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1 // dear imgui, v1.49
2 // (headers)
4 // See imgui.cpp file for documentation.
5 // See ImGui::ShowTestWindow() in imgui_demo.cpp for demo code.
6 // Read 'Programmer guide' in imgui.cpp for notes on how to setup ImGui in your codebase.
7 // Get latest version at
9 #pragma once
12 #include "imconfig.h" // User-editable configuration file
13 #endif
14 #include <float.h> // FLT_MAX
15 #include <stdarg.h> // va_list
16 #include <stddef.h> // ptrdiff_t, NULL
17 #include <string.h> // memset, memmove, memcpy, strlen, strchr, strcpy, strcmp
19 #define IMGUI_VERSION "1.49"
21 // Define attributes of all API symbols declarations, e.g. for DLL under Windows.
22 #ifndef IMGUI_API
23 #define IMGUI_API
24 #endif
26 // Define assertion handler.
27 #ifndef IM_ASSERT
28 #include <assert.h>
29 #define IM_ASSERT(_EXPR) assert(_EXPR)
30 #endif
32 // Some compilers support applying printf-style warnings to user functions.
33 #if defined(__clang__) || defined(__GNUC__)
34 #define IM_PRINTFARGS(FMT) __attribute__((format(printf, FMT, (FMT+1))))
35 #else
37 #endif
39 #if defined(__clang__)
40 #pragma clang diagnostic push
41 #pragma clang diagnostic ignored "-Wold-style-cast"
42 #endif
44 // Forward declarations
45 struct ImDrawChannel; // Temporary storage for outputting drawing commands out of order, used by ImDrawList::ChannelsSplit()
46 struct ImDrawCmd; // A single draw command within a parent ImDrawList (generally maps to 1 GPU draw call)
47 struct ImDrawData; // All draw command lists required to render the frame
48 struct ImDrawList; // A single draw command list (generally one per window)
49 struct ImDrawVert; // A single vertex (20 bytes by default, override layout with IMGUI_OVERRIDE_DRAWVERT_STRUCT_LAYOUT)
50 struct ImFont; // Runtime data for a single font within a parent ImFontAtlas
51 struct ImFontAtlas; // Runtime data for multiple fonts, bake multiple fonts into a single texture, TTF font loader
52 struct ImFontConfig; // Configuration data when adding a font or merging fonts
53 struct ImColor; // Helper functions to create a color that can be converted to either u32 or float4
54 struct ImGuiIO; // Main configuration and I/O between your application and ImGui
55 struct ImGuiOnceUponAFrame; // Simple helper for running a block of code not more than once a frame, used by IMGUI_ONCE_UPON_A_FRAME macro
56 struct ImGuiStorage; // Simple custom key value storage
57 struct ImGuiStyle; // Runtime data for styling/colors
58 struct ImGuiTextFilter; // Parse and apply text filters. In format "aaaaa[,bbbb][,ccccc]"
59 struct ImGuiTextBuffer; // Text buffer for logging/accumulating text
60 struct ImGuiTextEditCallbackData; // Shared state of ImGui::InputText() when using custom ImGuiTextEditCallback (rare/advanced use)
61 struct ImGuiSizeConstraintCallbackData;// Structure used to constraint window size in custom ways when using custom ImGuiSizeConstraintCallback (rare/advanced use)
62 struct ImGuiListClipper; // Helper to manually clip large list of items
63 struct ImGuiContext; // ImGui context (opaque)
65 // Enumerations (declared as int for compatibility and to not pollute the top of this file)
66 typedef unsigned int ImU32;
67 typedef unsigned short ImWchar; // character for keyboard input/display
68 typedef void* ImTextureID; // user data to identify a texture (this is whatever to you want it to be! read the FAQ about ImTextureID in imgui.cpp)
69 typedef ImU32 ImGuiID; // unique ID used by widgets (typically hashed from a stack of string)
70 typedef int ImGuiCol; // a color identifier for styling // enum ImGuiCol_
71 typedef int ImGuiStyleVar; // a variable identifier for styling // enum ImGuiStyleVar_
72 typedef int ImGuiKey; // a key identifier (ImGui-side enum) // enum ImGuiKey_
73 typedef int ImGuiAlign; // alignment // enum ImGuiAlign_
74 typedef int ImGuiColorEditMode; // color edit mode for ColorEdit*() // enum ImGuiColorEditMode_
75 typedef int ImGuiMouseCursor; // a mouse cursor identifier // enum ImGuiMouseCursor_
76 typedef int ImGuiWindowFlags; // window flags for Begin*() // enum ImGuiWindowFlags_
77 typedef int ImGuiSetCond; // condition flags for Set*() // enum ImGuiSetCond_
78 typedef int ImGuiInputTextFlags; // flags for InputText*() // enum ImGuiInputTextFlags_
79 typedef int ImGuiSelectableFlags; // flags for Selectable() // enum ImGuiSelectableFlags_
80 typedef int ImGuiTreeNodeFlags; // flags for TreeNode*(), Collapsing*() // enum ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_
84 // Others helpers at bottom of the file:
85 // class ImVector<> // Lightweight std::vector like class.
86 // IMGUI_ONCE_UPON_A_FRAME // Execute a block of code once per frame only (convenient for creating UI within deep-nested code that runs multiple times)
88 struct ImVec2
89 {
90  float x, y;
91  ImVec2() { x = y = 0.0f; }
92  ImVec2(float _x, float _y) { x = _x; y = _y; }
93 #ifdef IM_VEC2_CLASS_EXTRA // Define constructor and implicit cast operators in imconfig.h to convert back<>forth from your math types and ImVec2.
95 #endif
96 };
98 struct ImVec4
99 {
100  float x, y, z, w;
101  ImVec4() { x = y = z = w = 0.0f; }
102  ImVec4(float _x, float _y, float _z, float _w) { x = _x; y = _y; z = _z; w = _w; }
103 #ifdef IM_VEC4_CLASS_EXTRA // Define constructor and implicit cast operators in imconfig.h to convert back<>forth from your math types and ImVec4.
105 #endif
106 };
107 typedef int ImGuiButtonFlags; // enum ImGuiButtonFlags_
110 {
111  ImGuiButtonFlags_Repeat = 1 << 0, // hold to repeat
112  ImGuiButtonFlags_PressedOnClickRelease = 1 << 1, // (default) return pressed on click+release on same item (default if no PressedOn** flag is set)
113  ImGuiButtonFlags_PressedOnClick = 1 << 2, // return pressed on click (default requires click+release)
114  ImGuiButtonFlags_PressedOnRelease = 1 << 3, // return pressed on release (default requires click+release)
115  ImGuiButtonFlags_PressedOnDoubleClick = 1 << 4, // return pressed on double-click (default requires click+release)
116  ImGuiButtonFlags_FlattenChilds = 1 << 5, // allow interaction even if a child window is overlapping
117  ImGuiButtonFlags_DontClosePopups = 1 << 6, // disable automatically closing parent popup on press
118  ImGuiButtonFlags_Disabled = 1 << 7, // disable interaction
119  ImGuiButtonFlags_AlignTextBaseLine = 1 << 8, // vertically align button to match text baseline - ButtonEx() only
120  ImGuiButtonFlags_NoKeyModifiers = 1 << 9, // disable interaction if a key modifier is held
121  ImGuiButtonFlags_AllowOverlapMode = 1 << 10 // require previous frame HoveredId to either match id or be null before being usable
122 };
123 #define CONCAT_(x,y) x##y
124 #define CONCAT(x,y) CONCAT_(x,y)
125 #define ImGui_ScopePushFont(f) ImGui::ScopePushFont CONCAT(scope_push_font, __LINE__) (f)
126 #define ImGui_ScopePushStyleColor(idx, col) ImGui::ScopePushStyleColor CONCAT(scope_push_style_color, __LINE__) (idx, col)
127 #define ImGui_ScopePushStyleVar(idx, val) ImGui::ScopePushStyleVar CONCAT(scope_push_style_var, __LINE__) (idx, val)
129 // ImGui end-user API
130 // In a namespace so that user can add extra functions in a separate file (e.g. Value() helpers for your vector or common types)
131 namespace ImGui
132 {
133  // Main
136  IMGUI_API ImDrawData* GetDrawData(); // same value as passed to your io.RenderDrawListsFn() function. valid after Render() and until the next call to NewFrame()
137  IMGUI_API void NewFrame(); // start a new ImGui frame, you can submit any command from this point until NewFrame()/Render().
138  IMGUI_API void Render(); // ends the ImGui frame, finalize rendering data, then call your io.RenderDrawListsFn() function if set.
139  IMGUI_API void Shutdown();
140  IMGUI_API void ShowUserGuide(); // help block
141  IMGUI_API void ShowStyleEditor(ImGuiStyle* ref = NULL); // style editor block. you can pass in a reference ImGuiStyle structure to compare to, revert to and save to (else it uses the default style)
142  IMGUI_API void ShowTestWindow(bool* p_open = NULL); // test window demonstrating ImGui features
143  IMGUI_API void ShowMetricsWindow(bool* p_open = NULL); // metrics window for debugging ImGui
145  // Window
146  IMGUI_API bool Begin(const char* name, bool* p_open = NULL, ImGuiWindowFlags flags = 0); // push window to the stack and start appending to it. see .cpp for details. return false when window is collapsed, so you can early out in your code. 'bool* p_open' creates a widget on the upper-right to close the window (which sets your bool to false).
147  IMGUI_API bool Begin(const char* name, bool* p_open, const ImVec2& size_on_first_use, float bg_alpha = -1.0f, ImGuiWindowFlags flags = 0); // OBSOLETE. this is the older/longer API. the extra parameters aren't very relevant. call SetNextWindowSize() instead if you want to set a window size. For regular windows, 'size_on_first_use' only applies to the first time EVER the window is created and probably not what you want! might obsolete this API eventually.
148  IMGUI_API void End(); // finish appending to current window, pop it off the window stack.
149  IMGUI_API bool BeginChild(const char* str_id, const ImVec2& size = ImVec2(0,0), bool border = false, ImGuiWindowFlags extra_flags = 0); // begin a scrolling region. size==0.0f: use remaining window size, size<0.0f: use remaining window size minus abs(size). size>0.0f: fixed size. each axis can use a different mode, e.g. ImVec2(0,400).
150  IMGUI_API bool BeginChild(ImGuiID id, const ImVec2& size = ImVec2(0,0), bool border = false, ImGuiWindowFlags extra_flags = 0); // "
151  IMGUI_API void EndChild();
152  IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetContentRegionMax(); // current content boundaries (typically window boundaries including scrolling, or current column boundaries), in windows coordinates
153  IMGUI_API void SetContentRegionWidth(float y);
154  IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetContentRegionAvail(); // == GetContentRegionMax() - GetCursorPos()
156  IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetWindowContentRegionMin(); // content boundaries min (roughly (0,0)-Scroll), in window coordinates
157  IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetWindowContentRegionMax(); // content boundaries max (roughly (0,0)+Size-Scroll) where Size can be override with SetNextWindowContentSize(), in window coordinates
159  IMGUI_API ImDrawList* GetWindowDrawList(); // get rendering command-list if you want to append your own draw primitives
160  IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetWindowPos(); // get current window position in screen space (useful if you want to do your own drawing via the DrawList api)
161  IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetWindowSize(); // get current window size
162  IMGUI_API float GetWindowWidth();
163  IMGUI_API float GetWindowHeight();
165  IMGUI_API void SetWindowFontScale(float scale); // per-window font scale. Adjust IO.FontGlobalScale if you want to scale all windows
167  IMGUI_API void SetNextWindowPos(const ImVec2& pos, ImGuiSetCond cond = 0); // set next window position. call before Begin()
168  IMGUI_API void SetNextWindowPosCenter(ImGuiSetCond cond = 0); // set next window position to be centered on screen. call before Begin()
169  IMGUI_API void SetNextWindowSize(const ImVec2& size, ImGuiSetCond cond = 0); // set next window size. set axis to 0.0f to force an auto-fit on this axis. call before Begin()
170  IMGUI_API void SetNextWindowSizeConstraints(const ImVec2& size_min, const ImVec2& size_max, ImGuiSizeConstraintCallback custom_callback = NULL, void* custom_callback_data = NULL); // set next window size limits. use -1,-1 on either X/Y axis to preserve the current size. Use callback to apply non-trivial programmatic constraints.
171  IMGUI_API void SetNextWindowContentSize(const ImVec2& size); // set next window content size (enforce the range of scrollbars). set axis to 0.0f to leave it automatic. call before Begin()
172  IMGUI_API void SetNextWindowContentWidth(float width); // set next window content width (enforce the range of horizontal scrollbar). call before Begin()
173  IMGUI_API void SetNextWindowCollapsed(bool collapsed, ImGuiSetCond cond = 0); // set next window collapsed state. call before Begin()
174  IMGUI_API void SetNextWindowFocus(); // set next window to be focused / front-most. call before Begin()
175  IMGUI_API void SetWindowPos(const ImVec2& pos, ImGuiSetCond cond = 0); // (not recommended) set current window position - call within Begin()/End(). prefer using SetNextWindowPos(), as this may incur tearing and side-effects.
176  IMGUI_API void SetWindowSize(const ImVec2& size, ImGuiSetCond cond = 0); // (not recommended) set current window size - call within Begin()/End(). set to ImVec2(0,0) to force an auto-fit. prefer using SetNextWindowSize(), as this may incur tearing and minor side-effects.
177  IMGUI_API void SetWindowCollapsed(bool collapsed, ImGuiSetCond cond = 0); // (not recommended) set current window collapsed state. prefer using SetNextWindowCollapsed().
