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colab.hpp File Reference
#include "../BasicDatatypes.hpp"
#include <memory.h>
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namespace  colab


template<typename T >
void colab::addFloatToBuffer (UINT8 *buffer, UINT16 &pos, T floatValue)
void colab::addFrameToBuffer (UINT8 *sendBuffer, UINT8 *cmdBuffer, UINT16 *len)
template<typename T >
void colab::addIntegerToBuffer (UINT8 *buffer, UINT16 &pos, T intValue)
void colab::addStringToBuffer (UINT8 *buffer, UINT16 &pos, const std::string &stringValue)
void colab::addStringToBuffer (BYTE *buffer, const std::string &stringValue)
UINT16 colab::decodeUINT16 (BYTE *buffer)
std::string colab::getCommandStringFromBuffer (UINT8 *buffer)
double colab::getDoubleFromBuffer (UINT8 *buffer, UINT16 &pos)
std::string colab::getIdentifierFromBuffer (UINT8 *buffer, UINT16 &nextData, UINT16 bufferLength)
template<typename T >
colab::getIntegerFromBuffer (UINT8 *buffer, UINT16 &pos)
std::string colab::getStringFromBuffer (UINT8 *buffer, UINT16 &pos, UINT16 length)
std::string colab::getStringFromBuffer (BYTE *&buffer, UINT16 length)

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