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 Ncollision_detectionGeneric interface to collision detection
 NAllowedCollisionAny pair of bodies can have a collision state associated to it
 NBodyTypesThe types of bodies that are considered for collision
 Nconstraint_samplersThe constraint samplers namespace contains a number of methods for generating samples based on a constraint or set of constraints
 Ndistance_fieldNamespace for holding classes that generate distance fields
 Ndynamics_solverThis namespace includes the dynamics_solver library
 Nkinematic_constraintsRepresentation and evaluation of kinematic constraints
 NkinematicsAPI for forward and inverse kinematics
 Nkinematics_metricsNamespace for kinematics metrics
 NmoveitMain namespace for MoveIt!
 NcoreCore components of MoveIt!
 NtoolsThis namespace includes classes and functions that are helpful in the implementation of other MoveIt! components. This is not code specific to the functionality provided by MoveIt
 Nmoveit_controller_managerNamespace for the base class of a MoveIt! controller manager
 Nmoveit_sensor_managerNamespace for the base class of a MoveIt! sensor manager
 Nplanning_interfaceThis namespace includes the base class for MoveIt! planners
 Nplanning_request_adapterGeneric interface to adapting motion planning requests
 Nplanning_sceneThis namespace includes the central class for representing planning contexts

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