178  IMGUI_API void SetWindowFocus(); // (not recommended) set current window to be focused / front-most. prefer using SetNextWindowFocus().
179  IMGUI_API void SetWindowPos(const char* name, const ImVec2& pos, ImGuiSetCond cond = 0); // set named window position.
180  IMGUI_API void SetWindowSize(const char* name, const ImVec2& size, ImGuiSetCond cond = 0); // set named window size. set axis to 0.0f to force an auto-fit on this axis.
181  IMGUI_API void SetWindowCollapsed(const char* name, bool collapsed, ImGuiSetCond cond = 0); // set named window collapsed state
182  IMGUI_API void SetWindowFocus(const char* name); // set named window to be focused / front-most. use NULL to remove focus.
184  IMGUI_API float GetScrollX(); // get scrolling amount [0..GetScrollMaxX()]
185  IMGUI_API float GetScrollY(); // get scrolling amount [0..GetScrollMaxY()]
186  IMGUI_API float GetScrollMaxX(); // get maximum scrolling amount ~~ ContentSize.X - WindowSize.X
187  IMGUI_API float GetScrollMaxY(); // get maximum scrolling amount ~~ ContentSize.Y - WindowSize.Y
188  IMGUI_API void SetScrollX(float scroll_x); // set scrolling amount [0..GetScrollMaxX()]
189  IMGUI_API void SetScrollY(float scroll_y); // set scrolling amount [0..GetScrollMaxY()]
190  IMGUI_API void SetScrollHere(float center_y_ratio = 0.5f); // adjust scrolling amount to make current cursor position visible. center_y_ratio=0.0: top, 0.5: center, 1.0: bottom.
191  IMGUI_API void SetScrollFromPosY(float pos_y, float center_y_ratio = 0.5f); // adjust scrolling amount to make given position valid. use GetCursorPos() or GetCursorStartPos()+offset to get valid positions.
192  IMGUI_API void SetKeyboardFocusHere(int offset = 0); // focus keyboard on the next widget. Use positive 'offset' to access sub components of a multiple component widget. Use negative 'offset' to access previous widgets.
193  IMGUI_API void SetStateStorage(ImGuiStorage* tree); // replace tree state storage with our own (if you want to manipulate it yourself, typically clear subsection of it)
196  // Parameters stacks (shared)
197  IMGUI_API void PushFont(ImFont* font); // use NULL as a shortcut to push default font
198  IMGUI_API void PopFont();
200  {
201  public:
202  ScopePushFont(ImFont* font) { PushFont(font); }
204  };
206  IMGUI_API void PopStyleColor(int count = 1);
208  {
209  public:
210  ScopePushStyleColor(ImGuiCol idx, const ImVec4& col) { PushStyleColor(idx, col); }
212  };
213  IMGUI_API void PushStyleVar(ImGuiStyleVar idx, float val);
214  IMGUI_API void PushStyleVar(ImGuiStyleVar idx, const ImVec2& val);
215  IMGUI_API void PopStyleVar(int count = 1);
217  {
218  public:
219  ScopePushStyleVar(ImGuiStyleVar idx, float val) { PushStyleVar(idx, val); }
220  ScopePushStyleVar(ImGuiStyleVar idx, const ImVec2& val) { PushStyleVar(idx, val); }
222  };
223  IMGUI_API ImFont* GetFont(); // get current font
224  IMGUI_API float GetFontSize(); // get current font size (= height in pixels) of current font with current scale applied
225  IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetFontTexUvWhitePixel(); // get UV coordinate for a while pixel, useful to draw custom shapes via the ImDrawList API
226  IMGUI_API ImU32 GetColorU32(ImGuiCol idx, float alpha_mul = 1.0f); // retrieve given style color with style alpha applied and optional extra alpha multiplier
227  IMGUI_API ImU32 GetColorU32(const ImVec4& col); // retrieve given color with style alpha applied
229  // Parameters stacks (current window)
230  IMGUI_API void PushItemWidth(float item_width); // width of items for the common item+label case, pixels. 0.0f = default to ~2/3 of windows width, >0.0f: width in pixels, <0.0f align xx pixels to the right of window (so -1.0f always align width to the right side)
231  IMGUI_API void PopItemWidth();
232  IMGUI_API float CalcItemWidth(); // width of item given pushed settings and current cursor position
233  IMGUI_API void PushTextWrapPos(float wrap_pos_x = 0.0f); // word-wrapping for Text*() commands. < 0.0f: no wrapping; 0.0f: wrap to end of window (or column); > 0.0f: wrap at 'wrap_pos_x' position in window local space
234  IMGUI_API void PopTextWrapPos();
235  IMGUI_API void PushAllowKeyboardFocus(bool v); // allow focusing using TAB/Shift-TAB, enabled by default but you can disable it for certain widgets
237  IMGUI_API void PushButtonRepeat(bool repeat); // in 'repeat' mode, Button*() functions return repeated true in a typematic manner (uses io.KeyRepeatDelay/io.KeyRepeatRate for now). Note that you can call IsItemActive() after any Button() to tell if the button is held in the current frame.
238  IMGUI_API void PopButtonRepeat();
240  // Cursor / Layout
241  IMGUI_API void Separator(); // horizontal line
242  IMGUI_API void SameLine(float pos_x = 0.0f, float spacing_w = -1.0f); // call between widgets or groups to layout them horizontally
243  IMGUI_API void NewLine(); // undo a SameLine()
244  IMGUI_API void Spacing(); // add vertical spacing
245  IMGUI_API void Dummy(const ImVec2& size); // add a dummy item of given size
246  IMGUI_API void Indent(float indent_w = 0.0f); // move content position toward the right, by style.IndentSpacing or indent_w if >0
247  IMGUI_API void Unindent(float indent_w = 0.0f); // move content position back to the left, by style.IndentSpacing or indent_w if >0
248  IMGUI_API void BeginGroup(); // lock horizontal starting position + capture group bounding box into one "item" (so you can use IsItemHovered() or layout primitives such as SameLine() on whole group, etc.)
249  IMGUI_API void EndGroup();
250  IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetCursorPos(); // cursor position is relative to window position
251  IMGUI_API float GetCursorPosX(); // "
252  IMGUI_API float GetCursorPosY(); // "
253  IMGUI_API void SetCursorPos(const ImVec2& local_pos); // "
254  IMGUI_API void SetCursorPosX(float x); // "
255  IMGUI_API void SetCursorPosY(float y); // "
256  IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetCursorStartPos(); // initial cursor position
257  IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetCursorScreenPos(); // cursor position in absolute screen coordinates [] (useful to work with ImDrawList API)
258  IMGUI_API void SetCursorScreenPos(const ImVec2& pos); // cursor position in absolute screen coordinates []
259  IMGUI_API void AlignFirstTextHeightToWidgets(); // call once if the first item on the line is a Text() item and you want to vertically lower it to match subsequent (bigger) widgets
260  IMGUI_API float GetTextLineHeight(); // height of font == GetWindowFontSize()
261  IMGUI_API float GetTextLineHeightWithSpacing(); // distance (in pixels) between 2 consecutive lines of text == GetWindowFontSize() + GetStyle().ItemSpacing.y
262  IMGUI_API float GetItemsLineHeightWithSpacing(); // distance (in pixels) between 2 consecutive lines of standard height widgets == GetWindowFontSize() + GetStyle().FramePadding.y*2 + GetStyle().ItemSpacing.y
264  // Columns
265  // You can also use SameLine(pos_x) for simplified columning. The columns API is still work-in-progress and rather lacking.
266  IMGUI_API void Columns(int count = 1, const char* id = NULL, bool border = true); // setup number of columns. use an identifier to distinguish multiple column sets. close with Columns(1).
267  IMGUI_API void NextColumn(); // next column
268  IMGUI_API int GetColumnIndex(); // get current column index
269  IMGUI_API float GetColumnOffset(int column_index = -1); // get position of column line (in pixels, from the left side of the contents region). pass -1 to use current column, otherwise 0..GetcolumnsCount() inclusive. column 0 is usually 0.0f and not resizable unless you call this
270  IMGUI_API void SetColumnOffset(int column_index, float offset_x); // set position of column line (in pixels, from the left side of the contents region). pass -1 to use current column
271  IMGUI_API float GetColumnWidth(int column_index = -1); // column width (== GetColumnOffset(GetColumnIndex()+1) - GetColumnOffset(GetColumnOffset())
272  IMGUI_API int GetColumnsCount(); // number of columns (what was passed to Columns())
274  // ID scopes
275  // If you are creating widgets in a loop you most likely want to push a unique identifier so ImGui can differentiate them.
276  // You can also use the "##foobar" syntax within widget label to distinguish them from each others. Read "A primer on the use of labels/IDs" in the FAQ for more details.
277  IMGUI_API void PushID(const char* str_id); // push identifier into the ID stack. IDs are hash of the *entire* stack!
278  IMGUI_API void PushID(const char* str_id_begin, const char* str_id_end);
279  IMGUI_API void PushID(const void* ptr_id);
280  IMGUI_API void PushID(int int_id);
281  IMGUI_API void PopID();
282  IMGUI_API ImGuiID GetID(const char* str_id); // calculate unique ID (hash of whole ID stack + given parameter). useful if you want to query into ImGuiStorage yourself. otherwise rarely needed
283  IMGUI_API ImGuiID GetID(const char* str_id_begin, const char* str_id_end);
284  IMGUI_API ImGuiID GetID(const void* ptr_id);
286  // Widgets
287  IMGUI_API void Icon(const char* icon); // Librealsense addition to allow type safe calling like: ImGui::Icon(textual_icon(u8"\uf118"))
288  IMGUI_API void Text(const char* fmt, ...) IM_PRINTFARGS(1);
289  IMGUI_API void TextV(const char* fmt, va_list args);
290  IMGUI_API void TextColored(const ImVec4& col, const char* fmt, ...) IM_PRINTFARGS(2); // shortcut for PushStyleColor(ImGuiCol_Text, col); Text(fmt, ...); PopStyleColor();
291  IMGUI_API void TextColoredV(const ImVec4& col, const char* fmt, va_list args);
292  IMGUI_API void TextDisabled(const char* fmt, ...) IM_PRINTFARGS(1); // shortcut for PushStyleColor(ImGuiCol_Text, style.Colors[ImGuiCol_TextDisabled]); Text(fmt, ...); PopStyleColor();
293  IMGUI_API void TextDisabledV(const char* fmt, va_list args);
294  IMGUI_API void TextWrapped(const char* fmt, ...) IM_PRINTFARGS(1); // shortcut for PushTextWrapPos(0.0f); Text(fmt, ...); PopTextWrapPos();. Note that this won't work on an auto-resizing window if there's no other widgets to extend the window width, yoy may need to set a size using SetNextWindowSize().
295  IMGUI_API void TextWrappedV(const char* fmt, va_list args);
296  IMGUI_API void TextUnformatted(const char* text, const char* text_end = NULL); // doesn't require null terminated string if 'text_end' is specified. no copy done to any bounded stack buffer, recommended for long chunks of text
297  IMGUI_API void LabelText(const char* label, const char* fmt, ...) IM_PRINTFARGS(2); // display text+label aligned the same way as value+label widgets
298  IMGUI_API void LabelTextV(const char* label, const char* fmt, va_list args);
299  IMGUI_API void Bullet(); // draw a small circle and keep the cursor on the same line. advance cursor x position by GetTreeNodeToLabelSpacing(), same distance that TreeNode() uses
300  IMGUI_API void BulletText(const char* fmt, ...) IM_PRINTFARGS(1); // shortcut for Bullet()+Text()
301  IMGUI_API void BulletTextV(const char* fmt, va_list args);
302  IMGUI_API bool Button(const char* label, const ImVec2& size = ImVec2(0,0)); // button
303  IMGUI_API bool ButtonEx(const char* label, const ImVec2& size_arg = ImVec2(0,0), ImGuiButtonFlags flags = 0);
304  IMGUI_API bool SmallButton(const char* label); // button with FramePadding=(0,0)
305  IMGUI_API bool InvisibleButton(const char* str_id, const ImVec2& size);
306  IMGUI_API void Image(ImTextureID user_texture_id, const ImVec2& size, const ImVec2& uv0 = ImVec2(0,0), const ImVec2& uv1 = ImVec2(1,1), const ImVec4& tint_col = ImVec4(1,1,1,1), const ImVec4& border_col = ImVec4(0,0,0,0));
307  IMGUI_API bool ImageButton(ImTextureID user_texture_id, const ImVec2& size, const ImVec2& uv0 = ImVec2(0,0), const ImVec2& uv1 = ImVec2(1,1), int frame_padding = -1, const ImVec4& bg_col = ImVec4(0,0,0,0), const ImVec4& tint_col = ImVec4(1,1,1,1)); // <0 frame_padding uses default frame padding settings. 0 for no padding
308  IMGUI_API bool Checkbox(const char* label, bool* v);
309  IMGUI_API bool CheckboxFlags(const char* label, unsigned int* flags, unsigned int flags_value);
310  IMGUI_API bool RadioButton(const char* label, bool active);
311  IMGUI_API bool RadioButton(const char* label, int* v, int v_button);
312  IMGUI_API bool Combo(const char* label, int* current_item, const char** items, int items_count, int height_in_items = -1, bool show_arrow_down = true);
313  IMGUI_API bool Combo(const char* label, int* current_item, const char* items_separated_by_zeros, int height_in_items = -1, bool show_arrow_down = true); // separate items with \0, end item-list with \0\0
314  IMGUI_API bool Combo(const char* label, int* current_item, bool (*items_getter)(void* data, int idx, const char** out_text), void* data, int items_count, int height_in_items = -1, bool show_arrow_down = true);
315  IMGUI_API bool ColorButton(const ImVec4& col, bool small_height = false, bool outline_border = true);
316  IMGUI_API bool ColorEdit3(const char* label, float col[3]); // Hint: 'float col[3]' function argument is same as 'float* col'. You can pass address of first element out of a contiguous set, e.g. &myvector.x
317  IMGUI_API bool ColorEdit4(const char* label, float col[4], bool show_alpha = true); // "
318  IMGUI_API void ColorEditMode(ImGuiColorEditMode mode); // FIXME-OBSOLETE: This is inconsistent with most of the API and will be obsoleted/replaced.
