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 Cb2AABBAn axis aligned bounding box
 Cb2BodyA rigid body. These are created via b2World::CreateBody
 Cb2CircleShapeA circle shape
 Cb2ClipVertexUsed for computing contact manifolds
 Cb2ColorColor for debug drawing. Each value has the range [0,1]
 Cb2ContactIDContact ids to facilitate warm starting
 Cb2DistanceOutputOutput for b2Distance
 Cb2FilterThis holds contact filtering data
 Cb2FixtureProxyThis proxy is used internally to connect fixtures to the broad-phase
 Cb2FrictionJointDefFriction joint definition
 Cb2IslandThis is an internal class
 Cb2JointDefJoint definitions are used to construct joints
 Cb2MassDataThis holds the mass data computed for a shape
 Cb2Mat22A 2-by-2 matrix. Stored in column-major order
 Cb2Mat33A 3-by-3 matrix. Stored in column-major order
 Cb2MotorJointDefMotor joint definition
 Cb2PositionThis is an internal structure
 Cb2ProfileProfiling data. Times are in milliseconds
 Cb2RayCastInputRay-cast input data. The ray extends from p1 to p1 + maxFraction * (p2 - p1)
 Cb2SolverDataSolver Data
 Cb2TimeStepThis is an internal structure
 Cb2TOIInputInput parameters for b2TimeOfImpact
 Cb2TreeNodeA node in the dynamic tree. The client does not interact with this directly
 Cb2Vec2A 2D column vector
 Cb2Vec3A 2D column vector with 3 elements
 Cb2VelocityThis is an internal structure
 Cb2WorldManifoldThis is used to compute the current state of a contact manifold

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