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1 /* License: Apache 2.0. See LICENSE file in root directory.
2  Copyright(c) 2017 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved. */
12 #ifdef __cplusplus
13 extern "C" {
14 #endif
27 const char* rs2_notification_category_to_string(rs2_notification_category category);
30 typedef enum rs2_exception_type
31 {
42 const char* rs2_exception_type_to_string(rs2_exception_type type);
45 typedef enum rs2_distortion
46 {
55 const char* rs2_distortion_to_string(rs2_distortion distortion);
58 typedef struct rs2_intrinsics
59 {
60  int width;
61  int height;
62  float ppx;
63  float ppy;
64  float fx;
65  float fy;
66  rs2_distortion model;
67  float coeffs[5];
73 #pragma pack( push, 1 )
74  typedef struct rs2_dsm_params
75  {
76  unsigned long long timestamp;
77  unsigned short version;
78  unsigned char model;
79  unsigned char flags[5];
80  float h_scale;
81  float v_scale;
82  float h_offset;
83  float v_offset;
84  float rtd_offset;
85  unsigned char temp_x2;
86  float mc_h_scale;
87  float mc_v_scale;
88  unsigned char weeks_since_calibration;
90  unsigned char reserved[1];
92 #pragma pack( pop )
95 {
104 {
105  /* \internal
106  * Scale X cross axis cross axis Bias X \n
107  * cross axis Scale Y cross axis Bias Y \n
108  * cross axis cross axis Scale Z Bias Z */
109  float data[3][4];
111  float noise_variances[3];
112  float bias_variances[3];
117 typedef struct rs2_vertex
118 {
119  float xyz[3];
120 } rs2_vertex;
123 typedef struct rs2_pixel
124 {
125  int ij[2];
126 } rs2_pixel;
129 typedef struct rs2_vector
130 {
131  float x, y, z;
132 }rs2_vector;
135 typedef struct rs2_quaternion
136 {
137  float x, y, z, w;
140 typedef struct rs2_pose
141 {
148  unsigned int tracker_confidence;
149  unsigned int mapper_confidence;
150 } rs2_pose;
153 typedef enum rs2_log_severity {
163 const char* rs2_log_severity_to_string(rs2_log_severity info);
166 typedef enum rs2_extension
167 {
225 } rs2_extension;
226 const char* rs2_extension_type_to_string(rs2_extension type);
227 const char* rs2_extension_to_string(rs2_extension type);
230 typedef enum rs2_matchers
231 {
232  RS2_MATCHER_DI, //compare depth and ir based on frame number
234  RS2_MATCHER_DI_C, //compare depth and ir based on frame number,
235  //compare the pair of corresponding depth and ir with color based on closest timestamp,
236  //commonly used by SR300
238  RS2_MATCHER_DLR_C, //compare depth, left and right ir based on frame number,
239  //compare the set of corresponding depth, left and right with color based on closest timestamp,
240  //commonly used by RS415, RS435
242  RS2_MATCHER_DLR, //compare depth, left and right ir based on frame number,
243  //commonly used by RS400, RS405, RS410, RS420, RS430
245  RS2_MATCHER_DIC, //compare depth, ir and confidence based on frame number used by RS500
247  RS2_MATCHER_DIC_C, //compare depth, ir and confidence based on frame number,
248  //compare the set of corresponding depth, ir and confidence with color based on closest timestamp,
249  //commonly used by RS515
251  RS2_MATCHER_DEFAULT, //the default matcher compare all the streams based on closest timestamp
254 }rs2_matchers;
257 typedef struct rs2_device rs2_device;
258 typedef struct rs2_error rs2_error;
261 typedef struct rs2_frame rs2_frame;
263 typedef struct rs2_pipeline rs2_pipeline;
265 typedef struct rs2_config rs2_config;
272 typedef struct rs2_syncer rs2_syncer;
274 typedef struct rs2_source rs2_source;
279 typedef struct rs2_context rs2_context;
282 typedef struct rs2_sensor rs2_sensor;
283 typedef struct rs2_options rs2_options;
295 typedef void (*rs2_devices_changed_callback_ptr)(rs2_device_list*, rs2_device_list*, void*);
297 typedef void (*rs2_frame_processor_callback_ptr)(rs2_frame*, rs2_source*, void*);
298 typedef void(*rs2_update_progress_callback_ptr)(const float, void*);
300 typedef double rs2_time_t;
301 typedef long long rs2_metadata_type;
303 rs2_error * rs2_create_error(const char* what, const char* name, const char* args, rs2_exception_type type);
304 rs2_exception_type rs2_get_librealsense_exception_type(const rs2_error* error);
305 const char* rs2_get_failed_function (const rs2_error* error);
306 const char* rs2_get_failed_args (const rs2_error* error);
307 const char* rs2_get_error_message (const rs2_error* error);
310 #ifdef __cplusplus
311 }
312 #endif
313 #endif
struct rs2_device_serializer rs2_device_serializer
Definition: rs_types.h:273
struct rs2_vertex rs2_vertex
3D coordinates with origin at topmost left corner of the lense, with positive Z pointing away from th...
float rtd_offset
Definition: rs_types.h:84
GLint y
struct rs2_pixel rs2_pixel
Pixel location within 2D image. (0,0) is the topmost, left corner. Positive X is right, positive Y is down.
Exception types are the different categories of errors that RealSense API might return.