319  IMGUI_API void PlotLines(const char* label, const float* values, int values_count, int values_offset = 0, const char* overlay_text = NULL, float scale_min = FLT_MAX, float scale_max = FLT_MAX, ImVec2 graph_size = ImVec2(0,0), int stride = sizeof(float));
320  IMGUI_API void PlotLines(const char* label, float (*values_getter)(void* data, int idx), void* data, int values_count, int values_offset = 0, const char* overlay_text = NULL, float scale_min = FLT_MAX, float scale_max = FLT_MAX, ImVec2 graph_size = ImVec2(0,0));
321  IMGUI_API void PlotHistogram(const char* label, const float* values, int values_count, int values_offset = 0, const char* overlay_text = NULL, float scale_min = FLT_MAX, float scale_max = FLT_MAX, ImVec2 graph_size = ImVec2(0,0), int stride = sizeof(float));
322  IMGUI_API void PlotHistogram(const char* label, float (*values_getter)(void* data, int idx), void* data, int values_count, int values_offset = 0, const char* overlay_text = NULL, float scale_min = FLT_MAX, float scale_max = FLT_MAX, ImVec2 graph_size = ImVec2(0,0));
323  IMGUI_API void ProgressBar(float fraction, const ImVec2& size_arg = ImVec2(-1,0), const char* overlay = NULL);
325  // Widgets: Drags (tip: ctrl+click on a drag box to input with keyboard. manually input values aren't clamped, can go off-bounds)
326  // For all the Float2/Float3/Float4/Int2/Int3/Int4 versions of every functions, remember than a 'float v[3]' function argument is the same as 'float* v'. You can pass address of your first element out of a contiguous set, e.g. &myvector.x
327  IMGUI_API bool DragFloat(const char* label, float* v, float v_speed = 1.0f, float v_min = 0.0f, float v_max = 0.0f, const char* display_format = "%.3f", float power = 1.0f); // If v_min >= v_max we have no bound
328  IMGUI_API bool DragFloat2(const char* label, float v[2], float v_speed = 1.0f, float v_min = 0.0f, float v_max = 0.0f, const char* display_format = "%.3f", float power = 1.0f);
329  IMGUI_API bool DragFloat3(const char* label, float v[3], float v_speed = 1.0f, float v_min = 0.0f, float v_max = 0.0f, const char* display_format = "%.3f", float power = 1.0f);
330  IMGUI_API bool DragFloat4(const char* label, float v[4], float v_speed = 1.0f, float v_min = 0.0f, float v_max = 0.0f, const char* display_format = "%.3f", float power = 1.0f);
331  IMGUI_API bool DragFloatRange2(const char* label, float* v_current_min, float* v_current_max, float v_speed = 1.0f, float v_min = 0.0f, float v_max = 0.0f, const char* display_format = "%.3f", const char* display_format_max = NULL, float power = 1.0f);
332  IMGUI_API bool DragInt(const char* label, int* v, float v_speed = 1.0f, int v_min = 0, int v_max = 0, const char* display_format = "%.0f"); // If v_min >= v_max we have no bound
333  IMGUI_API bool DragInt2(const char* label, int v[2], float v_speed = 1.0f, int v_min = 0, int v_max = 0, const char* display_format = "%.0f");
334  IMGUI_API bool DragInt3(const char* label, int v[3], float v_speed = 1.0f, int v_min = 0, int v_max = 0, const char* display_format = "%.0f");
335  IMGUI_API bool DragInt4(const char* label, int v[4], float v_speed = 1.0f, int v_min = 0, int v_max = 0, const char* display_format = "%.0f");
336  IMGUI_API bool DragIntRange2(const char* label, int* v_current_min, int* v_current_max, float v_speed = 1.0f, int v_min = 0, int v_max = 0, const char* display_format = "%.0f", const char* display_format_max = NULL);
338  // Widgets: Input with Keyboard
339  IMGUI_API bool InputText(const char* label, char* buf, size_t buf_size, ImGuiInputTextFlags flags = 0, ImGuiTextEditCallback callback = NULL, void* user_data = NULL);
340  IMGUI_API bool InputTextMultiline(const char* label, char* buf, size_t buf_size, const ImVec2& size = ImVec2(0,0), ImGuiInputTextFlags flags = 0, ImGuiTextEditCallback callback = NULL, void* user_data = NULL);
341  IMGUI_API bool InputFloat(const char* label, float* v, float step = 0.0f, float step_fast = 0.0f, int decimal_precision = -1, ImGuiInputTextFlags extra_flags = 0);
342  IMGUI_API bool InputFloat2(const char* label, float v[2], int decimal_precision = -1, ImGuiInputTextFlags extra_flags = 0);
343  IMGUI_API bool InputFloat3(const char* label, float v[3], int decimal_precision = -1, ImGuiInputTextFlags extra_flags = 0);
344  IMGUI_API bool InputFloat4(const char* label, float v[4], int decimal_precision = -1, ImGuiInputTextFlags extra_flags = 0);
345  IMGUI_API bool InputInt(const char* label, int* v, int step = 1, int step_fast = 100, ImGuiInputTextFlags extra_flags = 0);
346  IMGUI_API bool InputInt2(const char* label, int v[2], ImGuiInputTextFlags extra_flags = 0);
347  IMGUI_API bool InputInt3(const char* label, int v[3], ImGuiInputTextFlags extra_flags = 0);
348  IMGUI_API bool InputInt4(const char* label, int v[4], ImGuiInputTextFlags extra_flags = 0);
350  // Widgets: Sliders (tip: ctrl+click on a slider to input with keyboard. manually input values aren't clamped, can go off-bounds)
351  IMGUI_API bool SeekSlider(const char* label, int* v, const char* display_format = "%.0f%%");
352  IMGUI_API bool SliderFloat(const char* label, float* v, float v_min, float v_max, const char* display_format = "%.3f", float power = 1.0f, bool render_bg = false); // adjust display_format to decorate the value with a prefix or a suffix. Use power!=1.0 for logarithmic sliders
353  IMGUI_API bool SliderFloat2(const char* label, float v[2], float v_min, float v_max, const char* display_format = "%.3f", float power = 1.0f);
354  IMGUI_API bool SliderFloat3(const char* label, float v[3], float v_min, float v_max, const char* display_format = "%.3f", float power = 1.0f);
355  IMGUI_API bool SliderFloat4(const char* label, float v[4], float v_min, float v_max, const char* display_format = "%.3f", float power = 1.0f);
356  IMGUI_API bool SliderAngle(const char* label, float* v_rad, float v_degrees_min = -360.0f, float v_degrees_max = +360.0f);
357  IMGUI_API bool SliderInt(const char* label, int* v, int v_min, int v_max, const char* display_format = "%.0f", bool render_bg = false);
358  IMGUI_API bool SliderInt2(const char* label, int v[2], int v_min, int v_max, const char* display_format = "%.0f");
359  IMGUI_API bool SliderInt3(const char* label, int v[3], int v_min, int v_max, const char* display_format = "%.0f");
360  IMGUI_API bool SliderInt4(const char* label, int v[4], int v_min, int v_max, const char* display_format = "%.0f");
361  IMGUI_API bool VSliderFloat(const char* label, const ImVec2& size, float* v, float v_min, float v_max, const char* display_format = "%.3f", float power = 1.0f, bool render_bg = false);
362  IMGUI_API bool VSliderInt(const char* label, const ImVec2& size, int* v, int v_min, int v_max, const char* display_format = "%.0f");
364  /* Implement slider with increments other than 1. The implementation is a variation on
365 */
366  IMGUI_API bool SliderIntWithSteps(const char* label, int* v, int v_min, int v_max, int v_step=1, const char* display_format = "%.3f");
368  // Widgets: Trees
369  IMGUI_API bool TreeNode(const char* label); // if returning 'true' the node is open and the tree id is pushed into the id stack. user is responsible for calling TreePop().
370  IMGUI_API bool TreeNode(const char* str_id, const char* fmt, ...) IM_PRINTFARGS(2); // read the FAQ about why and how to use ID. to align arbitrary text at the same level as a TreeNode() you can use Bullet().
371  IMGUI_API bool TreeNode(const void* ptr_id, const char* fmt, ...) IM_PRINTFARGS(2); // "
372  IMGUI_API bool TreeNodeV(const char* str_id, const char* fmt, va_list args); // "
373  IMGUI_API bool TreeNodeV(const void* ptr_id, const char* fmt, va_list args); // "
374  IMGUI_API bool TreeNodeEx(const char* label, ImGuiTreeNodeFlags flags = 0);
375  IMGUI_API bool TreeNodeEx(const char* str_id, ImGuiTreeNodeFlags flags, const char* fmt, ...) IM_PRINTFARGS(3);
376  IMGUI_API bool TreeNodeEx(const void* ptr_id, ImGuiTreeNodeFlags flags, const char* fmt, ...) IM_PRINTFARGS(3);
377  IMGUI_API bool TreeNodeExV(const char* str_id, ImGuiTreeNodeFlags flags, const char* fmt, va_list args);
378  IMGUI_API bool TreeNodeExV(const void* ptr_id, ImGuiTreeNodeFlags flags, const char* fmt, va_list args);
379  IMGUI_API void TreePush(const char* str_id = NULL); // ~ Indent()+PushId(). Already called by TreeNode() when returning true, but you can call Push/Pop yourself for layout purpose
380  IMGUI_API void TreePush(const void* ptr_id = NULL); // "
381  IMGUI_API void TreePop(); // ~ Unindent()+PopId()
382  IMGUI_API void TreeAdvanceToLabelPos(); // advance cursor x position by GetTreeNodeToLabelSpacing()
383  IMGUI_API float GetTreeNodeToLabelSpacing(); // horizontal distance preceeding label when using TreeNode*() or Bullet() == (g.FontSize + style.FramePadding.x*2) for a regular unframed TreeNode
384  IMGUI_API void SetNextTreeNodeOpen(bool is_open, ImGuiSetCond cond = 0); // set next TreeNode/CollapsingHeader open state.
385  IMGUI_API bool CollapsingHeader(const char* label, ImGuiTreeNodeFlags flags = 0); // if returning 'true' the header is open. doesn't indent nor push on ID stack. user doesn't have to call TreePop().
386  IMGUI_API bool CollapsingHeader(const char* label, bool* p_open, ImGuiTreeNodeFlags flags = 0); // when 'p_open' isn't NULL, display an additional small close button on upper right of the header
388  // Widgets: Selectable / Lists
389  IMGUI_API bool Selectable(const char* label, bool selected = false, ImGuiSelectableFlags flags = 0, const ImVec2& size = ImVec2(0,0)); // size.x==0.0: use remaining width, size.x>0.0: specify width. size.y==0.0: use label height, size.y>0.0: specify height
390  IMGUI_API bool Selectable(const char* label, bool* p_selected, ImGuiSelectableFlags flags = 0, const ImVec2& size = ImVec2(0,0));
391  IMGUI_API bool ListBox(const char* label, int* current_item, const char** items, int items_count, int height_in_items = -1);
392  IMGUI_API bool ListBox(const char* label, int* current_item, bool (*items_getter)(void* data, int idx, const char** out_text), void* data, int items_count, int height_in_items = -1);
393  IMGUI_API bool ListBoxHeader(const char* label, const ImVec2& size = ImVec2(0,0)); // use if you want to reimplement ListBox() will custom data or interactions. make sure to call ListBoxFooter() afterwards.
394  IMGUI_API bool ListBoxHeader(const char* label, int items_count, int height_in_items = -1); // "
395  IMGUI_API void ListBoxFooter(); // terminate the scrolling region
397  // Widgets: Value() Helpers. Output single value in "name: value" format (tip: freely declare more in your code to handle your types. you can add functions to the ImGui namespace)
398  IMGUI_API void Value(const char* prefix, bool b);
399  IMGUI_API void Value(const char* prefix, int v);
400  IMGUI_API void Value(const char* prefix, unsigned int v);
401  IMGUI_API void Value(const char* prefix, float v, const char* float_format = NULL);
402  IMGUI_API void ValueColor(const char* prefix, const ImVec4& v);
403  IMGUI_API void ValueColor(const char* prefix, unsigned int v);
405  // Tooltips
406  IMGUI_API void SetTooltip(const char* fmt, ...) IM_PRINTFARGS(1); // set tooltip under mouse-cursor, typically use with ImGui::IsHovered(). last call wins
407  IMGUI_API void SetTooltipV(const char* fmt, va_list args);
408  IMGUI_API void BeginTooltip(); // use to create full-featured tooltip windows that aren't just text
409  IMGUI_API void EndTooltip();
411  // Menus
412  IMGUI_API bool BeginMainMenuBar(); // create and append to a full screen menu-bar. only call EndMainMenuBar() if this returns true!
413  IMGUI_API void EndMainMenuBar();
414  IMGUI_API bool BeginMenuBar(); // append to menu-bar of current window (requires ImGuiWindowFlags_MenuBar flag set). only call EndMenuBar() if this returns true!
