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area_occupancy_estimator.h [code]
AutoExpandble_map_utest.cpp [code]
cell_occupancy_estimator.h [code]Defines interface Cell Occupancy Estimator. There are structures Occupancy and Beam that are used in class CellOcupancyEstimator
const_occupancy_estimator.h [code]
geometry_utils.h [code]Defines some simple geometry structs and classes. There are struct Rectangle, struct DiscretePoint2D, class DiscreteLine2D
grid_cell_factory.h [code]The following classes are defined in this file GridCell - base class for GridMap's cell; GridCellFactory - abstract base class which subclasses create a new cell of a specific type
grid_cell_strategy.h [code]
grid_map.h [code]Defines the Grid map
grid_scan_matcher.h [code]Defines some interfaces for Scan Matchers. There are class GridScanMatcherObserver, ScanCostEstimator, GridScanMatcher
laser_scan_grid_world.h [code]Defines the special type of World. There is class LaserScanGridWorld derived from World
laser_scan_observer.h [code]
Map_test.h [code]
monte_carlo_scan_matcher.h [code]Defines the class of Scan matcher that uses Mote-Carlo method There is class MonteCarloScanMatcher derived from GridScanMatcher. Class contains virtual methods that should be overwritten. The main method consists of loop that estimates the best position of robot that fits to data from laser scan
rviz_grid_viewer.h [code]
sensor_data.h [code]Defines some structures related to data obtained from sensors. There are structures ScanPoint and TransformedLaserScan
state_data.h [code]Defines some classes related to a robot state. There are classes RobotState and World
tiny_fascade.h [code]
tiny_grid_cells.h [code]Definition of classes file:
  BaseTinyCell, AvgTinyCell (are inherited from GidCell),
  TinyBaseCellFactory, TinyAvgCellFactory (from GridCellFactory)
tiny_scan_cost_estimator.h [code]
tiny_scan_matcher.h [code]
tiny_slam.cpp [code]The ROS node implementation that provides the tinySLAM method
tiny_world.h [code]
topic_with_transform.h [code]The following classes are defined in this file TopicObserver - abstract base class which subclasses observe odometry and laser scan; TopicWithTransform - class that synchronizes odometry and transform
utils.h [code]

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