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towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator Class Reference

Produces the contact sequence for a variety of four-legged gaits. More...

#include <quadruped_gait_generator.h>

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Public Member Functions

 QuadrupedGaitGenerator ()
virtual ~QuadrupedGaitGenerator ()

Private Member Functions

GaitInfo GetGait (Gaits gait) const override
GaitInfo GetStrideBound () const
GaitInfo GetStrideBoundEnd () const
GaitInfo GetStrideFlight () const
GaitInfo GetStrideGallop () const
GaitInfo GetStrideLimp () const
GaitInfo GetStridePace () const
GaitInfo GetStridePaceEnd () const
GaitInfo GetStridePronk () const
GaitInfo GetStrideStand () const
GaitInfo GetStrideTrot () const
GaitInfo GetStrideTrotFly () const
GaitInfo GetStrideTrotFlyEnd () const
GaitInfo GetStrideWalk () const
GaitInfo GetStrideWalkOverlap () const
void SetCombo (Combos combo) override
 Sets a specific sequence of gaits.

Private Attributes

ContactState bb_
ContactState Bb_
ContactState bB_
ContactState BB_
ContactState bI_
ContactState BI_
ContactState bP_
ContactState BP_
ContactState Ib_
ContactState IB_
ContactState II_
ContactState IP_
ContactState Pb_
ContactState PB_
ContactState PI_
ContactState PP_

Detailed Description

Produces the contact sequence for a variety of four-legged gaits.

See also:
GaitGenerator for more documentation

Definition at line 42 of file quadruped_gait_generator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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Member Function Documentation

QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GaitInfo towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GetGait ( Gaits  gait) const [override, private, virtual]

Implements towr::GaitGenerator.

Definition at line 90 of file

QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GaitInfo towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GetStrideBound ( ) const [private]

Definition at line 291 of file

QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GaitInfo towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GetStrideBoundEnd ( ) const [private]

Definition at line 309 of file

QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GaitInfo towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GetStrideFlight ( ) const [private]

Definition at line 129 of file

QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GaitInfo towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GetStrideGallop ( ) const [private]

Definition at line 324 of file

QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GaitInfo towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GetStrideLimp ( ) const [private]

Definition at line 348 of file

QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GaitInfo towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GetStridePace ( ) const [private]

Definition at line 258 of file

QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GaitInfo towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GetStridePaceEnd ( ) const [private]

Definition at line 276 of file

QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GaitInfo towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GetStridePronk ( ) const [private]

Definition at line 144 of file

QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GaitInfo towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GetStrideStand ( ) const [private]

Definition at line 114 of file

QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GaitInfo towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GetStrideTrot ( ) const [private]

Definition at line 207 of file

QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GaitInfo towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GetStrideTrotFly ( ) const [private]

Definition at line 224 of file

QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GaitInfo towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GetStrideTrotFlyEnd ( ) const [private]

Definition at line 243 of file

QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GaitInfo towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GetStrideWalk ( ) const [private]

Definition at line 163 of file

QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GaitInfo towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::GetStrideWalkOverlap ( ) const [private]

Definition at line 182 of file

void towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::SetCombo ( Combos  combo) [override, private, virtual]

Sets a specific sequence of gaits.

The derived class decides what each combo maps to. This function then fills the times_ and contacts_ variables accordingly.

Implements towr::GaitGenerator.

Definition at line 77 of file

Member Data Documentation

ContactState towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::bb_ [private]

Definition at line 84 of file quadruped_gait_generator.h.

ContactState towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::Bb_ [private]

Definition at line 86 of file quadruped_gait_generator.h.

ContactState towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::bB_ [private]

Definition at line 88 of file quadruped_gait_generator.h.

ContactState towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::BB_ [private]

Definition at line 91 of file quadruped_gait_generator.h.

ContactState towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::bI_ [private]

Definition at line 75 of file quadruped_gait_generator.h.

ContactState towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::BI_ [private]

Definition at line 81 of file quadruped_gait_generator.h.

ContactState towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::bP_ [private]

Definition at line 80 of file quadruped_gait_generator.h.

ContactState towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::BP_ [private]

Definition at line 87 of file quadruped_gait_generator.h.

ContactState towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::Ib_ [private]

Definition at line 77 of file quadruped_gait_generator.h.

ContactState towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::IB_ [private]

Definition at line 82 of file quadruped_gait_generator.h.

ContactState towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::II_ [private]

Definition at line 72 of file quadruped_gait_generator.h.

ContactState towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::IP_ [private]

Definition at line 76 of file quadruped_gait_generator.h.

ContactState towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::Pb_ [private]

Definition at line 79 of file quadruped_gait_generator.h.

ContactState towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::PB_ [private]

Definition at line 89 of file quadruped_gait_generator.h.

ContactState towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::PI_ [private]

Definition at line 74 of file quadruped_gait_generator.h.

ContactState towr::QuadrupedGaitGenerator::PP_ [private]

Definition at line 83 of file quadruped_gait_generator.h.

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