415  IMGUI_API void EndMenuBar();
416  IMGUI_API bool BeginMenu(const char* label, bool enabled = true); // create a sub-menu entry. only call EndMenu() if this returns true!
417  IMGUI_API void EndMenu();
418  IMGUI_API bool MenuItem(const char* label, const char* shortcut = NULL, bool selected = false, bool enabled = true); // return true when activated. shortcuts are displayed for convenience but not processed by ImGui at the moment
419  IMGUI_API bool MenuItem(const char* label, const char* shortcut, bool* p_selected, bool enabled = true); // return true when activated + toggle (*p_selected) if p_selected != NULL
421  // Popups
422  IMGUI_API void OpenPopup(const char* str_id); // mark popup as open. popups are closed when user click outside, or activate a pressable item, or CloseCurrentPopup() is called within a BeginPopup()/EndPopup() block. popup identifiers are relative to the current ID-stack (so OpenPopup and BeginPopup needs to be at the same level).
423  IMGUI_API bool BeginPopup(const char* str_id); // return true if the popup is open, and you can start outputting to it. only call EndPopup() if BeginPopup() returned true!
424  IMGUI_API bool BeginPopupModal(const char* name, bool* p_open = NULL, ImGuiWindowFlags extra_flags = 0); // modal dialog (can't close them by clicking outside)
425  IMGUI_API bool BeginPopupContextItem(const char* str_id, int mouse_button = 1); // helper to open and begin popup when clicked on last item. read comments in .cpp!
426  IMGUI_API bool BeginPopupContextWindow(bool also_over_items = true, const char* str_id = NULL, int mouse_button = 1); // helper to open and begin popup when clicked on current window.
427  IMGUI_API bool BeginPopupContextVoid(const char* str_id = NULL, int mouse_button = 1); // helper to open and begin popup when clicked in void (no window).
428  IMGUI_API void EndPopup();
429  IMGUI_API void CloseCurrentPopup(); // close the popup we have begin-ed into. clicking on a MenuItem or Selectable automatically close the current popup.
431  // Logging: all text output from interface is redirected to tty/file/clipboard. By default, tree nodes are automatically opened during logging.
432  IMGUI_API void LogToTTY(int max_depth = -1); // start logging to tty
433  IMGUI_API void LogToFile(int max_depth = -1, const char* filename = NULL); // start logging to file
434  IMGUI_API void LogToClipboard(int max_depth = -1); // start logging to OS clipboard
435  IMGUI_API void LogFinish(); // stop logging (close file, etc.)
436  IMGUI_API void LogButtons(); // helper to display buttons for logging to tty/file/clipboard
437  IMGUI_API void LogText(const char* fmt, ...) IM_PRINTFARGS(1); // pass text data straight to log (without being displayed)
439  // Clipping
440  IMGUI_API void PushClipRect(const ImVec2& clip_rect_min, const ImVec2& clip_rect_max, bool intersect_with_current_clip_rect);
441  IMGUI_API void PopClipRect();
443  // Utilities
444  IMGUI_API bool IsItemHovered(); // was the last item hovered by mouse?
445  IMGUI_API bool IsItemHoveredRect(); // was the last item hovered by mouse? even if another item is active or window is blocked by popup while we are hovering this
446  IMGUI_API bool IsItemActive(); // was the last item active? (e.g. button being held, text field being edited- items that don't interact will always return false)
447  IMGUI_API bool IsItemClicked(int mouse_button = 0); // was the last item clicked? (e.g. button/node just clicked on)
448  IMGUI_API bool IsItemVisible(); // was the last item visible? (aka not out of sight due to clipping/scrolling.)
450  IMGUI_API bool IsAnyItemActive();
451  IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetItemRectMin(); // get bounding rect of last item in screen space
454  IMGUI_API void SetItemAllowOverlap(); // allow last item to be overlapped by a subsequent item. sometimes useful with invisible buttons, selectables, etc. to catch unused area.
455  IMGUI_API bool IsWindowHovered(); // is current window hovered and hoverable (not blocked by a popup) (differentiate child windows from each others)
456  IMGUI_API bool IsWindowFocused(); // is current window focused
457  IMGUI_API bool IsRootWindowFocused(); // is current root window focused (root = top-most parent of a child, otherwise self)
458  IMGUI_API bool IsRootWindowOrAnyChildFocused(); // is current root window or any of its child (including current window) focused
459  IMGUI_API bool IsRootWindowOrAnyChildHovered(); // is current root window or any of its child (including current window) hovered and hoverable (not blocked by a popup)
460  IMGUI_API bool IsRectVisible(const ImVec2& size); // test if rectangle of given size starting from cursor pos is visible (not clipped). to perform coarse clipping on user's side (as an optimization)
461  IMGUI_API bool IsPosHoveringAnyWindow(const ImVec2& pos); // is given position hovering any active imgui window
462  IMGUI_API float GetTime();
463  IMGUI_API int GetFrameCount();
464  IMGUI_API const char* GetStyleColName(ImGuiCol idx);
465  IMGUI_API ImVec2 CalcItemRectClosestPoint(const ImVec2& pos, bool on_edge = false, float outward = +0.0f); // utility to find the closest point the last item bounding rectangle edge. useful to visually link items
466  IMGUI_API ImVec2 CalcTextSize(const char* text, const char* text_end = NULL, bool hide_text_after_double_hash = false, float wrap_width = -1.0f);
467  IMGUI_API void CalcListClipping(int items_count, float items_height, int* out_items_display_start, int* out_items_display_end); // calculate coarse clipping for large list of evenly sized items. Prefer using the ImGuiListClipper higher-level helper if you can.
469  IMGUI_API bool BeginChildFrame(ImGuiID id, const ImVec2& size, ImGuiWindowFlags extra_flags = 0); // helper to create a child window / scrolling region that looks like a normal widget frame
470  IMGUI_API void EndChildFrame();
474  IMGUI_API void ColorConvertRGBtoHSV(float r, float g, float b, float& out_h, float& out_s, float& out_v);
475  IMGUI_API void ColorConvertHSVtoRGB(float h, float s, float v, float& out_r, float& out_g, float& out_b);
477  // Inputs
478  IMGUI_API int GetKeyIndex(ImGuiKey key); // map ImGuiKey_* values into user's key index. == io.KeyMap[key]
479  IMGUI_API bool IsKeyDown(int key_index); // key_index into the keys_down[] array, imgui doesn't know the semantic of each entry, uses your own indices!
480  IMGUI_API bool IsKeyPressed(int key_index, bool repeat = true); // uses user's key indices as stored in the keys_down[] array. if repeat=true. uses io.KeyRepeatDelay / KeyRepeatRate
481  IMGUI_API bool IsKeyReleased(int key_index); // "
482  IMGUI_API bool IsMouseDown(int button); // is mouse button held
483  IMGUI_API bool IsMouseClicked(int button, bool repeat = false); // did mouse button clicked (went from !Down to Down)
484  IMGUI_API bool IsMouseDoubleClicked(int button); // did mouse button double-clicked. a double-click returns false in IsMouseClicked(). uses io.MouseDoubleClickTime.
485  IMGUI_API bool IsMouseReleased(int button); // did mouse button released (went from Down to !Down)
486  IMGUI_API bool IsMouseHoveringWindow(); // is mouse hovering current window ("window" in API names always refer to current window). disregarding of any consideration of being blocked by a popup. (unlike IsWindowHovered() this will return true even if the window is blocked because of a popup)
487  IMGUI_API bool IsMouseHoveringAnyWindow(); // is mouse hovering any visible window
488  IMGUI_API bool IsMouseHoveringRect(const ImVec2& r_min, const ImVec2& r_max, bool clip = true); // is mouse hovering given bounding rect (in screen space). clipped by current clipping settings. disregarding of consideration of focus/window ordering/blocked by a popup.
489  IMGUI_API bool IsMouseDragging(int button = 0, float lock_threshold = -1.0f); // is mouse dragging. if lock_threshold < -1.0f uses io.MouseDraggingThreshold
490  IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetMousePos(); // shortcut to ImGui::GetIO().MousePos provided by user, to be consistent with other calls
491  IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetMousePosOnOpeningCurrentPopup(); // retrieve backup of mouse positioning at the time of opening popup we have BeginPopup() into
492  IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetMouseDragDelta(int button = 0, float lock_threshold = -1.0f); // dragging amount since clicking. if lock_threshold < -1.0f uses io.MouseDraggingThreshold
493  IMGUI_API void ResetMouseDragDelta(int button = 0); //
494  IMGUI_API ImGuiMouseCursor GetMouseCursor(); // get desired cursor type, reset in ImGui::NewFrame(), this updated during the frame. valid before Render(). If you use software rendering by setting io.MouseDrawCursor ImGui will render those for you
495  IMGUI_API void SetMouseCursor(ImGuiMouseCursor type); // set desired cursor type
496  IMGUI_API void CaptureKeyboardFromApp(bool capture = true); // manually override io.WantCaptureKeyboard flag next frame (said flag is entirely left for your application handle). e.g. force capture keyboard when your widget is being hovered.
497  IMGUI_API void CaptureMouseFromApp(bool capture = true); // manually override io.WantCaptureMouse flag next frame (said flag is entirely left for your application handle).
499  // Helpers functions to access functions pointers in ImGui::GetIO()
500  IMGUI_API void* MemAlloc(size_t sz);
501  IMGUI_API void MemFree(void* ptr);
502  IMGUI_API const char* GetClipboardText();
503  IMGUI_API void SetClipboardText(const char* text);
505  // Internal context access - if you want to use multiple context, share context between modules (e.g. DLL). There is a default context created and active by default.
506  // All contexts share a same ImFontAtlas by default. If you want different font atlas, you can new() them and overwrite the GetIO().Fonts variable of an ImGui context.
507  IMGUI_API const char* GetVersion();
508  IMGUI_API ImGuiContext* CreateContext(void* (*malloc_fn)(size_t) = NULL, void (*free_fn)(void*) = NULL);
513  // Obsolete (will be removed)
515  static inline bool CollapsingHeader(const char* label, const char* str_id, bool framed = true, bool default_open = false) { (void)str_id; (void)framed; ImGuiTreeNodeFlags default_open_flags = 1<<5; return CollapsingHeader(label, (default_open ? default_open_flags : 0)); } // OBSOLETE 1.49+
516  static inline ImFont* GetWindowFont() { return GetFont(); } // OBSOLETE 1.48+
517  static inline float GetWindowFontSize() { return GetFontSize(); } // OBSOLETE 1.48+
518  static inline void OpenNextNode(bool open) { ImGui::SetNextTreeNodeOpen(open, 0); } // OBSOLETE 1.34+
519  static inline bool GetWindowIsFocused() { return ImGui::IsWindowFocused(); } // OBSOLETE 1.36+
520  static inline bool GetWindowCollapsed() { return ImGui::IsWindowCollapsed(); } // OBSOLETE 1.39+
521  static inline ImVec2 GetItemBoxMin() { return GetItemRectMin(); } // OBSOLETE 1.36+
522  static inline ImVec2 GetItemBoxMax() { return GetItemRectMax(); } // OBSOLETE 1.36+
523  static inline bool IsClipped(const ImVec2& size) { return !IsRectVisible(size); } // OBSOLETE 1.38+
524  static inline bool IsRectClipped(const ImVec2& size) { return !IsRectVisible(size); } // OBSOLETE 1.39+
525  static inline bool IsMouseHoveringBox(const ImVec2& rect_min, const ImVec2& rect_max) { return IsMouseHoveringRect(rect_min, rect_max); } // OBSOLETE 1.36+
526  static inline void SetScrollPosHere() { SetScrollHere(); } // OBSOLETE 1.42+
527 #endif
529 } // namespace ImGui
531 // Flags for ImGui::Begin()
533 {
534  // Default: 0
535  ImGuiWindowFlags_NoTitleBar = 1 << 0, // Disable title-bar
536  ImGuiWindowFlags_NoResize = 1 << 1, // Disable user resizing with the lower-right grip
537  ImGuiWindowFlags_NoMove = 1 << 2, // Disable user moving the window
538  ImGuiWindowFlags_NoScrollbar = 1 << 3, // Disable scrollbars (window can still scroll with mouse or programatically)
539  ImGuiWindowFlags_NoScrollWithMouse = 1 << 4, // Disable user vertically scrolling with mouse wheel
540  ImGuiWindowFlags_NoCollapse = 1 << 5, // Disable user collapsing window by double-clicking on it
541  ImGuiWindowFlags_AlwaysAutoResize = 1 << 6, // Resize every window to its content every frame
542  ImGuiWindowFlags_ShowBorders = 1 << 7, // Show borders around windows and items
543  ImGuiWindowFlags_NoSavedSettings = 1 << 8, // Never load/save settings in .ini file
544  ImGuiWindowFlags_NoInputs = 1 << 9, // Disable catching mouse or keyboard inputs
545  ImGuiWindowFlags_MenuBar = 1 << 10, // Has a menu-bar
546  ImGuiWindowFlags_HorizontalScrollbar = 1 << 11, // Allow horizontal scrollbar to appear (off by default). You may use SetNextWindowContentSize(ImVec2(width,0.0f)); prior to calling Begin() to specify width. Read code in imgui_demo in the "Horizontal Scrolling" section.
