order cells by importance
ompl::msg::OutputHandlerGeneric class to handle output from a piece of code
ompl::msg::OutputHandlerSTDDefault implementation of OutputHandler. This sends the information to the console
ompl::base::PathAbstract definition of a path
ompl::control::PathControlDefinition of a control path
ompl::geometric::PathGeometricDefinition of a geometric path
ompl::base::PathPtrA boost shared pointer wrapper for ompl::base::Path
ompl::geometric::PathSimplifierThis class contains routines that attempt to simplify geometric paths
ompl::geometric::PathSimplifierPtrA boost shared pointer wrapper for ompl::geometric::PathSimplifier
ompl::Profiler::PerThreadTiming information to be maintained for each thread
ompl::base::PlannerBase class for a planner
ompl::base::PlannerAlwaysTerminatingConditionSimple termination condition that always returns true. The termination condition will always be met
ompl::base::PlannerAndTerminationConditionCombine two termination conditions into one. Both termination conditions need to return true for this one to return true
ompl::base::PlannerDataDatatype holding data a planner can expose for debug purposes
ompl::Benchmark::PlannerExperimentThe data collected after running a planner multiple times
ompl::base::PlannerInputStatesHelper class to extract valid start & goal states. Usually used internally by planners
ompl::base::PlannerNonTerminatingConditionSimple termination condition that always returns false. The termination condition will never be met
ompl::base::PlannerOrTerminationConditionCombine two termination conditions into one. If either termination condition returns true, this one will return true as well
ompl::base::PlannerPtrA boost shared pointer wrapper for ompl::base::Planner
ompl::base::PlannerTerminationConditionEncapsulate a termination condition for a motion planner. Planners will call operator() to decide whether they should terminate before a solution is found or not. operator() will return true if either the implemented condition is met (the call to eval() returns true) or if the user called terminate(true)
ompl::base::PlannerThreadedTerminationConditionTermination condition with lazy evaluation. This is just as a regular termination condition, except the condition is actually evaluated by computeEval() and the return value is stored in evalValue_. Every time eval() is called, evalValue_ is returned instead of actually evaluating the termination condition. Furthermore, the termination condition is evaluated every period_ seconds in a separate thread. The thread automatically starts when the condition is constructed and it terminates when the condition becomes true
ompl::base::ProblemDefinitionDefinition of a problem to be solved. This includes the start state(s) for the system and a goal specification
ompl::base::ProblemDefinitionPtrA boost shared pointer wrapper for ompl::base::ProblemDefinition
ompl::ProfilerThis is a simple thread-safe tool for counting time spent in various chunks of code. This is different from external profiling tools in that it allows the user to count time spent in various bits of code (sub-function granularity) or count how many times certain pieces of code are executed
ompl::base::ProjectionEvaluatorAbstract definition for a class computing projections to Rn. Implicit integer grids are imposed on this projection space by setting cell sizes. Before use, the user must supply cell sizes for the integer grid (setCellSizes()). The implementation of this class is thread safe
ompl::base::ProjectionEvaluatorPtrA boost shared pointer wrapper for ompl::base::ProjectionEvaluator
ompl::base::ProjectionMatrixA projection matrix -- it allows multiplication of real vectors by a specified matrix. The matrix can also be randomly generated
ompl::geometric::pRRTParallel RRT
ompl::geometric::pSBLParallel Single-query Bi-directional Lazy collision checking planner
ompl::base::RealVectorBoundsThe lower and upper bounds for an Rn space
ompl::control::RealVectorControlSpaceA control space representing Rn. The distance function is the L2 norm
ompl::control::RealVectorControlUniformSamplerUniform sampler for the Rn state space
ompl::base::RealVectorIdentityProjectionEvaluatorDefine the identity projection
ompl::base::RealVectorLinearProjectionEvaluatorDefinition for a class computing linear projections (multiplication of a k-by-n matrix to the the Rn vector state to produce an Rk projection. The multiplication matrix needs to be supplied as input
ompl::base::RealVectorOrthogonalProjectionEvaluatorDefinition for a class computing orthogonal projections
ompl::base::RealVectorRandomLinearProjectionEvaluatorDefinition for a class computing a random linear projections
ompl::base::RealVectorStateSamplerState sampler for the Rn state space
ompl::base::RealVectorStateSpaceA state space representing Rn. The distance function is the L2 norm
