Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
alvar::AlvarExceptionALVAR exception class
alvar::BitsetBitset is a basic class for handling bit sequences
alvar::BitsetExtAn extended Bitset ( BitsetExt ) for handling e.g. Hamming encoding/decoding
alvar::CameraSimple Camera class for calculating distortions, orientation or projections with pre-calibrated camera
alvar::CameraECVersion of Camera using external container
alvar::CaptureCapture interface that plugins must implement
alvar::plugins::CaptureCmuImplementation of Capture interface for Cmu plugin
alvar::CaptureDeviceCaptureDevice holder for camera information
alvar::plugins::CaptureDSCaptureImplementation of Capture interface for DSCapture plugin
alvar::CaptureFactoryCaptureFactory for creating Capture classes
alvar::CaptureFactory::CaptureFactoryDestroyerCaptureFactoryDestroyer for deleting the CaptureFactory singleton
alvar::plugins::CaptureFileImplementation of Capture interface for File plugin
alvar::plugins::CaptureHighguiImplementation of Capture interface for Highgui plugin
alvar::CapturePluginCapturePlugin interface that plugins must implement
alvar::plugins::CapturePluginCmuImplementation of CapturePlugin interface for Cmu plugin
alvar::plugins::CapturePluginDSCaptureImplementation of CapturePlugin interface for DSCapture plugin
alvar::plugins::CapturePluginFileImplementation of CapturePlugin interface for File plugin
alvar::plugins::CapturePluginHighguiImplementation of CapturePlugin interface for Highgui plugin
alvar::plugins::CapturePluginPtgreyImplementation of CapturePlugin interface for Ptgrey plugin
alvar::plugins::CapturePtgreyImplementation of Capture interface for Ptgrey plugin
alvar::Container3d< T >Generic container to store any information in 3D (features, photos, ...)
alvar::Container3dLimitDist< T >Functor class for Container3d Limit() to limit the search space with distance
alvar::Container3dSortDist< T >Functor class for Container3d Sort() to sort the search base using distance to specified origin
alvar::Container3dSortSize< T >Functor class for Container3d Sort() to sort the search base using content size
CvTestbedCvTestbed is a class for making quick OpenCV test applications
alvar::DirectoryIteratorDirectoryIterator for iterating over files and directories
alvar::DoEraseTest< T >This is default functor for testing which items in the container should be erased
alvar::DoHandleTest< T >This is a default functor for testing which items in the container should be handled by each method
alvar::ExternalContainerBasic structure to be usable with EC methods
alvar::SimpleSfM::FeatureExtended version of ExternalContainer structure used internally in SimpleSfM
alvar::FernClassifierWrapperFernClassifier subclass that implements binary reading and writting
alvar::FernImageDetectorImage detector based on a Fern classifier
alvar::FernPoseEstimatorPose estimation class for FernImageDetector
alvar::FileFormatUtilsUtility functions for file reading / writing
alvar::FilterFilter is pure virtual class describing the basic virtual interface for all filters
alvar::FilterArray< F >Class for handling an array of filtered values
alvar::FilterAverageFilterAverage provides an average filter
alvar::FilterDoubleExponentialSmoothingFilterDoubleExponentialSmoothing provides an weighted running average filter
alvar::FilterMedianFilterMedian provides an median filter
alvar::FilterRunningAverageFilterRunningAverage provides an weighted running average filter
alvar::HistogramClass for N-dimensional Histograms
alvar::HistogramSubpixelN-dimensional Histograms calculating also the subpixel average for max bin
alvar::HomographySimple Homography class for finding and projecting points between two planes
CvTestbed::ImageImage structure to store the images internally
alvar::IndexClass for N-dimensional index to be used e.g. with STL maps
alvar::IndexRansac< MODEL >Implementation of a general RANdom SAmple Consensus algorithm with implicit parameters
alvar::IntegralGradientIntegralGradient is used for calculating rectangular image gradients rapidly
alvar::IntegralImageIntegralImage is used for calculating rectangular image sums and averages rapidly
alvar::IntIndexClass for calculating "evenly spaced" integer indices for data sequence
alvar::Container3d< T >::IteratorIterator for going through the items in Container3d in the specified order
alvar::KalmanKalman implementation
