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rspy.acroname Namespace Reference


class  NoneFoundError


def connect (spec=None)
def disable_ports (ports)
def disconnect ()
def discover ()
def enable_ports (ports=None, disable_other_ports=False, sleep_on_change=0)
def get_port_from_usb (first_usb_index, second_usb_index)
def is_connected ()
def is_port_enabled (port)
def port_power (port)
def port_state (port)
def ports ()
def recycle_ports (portlist=None, timeout=2)
def set_ports_usb2 (portlist=None, timeout=100e-3)
def set_ports_usb3 (portlist=None, timeout=100e-3)
def usage ()


 hub = None

Detailed Description

Brainstem Acroname Hub

See documentation for brainstem here:

Function Documentation

def rspy.acroname.connect (   spec = None)
Connect to the hub. Raises RuntimeError on failure

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def rspy.acroname.disable_ports (   ports)
:param ports: List of port numbers
:return: True if no errors found, False otherwise

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def rspy.acroname.disconnect ( )

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def ( )
Return all Acroname module specs in a list. Raise NoneFoundError if one is not found!

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def rspy.acroname.enable_ports (   ports = None,
  disable_other_ports = False,
  sleep_on_change = 0 
Set enable state to provided ports
:param ports: List of port numbers; if not provided, enable all ports
:param disable_other_ports: if True, the ports not in the list will be disabled
:param sleep_on_change: Number of seconds to sleep if any change is made
:return: True if no errors found, False otherwise

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def rspy.acroname.get_port_from_usb (   first_usb_index,
Based on last two USB location index, provide the port number

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def rspy.acroname.is_connected ( )

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def rspy.acroname.is_port_enabled (   port)

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def rspy.acroname.port_power (   port)

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def rspy.acroname.port_state (   port)

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def rspy.acroname.ports ( )
:return: a list of all ports currently occupied (and enabled)

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def rspy.acroname.recycle_ports (   portlist = None,
  timeout = 2 
Disable and enable a port
:param timeout: how long to wait before re-enabling
:return: True if everything OK, False otherwise

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def rspy.acroname.set_ports_usb2 (   portlist = None,
  timeout = 100e-3 
Set USB ports to USB2

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def rspy.acroname.set_ports_usb3 (   portlist = None,
  timeout = 100e-3 
Set USB ports to support USB3

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def rspy.acroname.usage ( void  )

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Variable Documentation


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rspy.acroname.hub = None

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