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collision_detection::CollisionGeometryData Struct Reference

#include <collision_common.h>

Public Member Functions

 CollisionGeometryData (const robot_model::LinkModel *link, int index)
 CollisionGeometryData (const robot_state::AttachedBody *ab, int index)
 CollisionGeometryData (const World::Object *obj, int index)
const std::string & getID () const
std::string getTypeString () const
bool sameObject (const CollisionGeometryData &other) const
 Check if two CollisionGeometryData objects point to the same source object. More...

Public Attributes

union {
   const robot_state::AttachedBody *   ab
   const robot_model::LinkModel *   link
   const World::Object *   obj
   const void *   raw
int shape_index
BodyType type

Detailed Description

Definition at line 53 of file fcl/include/moveit/collision_detection_fcl/collision_common.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

collision_detection::CollisionGeometryData::CollisionGeometryData ( const robot_model::LinkModel link,
int  index 
collision_detection::CollisionGeometryData::CollisionGeometryData ( const robot_state::AttachedBody ab,
int  index 
collision_detection::CollisionGeometryData::CollisionGeometryData ( const World::Object obj,
int  index 

Member Function Documentation

const std::string& collision_detection::CollisionGeometryData::getID ( ) const
std::string collision_detection::CollisionGeometryData::getTypeString ( ) const
bool collision_detection::CollisionGeometryData::sameObject ( const CollisionGeometryData other) const

Check if two CollisionGeometryData objects point to the same source object.

Definition at line 100 of file fcl/include/moveit/collision_detection_fcl/collision_common.h.

Member Data Documentation

const robot_state::AttachedBody* collision_detection::CollisionGeometryData::ab
const robot_model::LinkModel* collision_detection::CollisionGeometryData::link
const World::Object* collision_detection::CollisionGeometryData::obj
union { ... } collision_detection::CollisionGeometryData::ptr
const void* collision_detection::CollisionGeometryData::raw
int collision_detection::CollisionGeometryData::shape_index
BodyType collision_detection::CollisionGeometryData::type

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