547  ImGuiWindowFlags_NoFocusOnAppearing = 1 << 12, // Disable taking focus when transitioning from hidden to visible state
548  ImGuiWindowFlags_NoBringToFrontOnFocus = 1 << 13, // Disable bringing window to front when taking focus (e.g. clicking on it or programatically giving it focus)
549  ImGuiWindowFlags_AlwaysVerticalScrollbar= 1 << 14, // Always show vertical scrollbar (even if ContentSize.y < Size.y)
550  ImGuiWindowFlags_AlwaysHorizontalScrollbar=1<< 15, // Always show horizontal scrollbar (even if ContentSize.x < Size.x)
551  ImGuiWindowFlags_AlwaysUseWindowPadding = 1 << 16, // Ensure child windows without border uses style.WindowPadding (ignored by default for non-bordered child windows, because more convenient)
552  // [Internal]
553  ImGuiWindowFlags_ChildWindow = 1 << 20, // Don't use! For internal use by BeginChild()
554  ImGuiWindowFlags_ChildWindowAutoFitX = 1 << 21, // Don't use! For internal use by BeginChild()
555  ImGuiWindowFlags_ChildWindowAutoFitY = 1 << 22, // Don't use! For internal use by BeginChild()
556  ImGuiWindowFlags_ComboBox = 1 << 23, // Don't use! For internal use by ComboBox()
557  ImGuiWindowFlags_Tooltip = 1 << 24, // Don't use! For internal use by BeginTooltip()
558  ImGuiWindowFlags_Popup = 1 << 25, // Don't use! For internal use by BeginPopup()
559  ImGuiWindowFlags_Modal = 1 << 26, // Don't use! For internal use by BeginPopupModal()
560  ImGuiWindowFlags_ChildMenu = 1 << 27 // Don't use! For internal use by BeginMenu()
561 };
563 // Flags for ImGui::InputText()
565 {
566  // Default: 0
567  ImGuiInputTextFlags_CharsDecimal = 1 << 0, // Allow 0123456789.+-*/
568  ImGuiInputTextFlags_CharsHexadecimal = 1 << 1, // Allow 0123456789ABCDEFabcdef
569  ImGuiInputTextFlags_CharsUppercase = 1 << 2, // Turn a..z into A..Z
570  ImGuiInputTextFlags_CharsNoBlank = 1 << 3, // Filter out spaces, tabs
571  ImGuiInputTextFlags_AutoSelectAll = 1 << 4, // Select entire text when first taking mouse focus
572  ImGuiInputTextFlags_EnterReturnsTrue = 1 << 5, // Return 'true' when Enter is pressed (as opposed to when the value was modified)
573  ImGuiInputTextFlags_CallbackCompletion = 1 << 6, // Call user function on pressing TAB (for completion handling)
574  ImGuiInputTextFlags_CallbackHistory = 1 << 7, // Call user function on pressing Up/Down arrows (for history handling)
575  ImGuiInputTextFlags_CallbackAlways = 1 << 8, // Call user function every time. User code may query cursor position, modify text buffer.
576  ImGuiInputTextFlags_CallbackCharFilter = 1 << 9, // Call user function to filter character. Modify data->EventChar to replace/filter input, or return 1 to discard character.
577  ImGuiInputTextFlags_AllowTabInput = 1 << 10, // Pressing TAB input a '\t' character into the text field
578  ImGuiInputTextFlags_CtrlEnterForNewLine = 1 << 11, // In multi-line mode, allow exiting edition by pressing Enter. Ctrl+Enter to add new line (by default adds new lines with Enter).
579  ImGuiInputTextFlags_NoHorizontalScroll = 1 << 12, // Disable following the cursor horizontally
580  ImGuiInputTextFlags_AlwaysInsertMode = 1 << 13, // Insert mode
581  ImGuiInputTextFlags_ReadOnly = 1 << 14, // Read-only mode
582  ImGuiInputTextFlags_Password = 1 << 15, // Password mode, display all characters as '*'
583  // [Internal]
584  ImGuiInputTextFlags_Multiline = 1 << 20 // For internal use by InputTextMultiline()
585 };
587 // Flags for ImGui::TreeNodeEx(), ImGui::CollapsingHeader*()
589 {
590  ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_Selected = 1 << 0, // Draw as selected
591  ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_Framed = 1 << 1, // Full colored frame (e.g. for CollapsingHeader)
592  ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_AllowOverlapMode = 1 << 2, // Hit testing to allow subsequent widgets to overlap this one
593  ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_NoTreePushOnOpen = 1 << 3, // Don't do a TreePush() when open (e.g. for CollapsingHeader) = no extra indent nor pushing on ID stack
594  ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_NoAutoOpenOnLog = 1 << 4, // Don't automatically and temporarily open node when Logging is active (by default logging will automatically open tree nodes)
595  ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_DefaultOpen = 1 << 5, // Default node to be open
596  ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_OpenOnDoubleClick = 1 << 6, // Need double-click to open node
597  ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_OpenOnArrow = 1 << 7, // Only open when clicking on the arrow part. If ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_OpenOnDoubleClick is also set, single-click arrow or double-click all box to open.
598  ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_Leaf = 1 << 8, // No collapsing, no arrow (use as a convenience for leaf nodes).
599  ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_Bullet = 1 << 9, // Display a bullet instead of arrow
600  //ImGuITreeNodeFlags_SpanAllAvailWidth = 1 << 10, // FIXME: TODO: Extend hit box horizontally even if not framed
601  //ImGuiTreeNodeFlags_NoScrollOnOpen = 1 << 11, // FIXME: TODO: Disable automatic scroll on TreePop() if node got just open and contents is not visible
603 };
605 // Flags for ImGui::Selectable()
607 {
608  // Default: 0
609  ImGuiSelectableFlags_DontClosePopups = 1 << 0, // Clicking this don't close parent popup window
610  ImGuiSelectableFlags_SpanAllColumns = 1 << 1, // Selectable frame can span all columns (text will still fit in current column)
611  ImGuiSelectableFlags_AllowDoubleClick = 1 << 2 // Generate press events on double clicks too
612 };
614 // User fill ImGuiIO.KeyMap[] array with indices into the ImGuiIO.KeysDown[512] array
616 {
617  ImGuiKey_Tab, // for tabbing through fields
618  ImGuiKey_LeftArrow, // for text edit
619  ImGuiKey_RightArrow,// for text edit
620  ImGuiKey_UpArrow, // for text edit
621  ImGuiKey_DownArrow, // for text edit
624  ImGuiKey_Home, // for text edit
625  ImGuiKey_End, // for text edit
626  ImGuiKey_Delete, // for text edit
627  ImGuiKey_Backspace, // for text edit
628  ImGuiKey_Enter, // for text edit
629  ImGuiKey_Escape, // for text edit
630  ImGuiKey_A, // for text edit CTRL+A: select all
631  ImGuiKey_C, // for text edit CTRL+C: copy
632  ImGuiKey_V, // for text edit CTRL+V: paste
633  ImGuiKey_X, // for text edit CTRL+X: cut
634  ImGuiKey_Y, // for text edit CTRL+Y: redo
635  ImGuiKey_Z, // for text edit CTRL+Z: undo
637 };
639 // Enumeration for PushStyleColor() / PopStyleColor()
641 {
644  ImGuiCol_WindowBg, // Background of normal windows
645  ImGuiCol_ChildWindowBg, // Background of child windows
646  ImGuiCol_PopupBg, // Background of popups, menus, tooltips windows
649  ImGuiCol_FrameBg, // Background of checkbox, radio button, plot, slider, text input
684  ImGuiCol_ModalWindowDarkening, // darken entire screen when a modal window is active
686 };
688 // Enumeration for PushStyleVar() / PopStyleVar()
689 // NB: the enum only refers to fields of ImGuiStyle() which makes sense to be pushed/poped in UI code. Feel free to add others.
691 {
703 };
706 {
707  ImGuiAlign_Left = 1 << 0,
710  ImGuiAlign_Top = 1 << 3,
713 };
715 // Enumeration for ColorEditMode()
716 // FIXME-OBSOLETE: Will be replaced by future color/picker api
718 {
724 };
726 // Enumeration for GetMouseCursor()
728 {
730  ImGuiMouseCursor_TextInput, // When hovering over InputText, etc.
733  ImGuiMouseCursor_ResizeEW, // When hovering over a column
735  ImGuiMouseCursor_ResizeNWSE, // When hovering over the bottom-right corner of a window
737 };
739 // Condition flags for ImGui::SetWindow***(), SetNextWindow***(), SetNextTreeNode***() functions
740 // All those functions treat 0 as a shortcut to ImGuiSetCond_Always
742 {
743  ImGuiSetCond_Always = 1 << 0, // Set the variable
744  ImGuiSetCond_Once = 1 << 1, // Only set the variable on the first call per runtime session
745  ImGuiSetCond_FirstUseEver = 1 << 2, // Only set the variable if the window doesn't exist in the .ini file
746  ImGuiSetCond_Appearing = 1 << 3 // Only set the variable if the window is appearing after being inactive (or the first time)
747 };
750 {
751  float Alpha; // Global alpha applies to everything in ImGui
752  ImVec2 WindowPadding; // Padding within a window
753  ImVec2 WindowMinSize; // Minimum window size
754  float WindowRounding; // Radius of window corners rounding. Set to 0.0f to have rectangular windows
755  ImGuiAlign WindowTitleAlign; // Alignment for title bar text
756  float ChildWindowRounding; // Radius of child window corners rounding. Set to 0.0f to have rectangular windows
757  ImVec2 FramePadding; // Padding within a framed rectangle (used by most widgets)
758  float FrameRounding; // Radius of frame corners rounding. Set to 0.0f to have rectangular frame (used by most widgets).
759  ImVec2 ItemSpacing; // Horizontal and vertical spacing between widgets/lines
760  ImVec2 ItemInnerSpacing; // Horizontal and vertical spacing between within elements of a composed widget (e.g. a slider and its label)
761  ImVec2 TouchExtraPadding; // Expand reactive bounding box for touch-based system where touch position is not accurate enough. Unfortunately we don't sort widgets so priority on overlap will always be given to the first widget. So don't grow this too much!
762  float IndentSpacing; // Horizontal indentation when e.g. entering a tree node. Generally == (FontSize + FramePadding.x*2).
763  float ColumnsMinSpacing; // Minimum horizontal spacing between two columns
764  float ScrollbarSize; // Width of the vertical scrollbar, Height of the horizontal scrollbar
765  float ScrollbarRounding; // Radius of grab corners for scrollbar
766  float GrabMinSize; // Minimum width/height of a grab box for slider/scrollbar
767  float GrabRounding; // Radius of grabs corners rounding. Set to 0.0f to have rectangular slider grabs.
768  ImVec2 DisplayWindowPadding; // Window positions are clamped to be visible within the display area by at least this amount. Only covers regular windows.
769  ImVec2 DisplaySafeAreaPadding; // If you cannot see the edge of your screen (e.g. on a TV) increase the safe area padding. Covers popups/tooltips as well regular windows.
770  bool AntiAliasedLines; // Enable anti-aliasing on lines/borders. Disable if you are really tight on CPU/GPU.
771  bool AntiAliasedShapes; // Enable anti-aliasing on filled shapes (rounded rectangles, circles, etc.)
772  float CurveTessellationTol; // Tessellation tolerance. Decrease for highly tessellated curves (higher quality, more polygons), increase to reduce quality.
776 };
778 // This is where your app communicate with ImGui. Access via ImGui::GetIO().
779 // Read 'Programmer guide' section in .cpp file for general usage.
780 struct ImGuiIO
781 {
782  //------------------------------------------------------------------
783  // Settings (fill once) // Default value:
784  //------------------------------------------------------------------
786  ImVec2 DisplaySize; // <unset> // Display size, in pixels. For clamping windows positions.
787  float DeltaTime; // = 1.0f/60.0f // Time elapsed since last frame, in seconds.
788  float IniSavingRate; // = 5.0f // Maximum time between saving positions/sizes to .ini file, in seconds.
789  const char* IniFilename; // = "imgui.ini" // Path to .ini file. NULL to disable .ini saving.
790  const char* LogFilename; // = "imgui_log.txt" // Path to .log file (default parameter to ImGui::LogToFile when no file is specified).
791  float MouseDoubleClickTime; // = 0.30f // Time for a double-click, in seconds.
792  float MouseDoubleClickMaxDist; // = 6.0f // Distance threshold to stay in to validate a double-click, in pixels.
793  float MouseDragThreshold; // = 6.0f // Distance threshold before considering we are dragging
794  int KeyMap[ImGuiKey_COUNT]; // <unset> // Map of indices into the KeysDown[512] entries array
795  float KeyRepeatDelay; // = 0.250f // When holding a key/button, time before it starts repeating, in seconds (for buttons in Repeat mode, etc.).
796  float KeyRepeatRate; // = 0.020f // When holding a key/button, rate at which it repeats, in seconds.
797  void* UserData; // = NULL // Store your own data for retrieval by callbacks.
799  ImFontAtlas* Fonts; // <auto> // Load and assemble one or more fonts into a single tightly packed texture. Output to Fonts array.
800  float FontGlobalScale; // = 1.0f // Global scale all fonts
801  bool FontAllowUserScaling; // = false // Allow user scaling text of individual window with CTRL+Wheel.
802  ImVec2 DisplayFramebufferScale; // = (1.0f,1.0f) // For retina display or other situations where window coordinates are different from framebuffer coordinates. User storage only, presently not used by ImGui.
803  ImVec2 DisplayVisibleMin; // <unset> (0.0f,0.0f) // If you use DisplaySize as a virtual space larger than your screen, set DisplayVisibleMin/Max to the visible area.
