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towr::NodesVariablesAll Class Reference

Node variables used to construct the base motion spline. More...

#include <nodes_variables_all.h>

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std::vector< NodeValueInfoGetNodeValuesInfo (int idx) const override
 Node values affected by one specific optimization variable.
 NodesVariablesAll (int n_nodes, int n_dim, std::string variable_id)
virtual ~NodesVariablesAll ()

Detailed Description

Node variables used to construct the base motion spline.

Every node is optimized over, in contrast to PhaseNodes, where multiple nodes in the spline are represented by the same optimization variables.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

towr::NodesVariablesAll::NodesVariablesAll ( int  n_nodes,
int  n_dim,
std::string  variable_id 
n_nodesNumber of nodes to construct the spline.
n_dimNumber of dimensions of each node.
variable_idName of this variables set in the optimization.

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Member Function Documentation

std::vector< NodesVariablesAll::NodeValueInfo > towr::NodesVariablesAll::GetNodeValuesInfo ( int  opt_idx) const [override, virtual]

Node values affected by one specific optimization variable.

opt_idxThe index (=row) of the optimization variable.
All node values affected by this optimization variable.

This function determines which node values are optimized over, and which nodes values are set by the same optimization variable.

Reverse of GetOptIndex().

Implements towr::NodesVariables.

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