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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
anymal_model.h [code] [code]
base_motion_constraint.h [code] [code]
biped_gait_generator.h [code]
biped_model.h [code]
cartesian_dimensions.h [code] [code]
dynamic_constraint.h [code] [code] [code]
dynamic_model.h [code] [code]
endeffector_mappings.h [code] [code]
euler_converter.h [code] [code]
force_constraint.h [code] [code]
gait_generator.h [code] [code]
height_map.h [code] [code]
height_map_examples.h [code] [code]
hyq_model.h [code]
kinematic_model.h [code] [code]
linear_constraint.h [code] [code] [code]
monoped_gait_generator.h [code]
monoped_model.h [code] [code]
nlp_formulation.h [code] [code]
node_cost.h [code] [code]
node_spline.h [code] [code]
nodes_observer.h [code] [code]
nodes_variables.h [code] [code]
nodes_variables_all.h [code] [code]
nodes_variables_phase_based.h [code] [code]
parameters.h [code] [code]
phase_durations.h [code] [code]
phase_durations_observer.h [code] [code]
phase_spline.h [code] [code]
polynomial.h [code] [code]
quadruped_gait_generator.h [code] [code]
range_of_motion_constraint.h [code] [code]
robot_model.h [code] [code]
single_rigid_body_dynamics.h [code] [code]
soft_constraint.h [code] [code]
spline.h [code] [code]
spline_acc_constraint.h [code] [code]
spline_holder.h [code] [code]
state.h [code] [code]
swing_constraint.h [code] [code]
terrain_constraint.h [code] [code]
time_discretization_constraint.h [code] [code]
total_duration_constraint.h [code]
variable_names.h [code]

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