804  ImVec2 DisplayVisibleMax; // <unset> (0.0f,0.0f) // If the values are the same, we defaults to Min=(0.0f) and Max=DisplaySize
806  // Advanced/subtle behaviors
807  bool WordMovementUsesAltKey; // = defined(__APPLE__) // OS X style: Text editing cursor movement using Alt instead of Ctrl
808  bool ShortcutsUseSuperKey; // = defined(__APPLE__) // OS X style: Shortcuts using Cmd/Super instead of Ctrl
809  bool DoubleClickSelectsWord; // = defined(__APPLE__) // OS X style: Double click selects by word instead of selecting whole text
810  bool MultiSelectUsesSuperKey; // = defined(__APPLE__) // OS X style: Multi-selection in lists uses Cmd/Super instead of Ctrl [unused yet]
812  //------------------------------------------------------------------
813  // User Functions
814  //------------------------------------------------------------------
816  // Rendering function, will be called in Render().
817  // Alternatively you can keep this to NULL and call GetDrawData() after Render() to get the same pointer.
818  // See example applications if you are unsure of how to implement this.
819  void (*RenderDrawListsFn)(ImDrawData* data);
821  // Optional: access OS clipboard
822  // (default to use native Win32 clipboard on Windows, otherwise uses a private clipboard. Override to access OS clipboard on other architectures)
823  const char* (*GetClipboardTextFn)();
824  void (*SetClipboardTextFn)(const char* text);
826  // Optional: override memory allocations. MemFreeFn() may be called with a NULL pointer.
827  // (default to posix malloc/free)
828  void* (*MemAllocFn)(size_t sz);
829  void (*MemFreeFn)(void* ptr);
831  // Optional: notify OS Input Method Editor of the screen position of your cursor for text input position (e.g. when using Japanese/Chinese IME in Windows)
832  // (default to use native imm32 api on Windows)
833  void (*ImeSetInputScreenPosFn)(int x, int y);
834  void* ImeWindowHandle; // (Windows) Set this to your HWND to get automatic IME cursor positioning.
836  //------------------------------------------------------------------
837  // Input - Fill before calling NewFrame()
838  //------------------------------------------------------------------
840  ImVec2 MousePos; // Mouse position, in pixels (set to -1,-1 if no mouse / on another screen, etc.)
841  bool MouseDown[5]; // Mouse buttons: left, right, middle + extras. ImGui itself mostly only uses left button (BeginPopupContext** are using right button). Others buttons allows us to track if the mouse is being used by your application + available to user as a convenience via IsMouse** API.
842  float MouseWheel; // Mouse wheel: 1 unit scrolls about 5 lines text.
843  bool MouseDrawCursor; // Request ImGui to draw a mouse cursor for you (if you are on a platform without a mouse cursor).
844  bool KeyCtrl; // Keyboard modifier pressed: Control
845  bool KeyShift; // Keyboard modifier pressed: Shift
846  bool KeyAlt; // Keyboard modifier pressed: Alt
847  bool KeySuper; // Keyboard modifier pressed: Cmd/Super/Windows
848  bool KeysDown[512]; // Keyboard keys that are pressed (in whatever storage order you naturally have access to keyboard data)
849  ImWchar InputCharacters[16+1]; // List of characters input (translated by user from keypress+keyboard state). Fill using AddInputCharacter() helper.
851  // Functions
852  IMGUI_API void AddInputCharacter(ImWchar c); // Helper to add a new character into InputCharacters[]
853  IMGUI_API void AddInputCharactersUTF8(const char* utf8_chars); // Helper to add new characters into InputCharacters[] from an UTF-8 string
854  inline void ClearInputCharacters() { InputCharacters[0] = 0; } // Helper to clear the text input buffer
856  //------------------------------------------------------------------
857  // Output - Retrieve after calling NewFrame(), you can use them to discard inputs or hide them from the rest of your application
858  //------------------------------------------------------------------
860  bool WantCaptureMouse; // Mouse is hovering a window or widget is active (= ImGui will use your mouse input)
861  bool WantCaptureKeyboard; // Widget is active (= ImGui will use your keyboard input)
862  bool WantTextInput; // Some text input widget is active, which will read input characters from the InputCharacters array.
863  float Framerate; // Framerate estimation, in frame per second. Rolling average estimation based on IO.DeltaTime over 120 frames
864  int MetricsAllocs; // Number of active memory allocations
865  int MetricsRenderVertices; // Vertices output during last call to Render()
866  int MetricsRenderIndices; // Indices output during last call to Render() = number of triangles * 3
867  int MetricsActiveWindows; // Number of visible windows (exclude child windows)
869  //------------------------------------------------------------------
870  // [Internal] ImGui will maintain those fields for you
871  //------------------------------------------------------------------
873  ImVec2 MousePosPrev; // Previous mouse position
874  ImVec2 MouseDelta; // Mouse delta. Note that this is zero if either current or previous position are negative to allow mouse enabling/disabling.
875  bool MouseClicked[5]; // Mouse button went from !Down to Down
876  ImVec2 MouseClickedPos[5]; // Position at time of clicking
877  float MouseClickedTime[5]; // Time of last click (used to figure out double-click)
878  bool MouseDoubleClicked[5]; // Has mouse button been double-clicked?
879  bool MouseReleased[5]; // Mouse button went from Down to !Down
880  bool MouseDownOwned[5]; // Track if button was clicked inside a window. We don't request mouse capture from the application if click started outside ImGui bounds.
881  float MouseDownDuration[5]; // Duration the mouse button has been down (0.0f == just clicked)
882  float MouseDownDurationPrev[5]; // Previous time the mouse button has been down
883  float MouseDragMaxDistanceSqr[5]; // Squared maximum distance of how much mouse has traveled from the click point
884  float KeysDownDuration[512]; // Duration the keyboard key has been down (0.0f == just pressed)
885  float KeysDownDurationPrev[512]; // Previous duration the key has been down
887  IMGUI_API ImGuiIO();
888 };
890 //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
891 // Helpers
892 //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
894 // Lightweight std::vector<> like class to avoid dragging dependencies (also: windows implementation of STL with debug enabled is absurdly slow, so let's bypass it so our code runs fast in debug).
895 // Our implementation does NOT call c++ constructors because we don't use them in ImGui. Don't use this class as a straight std::vector replacement in your code!
896 template<typename T>
897 class ImVector
898 {
899 public:
900  int Size;
901  int Capacity;
902  T* Data;
904  typedef T value_type;
905  typedef value_type* iterator;
906  typedef const value_type* const_iterator;
908  ImVector() { Size = Capacity = 0; Data = NULL; }
909  ~ImVector() { if (Data) ImGui::MemFree(Data); }
911  inline bool empty() const { return Size == 0; }
912  inline int size() const { return Size; }
913  inline int capacity() const { return Capacity; }
915  inline value_type& operator[](int i) { IM_ASSERT(i < Size); return Data[i]; }
916  inline const value_type& operator[](int i) const { IM_ASSERT(i < Size); return Data[i]; }
918  inline void clear() { if (Data) { Size = Capacity = 0; ImGui::MemFree(Data); Data = NULL; } }
919  inline iterator begin() { return Data; }
920  inline const_iterator begin() const { return Data; }
921  inline iterator end() { return Data + Size; }
922  inline const_iterator end() const { return Data + Size; }
923  inline value_type& front() { IM_ASSERT(Size > 0); return Data[0]; }
924  inline const value_type& front() const { IM_ASSERT(Size > 0); return Data[0]; }
925  inline value_type& back() { IM_ASSERT(Size > 0); return Data[Size-1]; }
926  inline const value_type& back() const { IM_ASSERT(Size > 0); return Data[Size-1]; }
927  inline void swap(ImVector<T>& rhs) { int rhs_size = rhs.Size; rhs.Size = Size; Size = rhs_size; int rhs_cap = rhs.Capacity; rhs.Capacity = Capacity; Capacity = rhs_cap; value_type* rhs_data = rhs.Data; rhs.Data = Data; Data = rhs_data; }
929  inline int _grow_capacity(int new_size) { int new_capacity = Capacity ? (Capacity + Capacity/2) : 8; return new_capacity > new_size ? new_capacity : new_size; }
931  inline void resize(int new_size) { if (new_size > Capacity) reserve(_grow_capacity(new_size)); Size = new_size; }
932  inline void reserve(int new_capacity)
933  {
934  if (new_capacity <= Capacity) return;
935  T* new_data = (value_type*)ImGui::MemAlloc((size_t)new_capacity * sizeof(value_type));
936  memcpy(new_data, Data, (size_t)Size * sizeof(value_type));
937  ImGui::MemFree(Data);
938  Data = new_data;
939  Capacity = new_capacity;
940  }
942  inline void push_back(const value_type& v) { if (Size == Capacity) reserve(_grow_capacity(Size+1)); Data[Size++] = v; }
943  inline void pop_back() { IM_ASSERT(Size > 0); Size--; }
945  inline iterator erase(const_iterator it) { IM_ASSERT(it >= Data && it < Data+Size); const ptrdiff_t off = it - Data; memmove(Data + off, Data + off + 1, ((size_t)Size - (size_t)off - 1) * sizeof(value_type)); Size--; return Data + off; }
946  inline iterator insert(const_iterator it, const value_type& v) { IM_ASSERT(it >= Data && it <= Data+Size); const ptrdiff_t off = it - Data; if (Size == Capacity) reserve(Capacity ? Capacity * 2 : 4); if (off < (int)Size) memmove(Data + off + 1, Data + off, ((size_t)Size - (size_t)off) * sizeof(value_type)); Data[off] = v; Size++; return Data + off; }
947 };
949 // Helper: execute a block of code at maximum once a frame
950 // Convenient if you want to quickly create an UI within deep-nested code that runs multiple times every frame.
951 // Usage:
953 // {
954 // // code block will be executed one per frame
955 // }
956 // Attention! the macro expands into 2 statement so make sure you don't use it within e.g. an if() statement without curly braces.
957 #define IMGUI_ONCE_UPON_A_FRAME static ImGuiOnceUponAFrame imgui_oaf##__LINE__; if (imgui_oaf##__LINE__)
959 {
960  ImGuiOnceUponAFrame() { RefFrame = -1; }
961  mutable int RefFrame;
962  operator bool() const { int current_frame = ImGui::GetFrameCount(); if (RefFrame == current_frame) return false; RefFrame = current_frame; return true; }
963 };
965 // Helper: Parse and apply text filters. In format "aaaaa[,bbbb][,ccccc]"
967 {
968  struct TextRange
969  {
970  const char* b;
971  const char* e;
973  TextRange() { b = e = NULL; }
974  TextRange(const char* _b, const char* _e) { b = _b; e = _e; }
975  const char* begin() const { return b; }
976  const char* end() const { return e; }
977  bool empty() const { return b == e; }
978  char front() const { return *b; }
979  static bool is_blank(char c) { return c == ' ' || c == '\t'; }
980  void trim_blanks() { while (b < e && is_blank(*b)) b++; while (e > b && is_blank(*(e-1))) e--; }
981  IMGUI_API void split(char separator, ImVector<TextRange>& out);
982  };
984  char InputBuf[256];
988  ImGuiTextFilter(const char* default_filter = "");
990  void Clear() { InputBuf[0] = 0; Build(); }
991  bool Draw(const char* label = "Filter (inc,-exc)", float width = 0.0f); // Helper calling InputText+Build
992  bool PassFilter(const char* text, const char* text_end = NULL) const;
993  bool IsActive() const { return !Filters.empty(); }
994  IMGUI_API void Build();
995 };
997 // Helper: Text buffer for logging/accumulating text
999 {
1003  inline char operator[](int i) { return Buf.Data[i]; }
1004  const char* begin() const { return &Buf.front(); }
1005  const char* end() const { return &Buf.back(); } // Buf is zero-terminated, so end() will point on the zero-terminator
1006  int size() const { return Buf.Size - 1; }
1007  bool empty() { return Buf.Size <= 1; }
1008  void clear() { Buf.clear(); Buf.push_back(0); }
1009  const char* c_str() const { return Buf.Data; }
1010  IMGUI_API void append(const char* fmt, ...) IM_PRINTFARGS(2);
1011  IMGUI_API void appendv(const char* fmt, va_list args);
1012 };
1014 // Helper: Simple Key->value storage
1015 // - Store collapse state for a tree (Int 0/1)
1016 // - Store color edit options (Int using values in ImGuiColorEditMode enum).
1017 // - Custom user storage for temporary values.
1018 // Typically you don't have to worry about this since a storage is held within each Window.
1019 // Declare your own storage if:
1020 // - You want to manipulate the open/close state of a particular sub-tree in your interface (tree node uses Int 0/1 to store their state).
1021 // - You want to store custom debug data easily without adding or editing structures in your code.
1022 // Types are NOT stored, so it is up to you to make sure your Key don't collide with different types.
1024 {
1025  struct Pair
1026  {
1028  union { int val_i; float val_f; void* val_p; };
1029  Pair(ImGuiID _key, int _val_i) { key = _key; val_i = _val_i; }
1030  Pair(ImGuiID _key, float _val_f) { key = _key; val_f = _val_f; }
1031  Pair(ImGuiID _key, void* _val_p) { key = _key; val_p = _val_p; }
1032  };
1035  // - Get***() functions find pair, never add/allocate. Pairs are sorted so a query is O(log N)
1036  // - Set***() functions find pair, insertion on demand if missing.
1037  // - Sorted insertion is costly, paid once. A typical frame shouldn't need to insert any new pair.
1038  IMGUI_API void Clear();
1039  IMGUI_API int GetInt(ImGuiID key, int default_val = 0) const;
1040  IMGUI_API void SetInt(ImGuiID key, int val);
1041  IMGUI_API bool GetBool(ImGuiID key, bool default_val = false) const;
1042  IMGUI_API void SetBool(ImGuiID key, bool val);
1043  IMGUI_API float GetFloat(ImGuiID key, float default_val = 0.0f) const;
1044  IMGUI_API void SetFloat(ImGuiID key, float val);
1045  IMGUI_API void* GetVoidPtr(ImGuiID key) const; // default_val is NULL
1046  IMGUI_API void SetVoidPtr(ImGuiID key, void* val);
1048  // - Get***Ref() functions finds pair, insert on demand if missing, return pointer. Useful if you intend to do Get+Set.
