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librealsense::l500_color Class Reference

#include <l500-color.h>

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Public Member Functions

std::shared_ptr< synthetic_sensorcreate_color_device (std::shared_ptr< context > ctx, const std::vector< platform::uvc_device_info > &color_devices_info)
l500_color_sensorget_color_sensor () override
std::vector< tagged_profileget_profiles_tags () const override
 l500_color (std::shared_ptr< context > ctx, const platform::backend_device_group &group)
- Public Member Functions inherited from librealsense::l500_device
std::vector< uint8_tbackup_flash (update_progress_callback_ptr callback) override
virtual void configure_depth_options ()
std::shared_ptr< synthetic_sensorcreate_depth_device (std::shared_ptr< context > ctx, const std::vector< platform::uvc_device_info > &all_device_infos)
void create_snapshot (std::shared_ptr< debug_interface > &snapshot) const override
void enable_recording (std::function< void(const debug_interface &)> record_action) override
void enter_update_state () const override
l500_depth_sensorget_depth_sensor ()
double get_device_time_ms () override
uvc_sensorget_raw_depth_sensor ()
synthetic_sensorget_synthetic_depth_sensor ()
ivcam2::extended_temperatures get_temperatures () const
void hardware_reset () override
 l500_device (std::shared_ptr< context > ctx, const platform::backend_device_group &group)
void notify_of_calibration_change (rs2_calibration_status status)
void register_calibration_change_callback (calibration_change_callback_ptr callback) override
std::vector< uint8_tsend_receive_raw_data (const std::vector< uint8_t > &input) override
void trigger_device_calibration (rs2_calibration_type) override
void update_flash (const std::vector< uint8_t > &image, update_progress_callback_ptr callback, int update_mode) override
void update_flash_internal (std::shared_ptr< hw_monitor > hwm, const std::vector< uint8_t > &image, std::vector< uint8_t > &flash_backup, update_progress_callback_ptr callback, int update_mode)
void update_flash_section (std::shared_ptr< hw_monitor > hwm, const std::vector< uint8_t > &image, uint32_t offset, uint32_t size, update_progress_callback_ptr callback, float continue_from, float ratio)
void update_section (std::shared_ptr< hw_monitor > hwm, const std::vector< uint8_t > &merged_image, flash_section fs, uint32_t tables_size, update_progress_callback_ptr callback, float continue_from, float ratio)
- Public Member Functions inherited from librealsense::device
virtual bool compress_while_record () const override
virtual bool contradicts (const stream_profile_interface *a, const std::vector< stream_profile > &others) const override
virtual std::shared_ptr< matchercreate_matcher (const frame_holder &frame) const override
size_t find_sensor_idx (const sensor_interface &s) const
std::shared_ptr< contextget_context () const override
platform::backend_device_group get_device_data () const override
std::pair< uint32_t, rs2_extrinsicsget_extrinsics (const stream_interface &stream) const override
sensor_interfaceget_sensor (size_t subdevice) override
const sensor_interfaceget_sensor (size_t subdevice) const override
size_t get_sensors_count () const override
bool is_valid () const override
virtual void stop_activity () const
void tag_profiles (stream_profiles profiles) const override
virtual ~device ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from librealsense::device_interface
virtual ~device_interface ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from librealsense::info_interface
virtual ~info_interface ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from librealsense::recordable< info_interface >
virtual ~recordable ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from librealsense::info_container
void create_snapshot (std::shared_ptr< info_interface > &snapshot) const override
void enable_recording (std::function< void(const info_interface &)> record_action) override
const std::stringget_info (rs2_camera_info info) const override
void register_info (rs2_camera_info info, const std::string &val)
bool supports_info (rs2_camera_info info) const override
void update (std::shared_ptr< extension_snapshot > ext) override
void update_info (rs2_camera_info info, const std::string &val)
- Public Member Functions inherited from librealsense::extension_snapshot
virtual ~extension_snapshot ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from librealsense::recordable< debug_interface >
virtual ~recordable ()=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from librealsense::global_time_interface
virtual void create_snapshot (std::shared_ptr< global_time_interface > &snapshot) const override
virtual void enable_recording (std::function< void(const global_time_interface &)> record_action) override
void enable_time_diff_keeper (bool is_enable)
 global_time_interface ()
 ~global_time_interface ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from librealsense::recordable< global_time_interface >
virtual ~recordable ()=default