ompl::RNGRandom number generation. An instance of this class cannot be used by multiple threads at once (member functions are not const). However, the constructor is thread safe and different instances can be used safely in any number of threads. It is also guaranteed that all created instances will have a different random seed
ompl::geometric::RRTRapidly-exploring Random Trees
ompl::control::RRTRapidly-exploring Random Tree
ompl::geometric::RRTConnectRRT-Connect (RRTConnect)
ompl::base::SamplerSelector< T >Depending on the type of state sampler, we have different allocation routines
ompl::geometric::SBLSingle-Query Bi-Directional Probabilistic Roadmap Planner with Lazy Collision Checking
ompl::base::ScopedState< T >Definition of a scoped state
ompl::base::SE2StateSpaceA state space representing SE(2)
ompl::base::SE3StateSpaceA state space representing SE(3)
ompl::geometric::SimpleSetupCreate the set of classes typically needed to solve a geometric problem
ompl::control::SimpleSetupCreate the set of classes typically needed to solve a control problem
ompl::base::SO2StateSamplerState space sampler for SO(2)
ompl::base::SO2StateSpaceA state space representing SO(2). The distance function and interpolation take into account angle wrapping
ompl::base::SO3StateSamplerState space sampler for SO(3), using quaternion representation
ompl::base::SO3StateSpaceA state space representing SO(3). The internal representation is done with quaternions. The distance between states is the angle between quaternions and interpolation is done with slerp
ompl::Grid< _T >::SortComponentsHelper to sort components by size
ompl::control::SpaceInformationSpace information containing necessary information for planning with controls. setup() needs to be called before use
ompl::base::SpaceInformationThe base class for space information. This contains all the information about the space planning is done in. setup() needs to be called as well, before use
ompl::base::SpaceInformationPtrA boost shared pointer wrapper for ompl::base::SpaceInformation
ompl::control::SpaceInformationPtrA boost shared pointer wrapper for ompl::control::SpaceInformation
ompl::base::StateDefinition of an abstract state
ompl::base::StateSamplerAbstract definition of a state space sampler
ompl::base::StateSamplerArray< T >Class to ease the creation of a set of samplers. This is especially useful for multi-threaded planners
ompl::base::StateSamplerPtrA boost shared pointer wrapper for ompl::base::StateSampler
ompl::base::StateSpaceRepresentation of a space in which planning can be performed. Topology specific sampling, interpolation and distance are defined
ompl::base::StateSpacePtrA boost shared pointer wrapper for ompl::base::StateSpace
ompl::base::TimeStateSpace::StateTypeThe definition of a time state
ompl::base::SO2StateSpace::StateTypeThe definition of a state in SO(2)
ompl::base::RealVectorStateSpace::StateTypeThe definition of a state in Rn
ompl::control::ODEStateSpace::StateTypeODE State. This is a compound state that allows accessing the properties of the bodies the state space is constructed for
ompl::base::SE2StateSpace::StateTypeA state in SE(2): (x, y, yaw)
ompl::base::SO3StateSpace::StateTypeThe definition of a state in SO(3) represented as a unit quaternion
ompl::base::SE3StateSpace::StateTypeA state in SE(3): position = (x, y, z), quaternion = (x, y, z, w)
ompl::base::StateValidityCheckerAbstract definition for a class checking the validity of states. The implementation of this class must be thread safe
ompl::base::StateValidityCheckerPtrA boost shared pointer wrapper for ompl::base::StateValidityChecker
ompl::Benchmark::StatusThis structure contains information about the activity of a benchmark instance. If the instance is running, it is possible to find out information such as which planner is currently being tested or how much
ompl::Profiler::TimeInfoInformation about time spent in a section of the code
ompl::base::TimeStateSamplerState space sampler for time
ompl::base::TimeStateSpaceA state space representing time. The time can be unbounded, in which case enforceBounds() is a no-op, satisfiesBounds() always returns true, sampling uniform time states always produces time 0 and getMaximumExtent() returns 1. If time is bounded (setBounds() has been previously called), the state space behaves as expected. After construction, the state space is unbounded. isBounded() can be used to check if the state space is bounded or not
ompl::geometric::EST::TreeDataThe data contained by a tree of exploration
ompl::control::KPIECE1::TreeDataThe data defining a tree of motions for this algorithm
ompl::geometric::SBL::TreeDataRepresentation of a search tree. Two instances will be used. One for start and one for goal
ompl::geometric::RRTConnect::TreeGrowingInfoInformation attached to growing a tree of motions (used internally)
ompl::base::UniformValidStateSamplerA state sampler that only samples valid states, uniformly
ompl::base::ValidStateSamplerAbstract definition of a state sampler
ompl::base::ValidStateSamplerPtrA boost shared pointer wrapper for ompl::base::ValidStateSampler
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