1049  // - References are only valid until a new value is added to the storage. Calling a Set***() function or a Get***Ref() function invalidates the pointer.
1050  // - A typical use case where this is convenient:
1051  // float* pvar = ImGui::GetFloatRef(key); ImGui::SliderFloat("var", pvar, 0, 100.0f); some_var += *pvar;
1052  // - You can also use this to quickly create temporary editable values during a session of using Edit&Continue, without restarting your application.
1053  IMGUI_API int* GetIntRef(ImGuiID key, int default_val = 0);
1054  IMGUI_API bool* GetBoolRef(ImGuiID key, bool default_val = false);
1055  IMGUI_API float* GetFloatRef(ImGuiID key, float default_val = 0.0f);
1056  IMGUI_API void** GetVoidPtrRef(ImGuiID key, void* default_val = NULL);
1058  // Use on your own storage if you know only integer are being stored (open/close all tree nodes)
1059  IMGUI_API void SetAllInt(int val);
1060 };
1062 // Shared state of InputText(), passed to callback when a ImGuiInputTextFlags_Callback* flag is used and the corresponding callback is triggered.
1064 {
1065  ImGuiInputTextFlags EventFlag; // One of ImGuiInputTextFlags_Callback* // Read-only
1066  ImGuiInputTextFlags Flags; // What user passed to InputText() // Read-only
1067  void* UserData; // What user passed to InputText() // Read-only
1068  bool ReadOnly; // Read-only mode // Read-only
1070  // CharFilter event:
1071  ImWchar EventChar; // Character input // Read-write (replace character or set to zero)
1073  // Completion,History,Always events:
1074  // If you modify the buffer contents make sure you update 'BufTextLen' and set 'BufDirty' to true.
1075  ImGuiKey EventKey; // Key pressed (Up/Down/TAB) // Read-only
1076  char* Buf; // Current text buffer // Read-write (pointed data only, can't replace the actual pointer)
1077  int BufTextLen; // Current text length in bytes // Read-write
1078  int BufSize; // Maximum text length in bytes // Read-only
1079  bool BufDirty; // Set if you modify Buf/BufTextLen!! // Write
1080  int CursorPos; // // Read-write
1081  int SelectionStart; // // Read-write (== to SelectionEnd when no selection)
1082  int SelectionEnd; // // Read-write
1084  // NB: Helper functions for text manipulation. Calling those function loses selection.
1085  void DeleteChars(int pos, int bytes_count);
1086  void InsertChars(int pos, const char* text, const char* text_end = NULL);
1087  bool HasSelection() const { return SelectionStart != SelectionEnd; }
1088 };
1090 // Resizing callback data to apply custom constraint. As enabled by SetNextWindowSizeConstraints(). Callback is called during the next Begin().
1091 // NB: For basic min/max size constraint on each axis you don't need to use the callback! The SetNextWindowSizeConstraints() parameters are enough.
1093 {
1094  void* UserData; // Read-only. What user passed to SetNextWindowSizeConstraints()
1095  ImVec2 Pos; // Read-only. Window position, for reference.
1096  ImVec2 CurrentSize; // Read-only. Current window size.
1097  ImVec2 DesiredSize; // Read-write. Desired size, based on user's mouse position. Write to this field to restrain resizing.
1098 };
1100 // ImColor() helper to implicity converts colors to either ImU32 (packed 4x1 byte) or ImVec4 (4x1 float)
1101 // Prefer using IM_COL32() macros if you want a guaranteed compile-time ImU32 for usage with ImDrawList API.
1102 // Avoid storing ImColor! Store either u32 of ImVec4. This is not a full-featured color class.
1103 // None of the ImGui API are using ImColor directly but you can use it as a convenience to pass colors in either ImU32 or ImVec4 formats.
1104 struct ImColor
1105 {
1108  ImColor() { Value.x = Value.y = Value.z = Value.w = 0.0f; }
1109  ImColor(int r, int g, int b, int a = 255) { float sc = 1.0f/255.0f; Value.x = (float)r * sc; Value.y = (float)g * sc; Value.z = (float)b * sc; Value.w = (float)a * sc; }
1110  ImColor(ImU32 rgba) { float sc = 1.0f/255.0f; Value.x = (float)(rgba&0xFF) * sc; Value.y = (float)((rgba>>8)&0xFF) * sc; Value.z = (float)((rgba>>16)&0xFF) * sc; Value.w = (float)(rgba >> 24) * sc; }
1111  ImColor(float r, float g, float b, float a = 1.0f) { Value.x = r; Value.y = g; Value.z = b; Value.w = a; }
1112  ImColor(const ImVec4& col) { Value = col; }
1113  inline operator ImU32() const { return ImGui::ColorConvertFloat4ToU32(Value); }
1114  inline operator ImVec4() const { return Value; }
1116  inline void SetHSV(float h, float s, float v, float a = 1.0f){ ImGui::ColorConvertHSVtoRGB(h, s, v, Value.x, Value.y, Value.z); Value.w = a; }
1118  static ImColor HSV(float h, float s, float v, float a = 1.0f) { float r,g,b; ImGui::ColorConvertHSVtoRGB(h, s, v, r, g, b); return ImColor(r,g,b,a); }
1119 };
1121 // Helper: Manually clip large list of items.
1122 // If you are submitting lots of evenly spaced items and you have a random access to the list, you can perform coarse clipping based on visibility to save yourself from processing those items at all.
1123 // The clipper calculates the range of visible items and advance the cursor to compensate for the non-visible items we have skipped.
1124 // ImGui already clip items based on their bounds but it needs to measure text size to do so. Coarse clipping before submission makes this cost and your own data fetching/submission cost null.
1125 // Usage:
1126 // ImGuiListClipper clipper(1000); // we have 1000 elements, evenly spaced.
1127 // while (clipper.Step())
1128 // for (int i = clipper.DisplayStart; i < clipper.DisplayEnd; i++)
1129 // ImGui::Text("line number %d", i);
1130 // - Step 0: the clipper let you process the first element, regardless of it being visible or not, so we can measure the element height (step skipped if we passed a known height as second arg to constructor).
1131 // - Step 1: the clipper infer height from first element, calculate the actual range of elements to display, and position the cursor before the first element.
1132 // - (Step 2: dummy step only required if an explicit items_height was passed to constructor or Begin() and user call Step(). Does nothing and switch to Step 3.)
1133 // - Step 3: the clipper validate that we have reached the expected Y position (corresponding to element DisplayEnd), advance the cursor to the end of the list and then returns 'false' to end the loop.
1135 {
1136  float StartPosY;
1138  int ItemsCount, StepNo, DisplayStart, DisplayEnd;
1140  // items_count: Use -1 to ignore (you can call Begin later). Use INT_MAX if you don't know how many items you have (in which case the cursor won't be advanced in the final step).
1141  // items_height: Use -1.0f to be calculated automatically on first step. Otherwise pass in the distance between your items, typically GetTextLineHeightWithSpacing() or GetItemsLineHeightWithSpacing().
1142  // If you don't specify an items_height, you NEED to call Step(). If you specify items_height you may call the old Begin()/End() api directly, but prefer calling Step().
1143  ImGuiListClipper(int items_count = -1, float items_height = -1.0f) { Begin(items_count, items_height); } // NB: Begin() initialize every fields (as we allow user to call Begin/End multiple times on a same instance if they want).
1144  ~ImGuiListClipper() { IM_ASSERT(ItemsCount == -1); } // Assert if user forgot to call End() or Step() until false.
1146  IMGUI_API bool Step(); // Call until it returns false. The DisplayStart/DisplayEnd fields will be set and you can process/draw those items.
1147  IMGUI_API void Begin(int items_count, float items_height = -1.0f); // Automatically called by constructor if you passed 'items_count' or by Step() in Step 1.
1148  IMGUI_API void End(); // Automatically called on the last call of Step() that returns false.
1149 };
1151 //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
1152 // Draw List
1153 // Hold a series of drawing commands. The user provides a renderer for ImDrawData which essentially contains an array of ImDrawList.
1154 //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
1156 // Helpers macros to generate 32-bits encoded colors
1157 #define IM_COL32(R,G,B,A) (((ImU32)(A)<<24) | ((ImU32)(B)<<16) | ((ImU32)(G)<<8) | ((ImU32)(R)))
1158 #define IM_COL32_WHITE (0xFFFFFFFF)
1159 #define IM_COL32_BLACK (0xFF000000)
1160 #define IM_COL32_BLACK_TRANS (0x00000000) // Transparent black
1162 // Draw callbacks for advanced uses.
1163 // NB- You most likely do NOT need to use draw callbacks just to create your own widget or customized UI rendering (you can poke into the draw list for that)
1164 // Draw callback may be useful for example, A) Change your GPU render state, B) render a complex 3D scene inside a UI element (without an intermediate texture/render target), etc.
1165 // The expected behavior from your rendering function is 'if (cmd.UserCallback != NULL) cmd.UserCallback(parent_list, cmd); else RenderTriangles()'
1166 typedef void (*ImDrawCallback)(const ImDrawList* parent_list, const ImDrawCmd* cmd);
1168 // Typically, 1 command = 1 gpu draw call (unless command is a callback)
1170 {
1171  unsigned int ElemCount; // Number of indices (multiple of 3) to be rendered as triangles. Vertices are stored in the callee ImDrawList's vtx_buffer[] array, indices in idx_buffer[].
1172  ImVec4 ClipRect; // Clipping rectangle (x1, y1, x2, y2)
1173  ImTextureID TextureId; // User-provided texture ID. Set by user in ImfontAtlas::SetTexID() for fonts or passed to Image*() functions. Ignore if never using images or multiple fonts atlas.
1174  ImDrawCallback UserCallback; // If != NULL, call the function instead of rendering the vertices. clip_rect and texture_id will be set normally.
1175  void* UserCallbackData; // The draw callback code can access this.
1177  ImDrawCmd() { ElemCount = 0; ClipRect.x = ClipRect.y = -8192.0f; ClipRect.z = ClipRect.w = +8192.0f; TextureId = NULL; UserCallback = NULL; UserCallbackData = NULL; }
1178 };
1180 // Vertex index (override with '#define ImDrawIdx unsigned int' inside in imconfig.h)
1181 #ifndef ImDrawIdx
1182 typedef unsigned short ImDrawIdx;
1183 #endif
1185 // Vertex layout
1188 {
1192 };
1193 #else
1194 // You can override the vertex format layout by defining IMGUI_OVERRIDE_DRAWVERT_STRUCT_LAYOUT in imconfig.h
1195 // The code expect ImVec2 pos (8 bytes), ImVec2 uv (8 bytes), ImU32 col (4 bytes), but you can re-order them or add other fields as needed to simplify integration in your engine.
1196 // The type has to be described within the macro (you can either declare the struct or use a typedef)
1198 #endif
1200 // Draw channels are used by the Columns API to "split" the render list into different channels while building, so items of each column can be batched together.
1201 // You can also use them to simulate drawing layers and submit primitives in a different order than how they will be rendered.
1203 {
1206 };
1208 // Draw command list
1209 // This is the low-level list of polygons that ImGui functions are filling. At the end of the frame, all command lists are passed to your ImGuiIO::RenderDrawListFn function for rendering.
1210 // At the moment, each ImGui window contains its own ImDrawList but they could potentially be merged in the future.
1211 // If you want to add custom rendering within a window, you can use ImGui::GetWindowDrawList() to access the current draw list and add your own primitives.
1212 // You can interleave normal ImGui:: calls and adding primitives to the current draw list.
1213 // All positions are in screen coordinates (0,0=top-left, 1 pixel per unit). Primitives are always added to the list and not culled (culling is done at render time and at a higher-level by ImGui:: functions).
