File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
BasicApplication.cpp [code]
BasicApplication.hpp [code]
BasicDataBuffer.cpp [code]
BasicDataBuffer.hpp [code]
BasicDatatypes.hpp [code]
BasicDevice.cpp [code]
BasicDevice.hpp [code]
Box2D.cpp [code]
Box2D.hpp [code]
Circle2D.cpp [code]
Circle2D.hpp [code]
colaa.cpp [code]
colaa.hpp [code]
colab.cpp [code]
colab.hpp [code]
Ellipse2D.cpp [code]
Ellipse2D.hpp [code]
errorhandler.cpp [code]
errorhandler.hpp [code]
EvalCase.cpp [code]
EvalCase.hpp [code]
EvalCaseResult.cpp [code]
EvalCaseResult.hpp [code]
EvalCaseResults.cpp [code]
EvalCaseResults.hpp [code]
EvalCases.cpp [code]
EvalCases.hpp [code]
FieldDescription.cpp [code]
FieldDescription.hpp [code]
FieldParameter.cpp [code]
FieldParameter.hpp [code]
Fields.cpp [code]
Fields.hpp [code]
file.cpp [code]
file.hpp [code]
LD_MRS.cpp [code]
LD_MRS.hpp [code]
LdmrsApp.cpp [code]
LdmrsApp.hpp [code]
LdmrsFieldApp.cpp [code]
LdmrsFieldApp.hpp [code]
LdmrsNtpTimeApp.cpp [code]
LdmrsNtpTimeApp.hpp [code]
LdmrsScanpointCoordinateApp.cpp [code]
LdmrsScanpointCoordinateApp.hpp [code]
LdmrsSectorChangeApp.cpp [code]
LdmrsSectorChangeApp.hpp [code]
LdmrsSopasLayer.cpp [code]
LdmrsSopasLayer.hpp [code]
Line2D.cpp [code]
Line2D.hpp [code]
LuxBase.cpp [code]
LuxBase.hpp [code]
main.cpp [code]
manager.cpp [code]
manager.hpp [code]
MathToolbox.cpp [code]
MathToolbox.hpp [code]
Measurement.cpp [code]
Measurement.hpp [code]
Msg.cpp [code]
Msg.hpp [code]
Mutex.cpp [code]
Mutex.hpp [code]
Object.cpp [code]
Object.hpp [code]
Point2D.cpp [code]
Point2D.hpp [code]
Point3D.cpp [code]
Point3D.hpp [code]
Polygon2D.cpp [code]
Polygon2D.hpp [code]
Polygon3D.cpp [code]
Polygon3D.hpp [code]
Position3D.cpp [code]
Position3D.hpp [code]
PositionWGS84.cpp [code]
PositionWGS84.hpp [code]
Scan.cpp [code]
Scan.hpp [code]
ScannerInfo.cpp [code]
ScannerInfo.hpp [code]
ScanPoint.cpp [code]
ScanPoint.hpp [code]
SensorStateInfo.cpp [code]
SensorStateInfo.hpp [code]
SickThread.cpp [code]
SickThread.hpp [code]
SopasBase.cpp [code]
SopasBase.hpp [code]
tcp.cpp [code]
tcp.hpp [code]
Time.cpp [code]
Time.hpp [code]
Timer.cpp [code]
Timer.hpp [code]
toolbox.cpp [code]
toolbox.hpp [code]
Trigger.cpp [code]
Trigger.hpp [code]Contains the classes Trigger
WatchdogTimer.cpp [code]
WatchdogTimer.hpp [code]

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