Definition: rs_types.h:30
float v_offset
Definition: rs_types.h:83
typedef void(APIENTRY *GLDEBUGPROC)(GLenum source
void rs2_free_error(rs2_error *error)
Definition: rs.cpp:1256
GLuint const GLchar * name
rs2_vector angular_acceleration
Definition: rs_types.h:147
float z
Definition: rs_types.h:131
unsigned int tracker_confidence
Definition: rs_types.h:148
void(* rs2_frame_processor_callback_ptr)(rs2_frame *, rs2_source *, void *)
Definition: rs_types.h:297
Distortion model: defines how pixel coordinates should be mapped to sensor coordinates.
Definition: rs_types.h:45
unsigned char weeks_since_calibration
Definition: rs_types.h:88
Video DSM (Digital Sync Module) parameters for calibration (same layout as in FW ac_depth_params) Thi...
Definition: rs_types.h:74
float v_scale
Definition: rs_types.h:81
const char * rs2_distortion_to_string(rs2_distortion distortion)
Definition: rs.cpp:1264
struct rs2_dsm_params rs2_dsm_params
Video DSM (Digital Sync Module) parameters for calibration (same layout as in FW ac_depth_params) Thi...
float h_scale
Definition: rs_types.h:80
rs2_vector translation
Definition: rs_types.h:142
float mc_v_scale
Definition: rs_types.h:87
GLdouble GLdouble GLdouble w
3D coordinates with origin at topmost left corner of the lense, with positive Z pointing away from th...
Definition: rs_types.h:117
unsigned long long timestamp
Definition: rs_types.h:76
const char * rs2_extension_to_string(rs2_extension type)
Definition: rs.cpp:1276
unsigned char model
Definition: rs_types.h:78
struct rs2_firmware_log_parser rs2_firmware_log_parser
Definition: rs_types.h:290
Definition: arg_fwd.hpp:23
rs2_vector angular_velocity
Definition: rs_types.h:146
unsigned char temp_x2
Definition: rs_types.h:85
void(* rs2_log_callback_ptr)(rs2_log_severity, rs2_log_message const *, void *arg)
Definition: rs_types.h:292
void(* rs2_update_progress_callback_ptr)(const float, void *)
Definition: rs_types.h:298
GLint GLenum GLint const GLfloat * coeffs
Definition: glext.h:10577
const char * rs2_exception_type_to_string(rs2_exception_type type)
Definition: rs.cpp:1272
def info(name, value, persistent=False)
unsigned int mapper_confidence
Definition: rs_types.h:149
Quaternion used to represent rotation.
Definition: rs_types.h:135
unsigned short version
Definition: rs_types.h:77
rs2_vector velocity
Definition: rs_types.h:143
GLdouble x
const char * rs2_get_error_message(const rs2_error *error)
Definition: rs.cpp:1259
Specifies types of different matchers.
Definition: rs_types.h:230
const char * rs2_extension_type_to_string(rs2_extension type)
Definition: rs.cpp:1274
struct rs2_motion_device_intrinsic rs2_motion_device_intrinsic
Motion device intrinsics: scale, bias, and variances.
void(* rs2_devices_changed_callback_ptr)(rs2_device_list *, rs2_device_list *, void *)
Definition: rs_types.h:295
rs2_quaternion rotation
Definition: rs_types.h:145
struct rs2_log_message rs2_log_message
Definition: rs_types.h:259
Definition: api.h:28
GLbitfield flags
rs2_exception_type rs2_get_librealsense_exception_type(const rs2_error *error)
Definition: rs.cpp:1260
struct rs2_syncer rs2_syncer
Definition: rs_types.h:272
struct rs2_vector rs2_vector
3D vector in Euclidean coordinate space
unsigned char ac_weeks_since_calibaration
Definition: rs_types.h:89
float h_offset
Definition: rs_types.h:82
struct rs2_intrinsics rs2_intrinsics
Video stream intrinsics.
void(* rs2_software_device_destruction_callback_ptr)(void *)
Definition: rs_types.h:294
3D vector in Euclidean coordinate space
Definition: rs_types.h:129
rs2_error * rs2_create_error(const char *what, const char *name, const char *args, rs2_exception_type type)
Definition: rs.cpp:147
rs2_distortion model
Definition: rs_types.h:66
Specifies advanced interfaces (capabilities) objects may implement.
Definition: rs_types.h:166
Category of the librealsense notification.
Definition: rs_types.h:17
void(* rs2_notification_callback_ptr)(rs2_notification *, void *)
Definition: rs_types.h:293
long long rs2_metadata_type
Definition: rs_types.h:301
GLenum type
Video stream intrinsics.
Definition: rs_types.h:58
Motion device intrinsics: scale, bias, and variances.
Definition: rs_types.h:103
rs2_vector acceleration
Definition: rs_types.h:144
void(* rs2_frame_callback_ptr)(rs2_frame *, void *)
Definition: rs_types.h:296
struct rs2_pose rs2_pose
const char * rs2_notification_category_to_string(rs2_notification_category category)
Definition: rs.cpp:1268
const char * rs2_log_severity_to_string(rs2_log_severity info)
Definition: rs.cpp:1271
struct rs2_quaternion rs2_quaternion
Quaternion used to represent rotation.
double rs2_time_t
Definition: rs_types.h:300
Definition: rs_types.h:94
Severity of the librealsense logger.
Definition: rs_types.h:153
const char * rs2_get_failed_function(const rs2_error *error)
Definition: rs.cpp:1257
const char * rs2_get_failed_args(const rs2_error *error)
Definition: rs.cpp:1258
Definition: parser.hpp:150
struct rs2_frame rs2_frame
Definition: rs_types.h:261
Pixel location within 2D image. (0,0) is the topmost, left corner. Positive X is right, positive Y is down.
Definition: rs_types.h:123
float mc_h_scale
Definition: rs_types.h:86

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