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 Ncollision_detectionGeneric interface to collision detection
 Nconstraint_samplersThe constraint samplers namespace contains a number of methods for generating samples based on a constraint or set of constraints
 Ndistance_fieldNamespace for holding classes that generate distance fields
 Ndynamics_solverThis namespace includes the dynamics_solver library
 Nkinematic_constraintsRepresentation and evaluation of kinematic constraints
 NkinematicsAPI for forward and inverse kinematics
 Nkinematics_metricsNamespace for kinematics metrics
 NmoveitMain namespace for MoveIt!
 Nmoveit_controller_managerNamespace for the base class of a MoveIt! controller manager
 Nmoveit_sensor_managerNamespace for the base class of a MoveIt! sensor manager
 Nplanning_interfaceThis namespace includes the base class for MoveIt! planners
 Nplanning_request_adapterGeneric interface to adapting motion planning requests
 Nplanning_sceneThis namespace includes the central class for representing planning contexts
 CEIGEN_MAKE_ALIGNED_OPERATOR_NEWROS/KDL based interface for the inverse kinematics of the PR2 arm

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