Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
towr::AnymalDynamicModelThe Dynamics of the quadruped robot ANYmal
towr::AnymalKinematicModelThe Kinematics of the quadruped robot ANYmal
towr::BaseMotionConstraintKeeps the 6D base motion in a specified range
towr::BaseStateCan represent the 6Degree-of-Freedom floating base of a robot
towr::BipedDynamicModelThe Dynamics of a tow-legged robot built from HyQ legs
towr::BipedGaitGeneratorProduces the contact sequence for a variety of two-legged gaits
towr::BipedKinematicModelThe Kinematics of a tow-legged robot built from HyQ legs
towr::BlockSample terrain with a step in height in x-direction
towr::ChimneySample terrain with a tilted vertical wall to cross a gap
towr::ChimneyLRSample terrain with two tilted vertical walls to cross a gap
towr::CubicHermitePolynomialRepresents a Cubic-Hermite-Polynomial
towr::DynamicConstraintEnsure that the optimized motion complies with the system dynamics
towr::DynamicModelA interface for the the system dynamics of a legged robot
towr::EulerConverterConverts Euler angles and derivatives to angular quantities
towr::FlatGroundSample terrain of even height
towr::ForceConstraintEnsures foot force that is unilateral and inside friction cone
towr::GaitGeneratorGenerates endeffector phase durations for predefined gait styles
towr::GapSample terrain with parabola-modeled gap in x-direction
towr::HeightMapHolds the height and slope information of the terrain
towr::HyqDynamicModelThe Dynamics of the quadruped robot HyQ
towr::HyqKinematicModelThe Kinematics of the quadruped robot HyQ
towr::KinematicModelContains all the robot specific kinematic parameters
towr::LinearEqualityConstraintCalculates the constraint violations for linear constraints
towr::MonopedDynamicModelThe Dynamics of a one-legged hopper with HyQ leg
towr::MonopedGaitGeneratorProduces the contact sequence for a variety of one-legged gaits
towr::MonopedKinematicModelThe Kinematics of a one-legged hopper with HyQ leg
towr::NlpFormulationA sample combination of variables, cost and constraints
towr::NodeA node represents the state of a trajectory at a specific time
towr::NodeCostAssigns a cost to node values
towr::NodesObserverBase class to receive up-to-date values of the NodeVariables
towr::NodeSplineA spline built from node values and fixed polynomial durations
towr::NodesVariablesPosition and velocity of nodes used to generate a Hermite spline
towr::NodesVariablesAllNode variables used to construct the base motion spline
towr::NodesVariablesEEForceVariables fully defining the endeffector forces
towr::NodesVariablesEEMotionVariables fully defining the endeffector motion
towr::NodesVariablesPhaseBasedNodes that are associated to either swing or stance phases
towr::NodesVariables::NodeValueInfoSemantic information associated with a scalar node value
towr::ParametersThe parameters to tune the optimization problem
towr::PhaseDurationsA variable set composed of the phase durations of an endeffector
towr::PhaseDurationsObserverBase class to receive up-to-date values of the ContactSchedule
towr::PhaseSplineA spline built from node values and polynomial durations
towr::NodesVariablesPhaseBased::PolyInfoHolds semantic information each polynomial in spline
towr::PolynomialA polynomial of arbitrary order and dimension
towr::QuadrupedGaitGeneratorProduces the contact sequence for a variety of four-legged gaits
towr::RangeOfMotionConstraintConstrains an endeffector to lie in a box around the nominal stance
towr::RobotModelBase class for robot specific kinematics and dynamics
towr::SingleRigidBodyDynamicsDynamics model relating forces to base accelerations
towr::SlopeSample terrain with an increasing and then decreasing slope in x-direction
towr::SoftConstraintConverts a constraint to a cost by weighing the quadratic violations
towr::SplineA spline built from a sequence of cubic polynomials
towr::SplineAccConstraintEnsures continuous accelerations between polynomials
towr::SplineHolderBuilds splines from node values (pos/vel) and durations
towr::StairsSample terrain with a two-steps in height in x-direction
towr::StateStores at state comprised of values and higher-order derivatives
towr::SwingConstraintConstrains the foot position during the swing-phase
towr::TerrainConstraintEnsures the endeffectors always lays on or above terrain height
towr::TimeDiscretizationConstraintConstraints evaluated at discretized times along a trajectory
towr::TotalDurationConstraintMakes sure all the phase durations sum up to the total time

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