alvar::KalmanCoreCore implementation for Kalman
alvar::KalmanEkfExtended Kalman Filter (EKF) implementation
alvar::KalmanSensorKalman sensor implementation
alvar::KalmanSensorCoreCore implementation for Kalman sensor
alvar::KalmanSensorEkfExtended Kalman Filter (EKF) sensor implementation
alvar::KalmanVisualizeClass for visualizing Kalman filter
alvar::LabelingBase class for labeling connected components from binary image
alvar::LabelingCvSeqLabeling class that uses OpenCV routines to find connected components
alvar::LineStruct representing a line. The line is parametrized by its center and direction vector
alvar::LockLock for simplifying mutex handling
alvar::MarkerBasic 2D Marker functionality
alvar::MarkerArtoolkitMarkerArtoolkit for using matrix markers similar with the ones used in ARToolkit
alvar::MarkerDataMarkerData contains matrix of Hamming encoded data
alvar::MarkerDetector< M >MarkerDetector for detecting markers of type M
alvar::MarkerDetectorEC< M >Version of MarkerDetector using external container
alvar::MarkerDetectorImplTemplateless version of MarkerDetector. Please use MarkerDetector instead
alvar::MarkerIteratorIterator type for traversing templated Marker vector without the template
alvar::MarkerIteratorImpl< T >Iterator implementation for traversing templated Marker vector without the template
alvar::MultiMarkerInitializer::MarkerMeasurementMarkerMeasurement that holds the maker id
alvar::MultiMarkerBase class for using MultiMarker
alvar::MultiMarkerBundleMulti marker that uses bundle adjustment to refine the 3D positions of the markers (point cloud)
alvar::MultiMarkerECVersion of MultiMarker using external container
alvar::MultiMarkerFilteredMulti marker that is constructed by first calculating the marker poses directly relative to base marker and then filtering the results using e.g. median filter
alvar::MultiMarkerInitializerInitializes multi marker by estimating their relative positions from one or more images
alvar::MutexMutex for synchronizing multiple threads
alvar::OptimizationNon-linear optimization routines. There are three methods implemented that include Gauss-Newton, Levenberg-Marquardt and Tukey m-estimator
alvar::PluginPlugin for loading dynamic libraries
alvar::Point< C, D >Simple Point class meant to be inherited from OpenCV point-classes. For example: Point<CvPoint2D64f> p
alvar::PosePose representation derived from the Rotation class
alvar::ProjPointsSimple structure for collecting 2D and 3D points e.g. for camera calibration
alvar::Ransac< MODEL, PARAMETER >Implementation of a general RANdom SAmple Consensus algorithm
alvar::RansacImplInternal implementation of RANSAC. Please use Ransac or IndexRansac
alvar::RotationRotation structure and transformations between different parameterizations
alvar::SerializationClass for serializing class content to/from file or std::iostream
alvar::SimpleSfMSimple structure from motion implementation using CameraEC , MarkerDetectorEC and TrackerFeaturesEC
alvar::ThreadsThreads vector for handling multiple threads
alvar::TimerTimer for measuring execution time
alvar::TrackerPure virtual base class for tracking optical flow
alvar::TrackerFeaturesTrackerFeatures tracks features using OpenCV's cvGoodFeaturesToTrack and cvCalcOpticalFlowPyrLK
alvar::TrackerFeaturesECVersion of TrackerFeatures using external container
alvar::TrackerOrientationTrack orientation based only on features in the image plane
alvar::TrackerPsaTrackerPsa implements a very simple PSA tracker
alvar::TrackerPsaRotTrackerPsaRot implements a slightly extended version of a TrackerPsa which can also detect sideways rotation
alvar::TrackerStatTrackerStat deduces the optical flow based on tracked features using Seppo Valli's statistical tracking
alvar::TrackerStatRotTrackerStatRot implements a slightly extended version of TrackerStat which can also detect sideways rotation
alvar::TrifocalTensorTrifocal tensor works for three images like a fundamental matrix works for two images
alvar::UncopyableUncopyable for preventing object copies
alvar::UnscentedKalmanImplementation of unscented kalman filter (UKF) for filtering non-linear processes
alvar::UnscentedObservationObservation model for an unscented kalman filter
alvar::UnscentedProcessProcess model for an unscented kalman filter

Author(s): Scott Niekum
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