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Alvar.cpp [code]
Alvar.h [code]This file defines library export definitions, version numbers and build information
AlvarException.h [code]This file implements the ALVAR exception class
Bitset.cpp [code]
Bitset.h [code]This file implements bit set handling
Camera.cpp [code]
Camera.h [code]This file implements a camera used for projecting points and computing homographies
Capture.h [code]This file implements a capture interface
CaptureDevice.cpp [code]
CaptureDevice.h [code]This file implements a capture device to hold camera information
CaptureFactory.cpp [code]
CaptureFactory.h [code]This file implements a capture factory with a plugin interface to allow for different capture backends to be loaded at runtime if the platform supports them
CaptureFactory_private.h [code]
CaptureFactory_unix.cpp [code]
CaptureFactory_win.cpp [code]
CapturePlugin.h [code]This file implements a capture plugin interface
CapturePluginCmu.cpp [code]
CapturePluginCmu.h [code]This file implements a capture plugin based on Cmu
CapturePluginDSCapture.cpp [code]
CapturePluginDSCapture.h [code]This file implements a capture plugin based on DSCapture
CapturePluginFile.cpp [code]
CapturePluginFile.h [code]This file implements a capture plugin based on File
CapturePluginHighgui.cpp [code]
CapturePluginHighgui.h [code]This file implements a capture plugin based on Highgui
CapturePluginPtgrey.cpp [code]
CapturePluginPtgrey.h [code]This file implements a capture plugin based on Ptgrey
ConnectedComponents.cpp [code]
ConnectedComponents.h [code]This file implements connected component labeling
Container3d.h [code]This file implements a generic container to store data in 3D
CvTestbed.cpp [code]
CvTestbed.h [code]
DirectoryIterator.cpp [code]
DirectoryIterator.h [code]This file implements a directory iterator
DirectoryIterator_private.h [code]
DirectoryIterator_unix.cpp [code]
DirectoryIterator_win.cpp [code]
Draw.cpp [code]
Draw.h [code]This file implements a collection of functions that are used to visualize lines, contours and corners for debugging purposes
EC.cpp [code]
EC.h [code]This file implements a collection of External Container (EC) versions of many ALVAR classes
FernImageDetector.cpp [code]
FernImageDetector.h [code]This file implements a Fern-based image detector
FernPoseEstimator.cpp [code]
FernPoseEstimator.h [code]This file implements a pose estimator for the Fern-based image detector
FileFormat.h [code]This file defines various file formats
FileFormatUtils.cpp [code]
FileFormatUtils.h [code]This file implements utilities that assist in reading and writing files
Filter.cpp [code]
Filter.h [code]This file implements multiple filters
FindMarkerBundles.cpp [code]
FindMarkerBundlesNoKinect.cpp [code]
GlutViewer.cpp [code]
GlutViewer.h [code]
IndividualMarkers.cpp [code]
IndividualMarkersNoKinect.cpp [code]
IntegralImage.cpp [code]
IntegralImage.h [code]This file implements integral image and integral gradient computations
Kalman.cpp [code]
Kalman.h [code]This file implements a versatile Kalman filter
kinect_filtering.cpp [code]
kinect_filtering.h [code]
Line.cpp [code]
Line.h [code]This file implements a parametrized line
Lock.h [code]This file implements a lock to simplify mutex handling
Marker.cpp [code]
Marker.h [code]This file implements a marker interface as well as ALVAR markers and ARToolKit markers
MarkerDetector.cpp [code]
MarkerDetector.h [code]This file implements a generic marker detector
medianFilter.cpp [code]
medianFilter.h [code]
MultiMarker.cpp [code]
MultiMarker.h [code]This file implements a multi-marker
MultiMarkerBundle.cpp [code]
MultiMarkerBundle.h [code]This file implements an algorithm to create a multi-marker field configuration
MultiMarkerFiltered.cpp [code]
MultiMarkerFiltered.h [code]This file implements an approximation algorithm to create a multi-marker field configuration
MultiMarkerInitializer.cpp [code]
MultiMarkerInitializer.h [code]This file implements a initialization algorithm to create a multi-marker field configuration
Mutex.cpp [code]
Mutex.h [code]This file implements a mutex
Mutex_private.h [code]
Mutex_unix.cpp [code]
Mutex_win.cpp [code]
Optimization.cpp [code]
Optimization.h [code]This file implements several optimization algorithms
Platform.cpp [code]
Platform.h [code]This file implements generic platform specific methods
Plugin.cpp [code]
Plugin.h [code]This file implements a loader for plugins as dynamic libraries
Plugin_private.h [code]
Plugin_unix.cpp [code]
Plugin_win.cpp [code]
Pose.cpp [code]
Pose.h [code]This file implements a pose
Ransac.cpp [code]
Ransac.h [code]This file implements a generic RANSAC algorithm
Rotation.cpp [code]
Rotation.h [code]This file implements a parametrized rotation
SampleCamCalib.cpp [code]
SampleCvTestbed.cpp [code]
SampleFilter.cpp [code]
SampleIntegralImage.cpp [code]
SampleLabeling.cpp [code]
SampleMarkerCreator.cpp [code]
SampleMarkerDetector.cpp [code]
SampleMarkerHide.cpp [code]
SampleMarkerlessCreator.cpp [code]
SampleMarkerlessDetector.cpp [code]
SampleMultiMarker.cpp [code]
SampleMultiMarkerBundle.cpp [code]
SampleOptimization.cpp [code]
SamplePointcloud.cpp [code]
SampleTrack.cpp [code]
SfM.cpp [code]
SfM.h [code]This file implements structure from motion
Shared.h [code] [code]
test_kinect_filtering.cpp [code]
test_points.cpp [code]
Threads.cpp [code]
Threads.h [code]This file implements a threads vector
Threads_private.h [code]
Threads_unix.cpp [code]
Threads_win.cpp [code]
Timer.cpp [code]
Timer.h [code]This file implements a timer
Timer_private.h [code]
Timer_unix.cpp [code]
Timer_win.cpp [code]
Tracker.h [code]This file implements a tracking interface
TrackerFeatures.cpp [code]
TrackerFeatures.h [code]This file implements a feature tracker
TrackerOrientation.cpp [code]
TrackerOrientation.h [code]This file implements an orientation tracker
TrackerPsa.cpp [code]
TrackerPsa.h [code]This file implements a PSA tracker
TrackerStat.cpp [code]
TrackerStat.h [code]This file implements a statistical tracker
TrainMarkerBundle.cpp [code]
TrifocalTensor.cpp [code]
TrifocalTensor.h [code]This file implements a trifocal tensor
Uncopyable.h [code]This file implements an uncopyable interface
UnscentedKalman.cpp [code]
UnscentedKalman.h [code]This file implements an unscented Kalman filter
Util.cpp [code]
Util.h [code]This file implements generic utility functions and a serialization interface

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