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colaa.cpp File Reference
#include "colaa.hpp"
#include <cstring>
#include <cassert>
#include <stdexcept>
#include "../tools/toolbox.hpp"
#include "../tools/errorhandler.hpp"
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <limits>
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namespace  colaa


void colaa::addFrameToBuffer (UINT8 *sendBuffer, UINT8 *cmdBuffer, UINT16 *len)
UINT16 colaa::addINT32ToBuffer (UINT8 *buffer, INT32 value)
UINT16 colaa::addINT8ToBuffer (UINT8 *buffer, INT8 value)
UINT16 colaa::addStringToBuffer (UINT8 *buffer, const std::string &text)
UINT16 colaa::addUINT16ToBuffer (UINT8 *buffer, UINT16 value)
UINT16 colaa::addUINT32ToBuffer (UINT8 *buffer, UINT32 value)
UINT16 colaa::addUINT8ToBuffer (UINT8 *buffer, UINT8 value)
std::string colaa::convertRxBufferToString (UINT8 *buffer, UINT16 bufferLen)
INT16 colaa::decodeINT16 (std::string *rxData)
INT16 colaa::decodeINT16 (const std::string &rxData)
INT32 colaa::decodeINT32 (std::string *rxData)
INT32 colaa::decodeINT32 (const std::string &rxData)
double colaa::decodeReal (std::string *rxData)
double colaa::decodeReal (const std::string &rxData)
 set of more efficient functions that do not copy strings (should be prefered in use together with the colaa::tokenizer)
std::string colaa::decodeString (std::string *rxData, UINT16 len)
UINT16 colaa::decodeUINT16 (BYTE *buffer)
UINT16 colaa::decodeUINT16 (std::string *rxData)
UINT16 colaa::decodeUINT16 (const std::string &rxData)
UINT32 colaa::decodeUINT32 (std::string *rxData)
UINT32 colaa::decodeUINT32 (const std::string &rxData)
UINT8 colaa::decodeUINT8 (std::string *rxData)
UINT8 colaa::decodeUINT8 (const std::string &rxData)
UINT32 colaa::decodeXByte (std::string *rxData, UINT16 len)
std::string colaa::getNextStringToken (std::string *rxData)
std::string colaa::getNextStringToken (UINT8 *rxData)
bool colaa::GetNibble (unsigned char data, unsigned char &rNibble)
UINT16 colaa::getValueOfChar (UINT8 c)
UINT8 colaa::nibbleToAscii (UINT8 value)

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