Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AreaOccupancyEstimatorA strategy that estimates a grid cell's occupancy based on how a laser beam passes through the cell
AvgTinyCellThe grid cell's model updates probabilities as an average value
BaseTinyCellThe grid cell's model presented in the original tinySLAM paper
ConstOccupancyEstimatorConstEstimator is responsible for the occupancy estimation strategy that returns probability of being occupied for a cell depending only on the cell status predicted by a sensor
DiscreteLine2DDefines a line segment on a plane
DiscretePoint2DDefines a point with integer coordinates on a plane
GridCellThe base class for GridMap's cell that defines a model of occupancy tracking
GridCellFactoryThe base class for factories that encapsulate creation of a specific cell (The Factory method pattern is applied)
GridCellStrategyA container for strategies specific to a grid cell model
GridMapAn occupancy grid implementation
GridScanMatcherClass that matches scans. Performes a scan adjustment by altering a robot pose in order to maximize the correspondence between a scan and a grid map; the rule of correspondence computation is defined in ScanCostEstimator subclasses
GridScanMatcherObserverInterface of scan matcher observer
LaserScanGridWorldTracks a robots perception of an environment. The environment is represented by a GridMap; A laser scan with transformation is expected as a sensor data
LaserScanObserverClass responsibilities: observes laser scans and odometry; converts ROS structures to internal representation
MonteCarloScanMatcherScan Matcher based on the Monte Carlo method. The focus of the scan matcher is to compare a scan and a built map; in this class the method of scan comparison is performed by comparing corresponding scan costs
PoseScanMatcherObserverDerived class from GridScanMatcherObserver to publish the robot pose
RectangleDefines an axis-aligned rectangle
RobotStateDefines a robot position in cartesian coordinates and an angle of rotation
RvizGridViewerThe class publishes information about robot's map and location in ROS-compatible format so it can be shown by rviz
ScanCostEstimatorInterface of Estimator of Scan Cost. Cost - is a number that complies to a scan; the lower cost the better scan
ScanPointContains a point in polar coordinates and a state whether it is occupied
TinyAvgCellFactoryA strategy creates cells with the average probability calculation rule (AvgTinyCell)
TinyBaseCellFactoryA strategy creates cells of the base tiny model (BaseTinyCell)
TinyScanCostEstimatorAn implementation of the scan cost function described in the original tinySLAM paper
TinyScanMatcherThe scan matcher based on the Monte Carlo simulation
TinySlamFascadeThe TinySLAM access point. SLAM users are supposed to work with it
TinyWorldThe class implements the tinySLAM-specific map update logic
TinyWorldParamsA container for the following tinySLAM parameters:
TODO: params description
TopicObserver< MType >The base class which subclasses convert laser scan and odometry data ROS structures to internal data structure
TopicWithTransform< MsgType >This class synchronizes the transform and odometry
TransformedLaserScanFramework internal representation of a laser scan
World< ObservationType, MapType >

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