Protected Attributes

std::shared_ptr< stream_interface_color_stream
- Protected Attributes inherited from librealsense::l500_device
std::vector< rs2_option_advanced_options
std::shared_ptr< ivcam2::ac_trigger_autocal
lazy< ivcam2::intrinsic_depth_calib_table
std::vector< calibration_change_callback_ptr_calibration_change_callbacks
std::shared_ptr< stream_interface_confidence_stream
uint8_t _depth_device_idx
std::shared_ptr< stream_interface_depth_stream
firmware_version _fw_version
std::atomic_bool _have_temperatures { false }
std::shared_ptr< hw_monitor_hw_monitor
std::shared_ptr< stream_interface_ir_stream
bool _is_locked = true
std::atomic_bool _keep_reading_temperature { false }
std::shared_ptr< polling_error_handler_polling_error_handler
std::mutex _temperature_mutex
std::thread _temperature_reader
ivcam2::extended_temperatures _temperatures
platform::usb_spec _usb_mode
- Protected Attributes inherited from librealsense::device
std::map< int, std::pair< uint32_t, std::shared_ptr< const stream_interface > > > _extrinsics
- Protected Attributes inherited from librealsense::global_time_interface
std::shared_ptr< time_diff_keeper_tf_keeper

Private Member Functions

std::vector< uint8_tget_raw_extrinsics_table () const
ivcam2::intrinsic_rgb read_intrinsics_table () const

Private Attributes

uint8_t _color_device_idx = -1
std::shared_ptr< lazy< rs2_extrinsics > > _color_extrinsic
lazy< std::vector< uint8_t > > _color_extrinsics_table_raw
lazy< ivcam2::intrinsic_rgb_color_intrinsics_table
lazy< algo::thermal_loop::l500::thermal_calibration_table_thermal_table


class l500_color_sensor

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from librealsense::l500_device
void force_hardware_reset () const
command get_firmware_logs_command () const
command get_flash_logs_command () const
void start_temperatures_reader ()
void stop_temperatures_reader ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from librealsense::device
int add_sensor (const std::shared_ptr< sensor_interface > &sensor_base)
int assign_sensor (const std::shared_ptr< sensor_interface > &sensor_base, uint8_t idx)
 device (std::shared_ptr< context > ctx, const platform::backend_device_group group, bool device_changed_notifications=false)
std::vector< rs2_formatmap_supported_color_formats (rs2_format source_format)
void register_stream_to_extrinsic_group (const stream_interface &stream, uint32_t groupd_index)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 21 of file l500-color.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

librealsense::l500_color::l500_color ( std::shared_ptr< context ctx,
const platform::backend_device_group group 

Definition at line 173 of file l500-color.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

std::shared_ptr< synthetic_sensor > librealsense::l500_color::create_color_device ( std::shared_ptr< context ctx,
const std::vector< platform::uvc_device_info > &  color_devices_info 

Definition at line 34 of file l500-color.cpp.

l500_color_sensor * librealsense::l500_color::get_color_sensor ( )

Implements librealsense::l500_device.

Definition at line 223 of file l500-color.cpp.

std::vector< tagged_profile > librealsense::l500_color::get_profiles_tags ( ) const

Implements librealsense::device_interface.

Reimplemented in librealsense::l535_device, and librealsense::l515_device.

Definition at line 715 of file l500-color.cpp.

std::vector< uint8_t > librealsense::l500_color::get_raw_extrinsics_table ( ) const

Definition at line 765 of file l500-color.cpp.

ivcam2::intrinsic_rgb librealsense::l500_color::read_intrinsics_table ( ) const

Definition at line 729 of file l500-color.cpp.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class l500_color_sensor

Definition at line 39 of file l500-color.h.

Member Data Documentation

uint8_t librealsense::l500_color::_color_device_idx = -1

Definition at line 41 of file l500-color.h.

std::shared_ptr<lazy<rs2_extrinsics> > librealsense::l500_color::_color_extrinsic

Definition at line 45 of file l500-color.h.

lazy<std::vector<uint8_t> > librealsense::l500_color::_color_extrinsics_table_raw

Definition at line 44 of file l500-color.h.

lazy<ivcam2::intrinsic_rgb> librealsense::l500_color::_color_intrinsics_table

Definition at line 43 of file l500-color.h.

std::shared_ptr<stream_interface> librealsense::l500_color::_color_stream

Definition at line 36 of file l500-color.h.

lazy< algo::thermal_loop::l500::thermal_calibration_table > librealsense::l500_color::_thermal_table

Definition at line 46 of file l500-color.h.

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