1215 {
1216  // This is what you have to render
1217  ImVector<ImDrawCmd> CmdBuffer; // Commands. Typically 1 command = 1 gpu draw call.
1218  ImVector<ImDrawIdx> IdxBuffer; // Index buffer. Each command consume ImDrawCmd::ElemCount of those
1219  ImVector<ImDrawVert> VtxBuffer; // Vertex buffer.
1221  // [Internal, used while building lists]
1222  const char* _OwnerName; // Pointer to owner window's name (if any) for debugging
1223  unsigned int _VtxCurrentIdx; // [Internal] == VtxBuffer.Size
1224  ImDrawVert* _VtxWritePtr; // [Internal] point within VtxBuffer.Data after each add command (to avoid using the ImVector<> operators too much)
1225  ImDrawIdx* _IdxWritePtr; // [Internal] point within IdxBuffer.Data after each add command (to avoid using the ImVector<> operators too much)
1228  ImVector<ImVec2> _Path; // [Internal] current path building
1229  int _ChannelsCurrent; // [Internal] current channel number (0)
1230  int _ChannelsCount; // [Internal] number of active channels (1+)
1231  ImVector<ImDrawChannel> _Channels; // [Internal] draw channels for columns API (not resized down so _ChannelsCount may be smaller than _Channels.Size)
1233  ImDrawList() { _OwnerName = NULL; Clear(); }
1234  ~ImDrawList() { ClearFreeMemory(); }
1235  IMGUI_API void PushClipRect(ImVec2 clip_rect_min, ImVec2 clip_rect_max, bool intersect_with_current_clip_rect = false); // Render-level scissoring. This is passed down to your render function but not used for CPU-side coarse clipping. Prefer using higher-level ImGui::PushClipRect() to affect logic (hit-testing and widget culling)
1236  IMGUI_API void PushClipRectFullScreen();
1237  IMGUI_API void PopClipRect();
1238  IMGUI_API void PushTextureID(const ImTextureID& texture_id);
1239  IMGUI_API void PopTextureID();
1241  // Primitives
1242  IMGUI_API void AddLine(const ImVec2& a, const ImVec2& b, ImU32 col, float thickness = 1.0f);
1243  IMGUI_API void AddRect(const ImVec2& a, const ImVec2& b, ImU32 col, float rounding = 0.0f, int rounding_corners = 0x0F, float thickness = 1.0f); // a: upper-left, b: lower-right
1244  IMGUI_API void AddRectFilled(const ImVec2& a, const ImVec2& b, ImU32 col, float rounding = 0.0f, int rounding_corners = 0x0F); // a: upper-left, b: lower-right
1245  IMGUI_API void AddRectFilledMultiColor(const ImVec2& a, const ImVec2& b, ImU32 col_upr_left, ImU32 col_upr_right, ImU32 col_bot_right, ImU32 col_bot_left);
1246  IMGUI_API void AddQuad(const ImVec2& a, const ImVec2& b, const ImVec2& c, const ImVec2& d, ImU32 col, float thickness = 1.0f);
1247  IMGUI_API void AddQuadFilled(const ImVec2& a, const ImVec2& b, const ImVec2& c, const ImVec2& d, ImU32 col);
1248  IMGUI_API void AddTriangle(const ImVec2& a, const ImVec2& b, const ImVec2& c, ImU32 col, float thickness = 1.0f);
1249  IMGUI_API void AddTriangleFilled(const ImVec2& a, const ImVec2& b, const ImVec2& c, ImU32 col);
1250  IMGUI_API void AddCircle(const ImVec2& centre, float radius, ImU32 col, int num_segments = 12, float thickness = 1.0f);
1251  IMGUI_API void AddCircleFilled(const ImVec2& centre, float radius, ImU32 col, int num_segments = 12);
1252  IMGUI_API void AddText(const ImVec2& pos, ImU32 col, const char* text_begin, const char* text_end = NULL);
1253  IMGUI_API void AddText(const ImFont* font, float font_size, const ImVec2& pos, ImU32 col, const char* text_begin, const char* text_end = NULL, float wrap_width = 0.0f, const ImVec4* cpu_fine_clip_rect = NULL);
1254  IMGUI_API void AddImage(ImTextureID user_texture_id, const ImVec2& a, const ImVec2& b, const ImVec2& uv0 = ImVec2(0,0), const ImVec2& uv1 = ImVec2(1,1), ImU32 col = 0xFFFFFFFF);
1255  IMGUI_API void AddPolyline(const ImVec2* points, const int num_points, ImU32 col, bool closed, float thickness, bool anti_aliased);
1256  IMGUI_API void AddConvexPolyFilled(const ImVec2* points, const int num_points, ImU32 col, bool anti_aliased);
1257  IMGUI_API void AddBezierCurve(const ImVec2& pos0, const ImVec2& cp0, const ImVec2& cp1, const ImVec2& pos1, ImU32 col, float thickness, int num_segments = 0);
1259  // Stateful path API, add points then finish with PathFill() or PathStroke()
1260  inline void PathClear() { _Path.resize(0); }
1261  inline void PathLineTo(const ImVec2& pos) { _Path.push_back(pos); }
1262  inline void PathLineToMergeDuplicate(const ImVec2& pos) { if (_Path.Size == 0 || memcmp(&_Path[_Path.Size-1], &pos, 8) != 0) _Path.push_back(pos); }
1263  inline void PathFill(ImU32 col) { AddConvexPolyFilled(_Path.Data, _Path.Size, col, true); PathClear(); }
1264  inline void PathStroke(ImU32 col, bool closed, float thickness = 1.0f) { AddPolyline(_Path.Data, _Path.Size, col, closed, thickness, true); PathClear(); }
1265  IMGUI_API void PathArcTo(const ImVec2& centre, float radius, float a_min, float a_max, int num_segments = 10);
1266  IMGUI_API void PathArcToFast(const ImVec2& centre, float radius, int a_min_of_12, int a_max_of_12); // Use precomputed angles for a 12 steps circle
1267  IMGUI_API void PathBezierCurveTo(const ImVec2& p1, const ImVec2& p2, const ImVec2& p3, int num_segments = 0);
1268  IMGUI_API void PathRect(const ImVec2& rect_min, const ImVec2& rect_max, float rounding = 0.0f, int rounding_corners = 0x0F);
1270  // Channels
1271  // - Use to simulate layers. By switching channels to can render out-of-order (e.g. submit foreground primitives before background primitives)
1272  // - Use to minimize draw calls (e.g. if going back-and-forth between multiple non-overlapping clipping rectangles, prefer to append into separate channels then merge at the end)
1273  IMGUI_API void ChannelsSplit(int channels_count);
1274  IMGUI_API void ChannelsMerge();
1275  IMGUI_API void ChannelsSetCurrent(int channel_index);
1277  // Advanced
1278  IMGUI_API void AddCallback(ImDrawCallback callback, void* callback_data); // Your rendering function must check for 'UserCallback' in ImDrawCmd and call the function instead of rendering triangles.
1279  IMGUI_API void AddDrawCmd(); // This is useful if you need to forcefully create a new draw call (to allow for dependent rendering / blending). Otherwise primitives are merged into the same draw-call as much as possible
1281  // Internal helpers
1282  // NB: all primitives needs to be reserved via PrimReserve() beforehand!
1283  IMGUI_API void Clear();
1284  IMGUI_API void ClearFreeMemory();
1285  IMGUI_API void PrimReserve(int idx_count, int vtx_count);
1286  IMGUI_API void PrimRect(const ImVec2& a, const ImVec2& b, ImU32 col); // Axis aligned rectangle (composed of two triangles)
1287  IMGUI_API void PrimRectUV(const ImVec2& a, const ImVec2& b, const ImVec2& uv_a, const ImVec2& uv_b, ImU32 col);
1288  IMGUI_API void PrimQuadUV(const ImVec2& a, const ImVec2& b, const ImVec2& c, const ImVec2& d, const ImVec2& uv_a, const ImVec2& uv_b, const ImVec2& uv_c, const ImVec2& uv_d, ImU32 col);
1289  inline void PrimWriteVtx(const ImVec2& pos, const ImVec2& uv, ImU32 col){ _VtxWritePtr->pos = pos; _VtxWritePtr->uv = uv; _VtxWritePtr->col = col; _VtxWritePtr++; _VtxCurrentIdx++; }
1290  inline void PrimWriteIdx(ImDrawIdx idx) { *_IdxWritePtr = idx; _IdxWritePtr++; }
1291  inline void PrimVtx(const ImVec2& pos, const ImVec2& uv, ImU32 col) { PrimWriteIdx((ImDrawIdx)_VtxCurrentIdx); PrimWriteVtx(pos, uv, col); }
1292  IMGUI_API void UpdateClipRect();
1293  IMGUI_API void UpdateTextureID();
1294 };
1296 // All draw data to render an ImGui frame
1298 {
1299  bool Valid; // Only valid after Render() is called and before the next NewFrame() is called.
1302  int TotalVtxCount; // For convenience, sum of all cmd_lists vtx_buffer.Size
1303  int TotalIdxCount; // For convenience, sum of all cmd_lists idx_buffer.Size
1305  // Functions
1306  ImDrawData() { Valid = false; CmdLists = NULL; CmdListsCount = TotalVtxCount = TotalIdxCount = 0; }
1307  IMGUI_API void DeIndexAllBuffers(); // For backward compatibility: convert all buffers from indexed to de-indexed, in case you cannot render indexed. Note: this is slow and most likely a waste of resources. Always prefer indexed rendering!
1308  IMGUI_API void ScaleClipRects(const ImVec2& sc); // Helper to scale the ClipRect field of each ImDrawCmd. Use if your final output buffer is at a different scale than ImGui expects, or if there is a difference between your window resolution and framebuffer resolution.
1309 };
1312 {
1313  void* FontData; // // TTF data
1314  int FontDataSize; // // TTF data size
1315  bool FontDataOwnedByAtlas; // true // TTF data ownership taken by the container ImFontAtlas (will delete memory itself). Set to true
1316  int FontNo; // 0 // Index of font within TTF file
1317  float SizePixels; // // Size in pixels for rasterizer
1318  int OversampleH, OversampleV; // 3, 1 // Rasterize at higher quality for sub-pixel positioning. We don't use sub-pixel positions on the Y axis.
1319  bool PixelSnapH; // false // Align every character to pixel boundary (if enabled, set OversampleH/V to 1)
1320  ImVec2 GlyphExtraSpacing; // 0, 0 // Extra spacing (in pixels) between glyphs
1321  const ImWchar* GlyphRanges; // // Pointer to a user-provided list of Unicode range (2 value per range, values are inclusive, zero-terminated list). THE ARRAY DATA NEEDS TO PERSIST AS LONG AS THE FONT IS ALIVE.
1322  bool MergeMode; // false // Merge into previous ImFont, so you can combine multiple inputs font into one ImFont (e.g. ASCII font + icons + Japanese glyphs).
1323  bool MergeGlyphCenterV; // false // When merging (multiple ImFontInput for one ImFont), vertically center new glyphs instead of aligning their baseline
1325  // [Internal]
1326  char Name[32]; // Name (strictly for debugging)
1330 };
1332 // Load and rasterize multiple TTF fonts into a same texture.
1333 // Sharing a texture for multiple fonts allows us to reduce the number of draw calls during rendering.
1334 // We also add custom graphic data into the texture that serves for ImGui.
1335 // 1. (Optional) Call AddFont*** functions. If you don't call any, the default font will be loaded for you.
1336 // 2. Call GetTexDataAsAlpha8() or GetTexDataAsRGBA32() to build and retrieve pixels data.
1337 // 3. Upload the pixels data into a texture within your graphics system.
1338 // 4. Call SetTexID(my_tex_id); and pass the pointer/identifier to your texture. This value will be passed back to you during rendering to identify the texture.
1339 // 5. Call ClearTexData() to free textures memory on the heap.
1340 // NB: If you use a 'glyph_ranges' array you need to make sure that your array persist up until the ImFont is cleared. We only copy the pointer, not the data.
1342 {
1344  IMGUI_API ~ImFontAtlas();
1345  IMGUI_API ImFont* AddFont(const ImFontConfig* font_cfg);
1346  IMGUI_API ImFont* AddFontDefault(const ImFontConfig* font_cfg = NULL);
1347  IMGUI_API ImFont* AddFontFromFileTTF(const char* filename, float size_pixels, const ImFontConfig* font_cfg = NULL, const ImWchar* glyph_ranges = NULL);
1348  IMGUI_API ImFont* AddFontFromMemoryTTF(void* ttf_data, int ttf_size, float size_pixels, const ImFontConfig* font_cfg = NULL, const ImWchar* glyph_ranges = NULL); // Transfer ownership of 'ttf_data' to ImFontAtlas, will be deleted after Build()
1349  IMGUI_API ImFont* AddFontFromMemoryCompressedTTF(const void* compressed_ttf_data, int compressed_ttf_size, float size_pixels, const ImFontConfig* font_cfg = NULL, const ImWchar* glyph_ranges = NULL); // 'compressed_ttf_data' still owned by caller. Compress with binary_to_compressed_c.cpp
1350  IMGUI_API ImFont* AddFontFromMemoryCompressedBase85TTF(const char* compressed_ttf_data_base85, float size_pixels, const ImFontConfig* font_cfg = NULL, const ImWchar* glyph_ranges = NULL); // 'compressed_ttf_data_base85' still owned by caller. Compress with binary_to_compressed_c.cpp with -base85 paramaeter
1351  IMGUI_API void ClearTexData(); // Clear the CPU-side texture data. Saves RAM once the texture has been copied to graphics memory.
1352  IMGUI_API void ClearInputData(); // Clear the input TTF data (inc sizes, glyph ranges)
1353  IMGUI_API void ClearFonts(); // Clear the ImGui-side font data (glyphs storage, UV coordinates)
1354  IMGUI_API void Clear(); // Clear all
1356  // Retrieve texture data
1357  // User is in charge of copying the pixels into graphics memory, then call SetTextureUserID()
1358  // After loading the texture into your graphic system, store your texture handle in 'TexID' (ignore if you aren't using multiple fonts nor images)
1359  // RGBA32 format is provided for convenience and high compatibility, but note that all RGB pixels are white, so 75% of the memory is wasted.
1360  // Pitch = Width * BytesPerPixels
1361  IMGUI_API void GetTexDataAsAlpha8(unsigned char** out_pixels, int* out_width, int* out_height, int* out_bytes_per_pixel = NULL); // 1 byte per-pixel
1362  IMGUI_API void GetTexDataAsRGBA32(unsigned char** out_pixels, int* out_width, int* out_height, int* out_bytes_per_pixel = NULL); // 4 bytes-per-pixel
1363  void SetTexID(void* id) { TexID = id; }
1365  // Helpers to retrieve list of common Unicode ranges (2 value per range, values are inclusive, zero-terminated list)
1366  // NB: Make sure that your string are UTF-8 and NOT in your local code page. See FAQ for details.
1367  IMGUI_API const ImWchar* GetGlyphRangesDefault(); // Basic Latin, Extended Latin
1368  IMGUI_API const ImWchar* GetGlyphRangesKorean(); // Default + Korean characters
1369  IMGUI_API const ImWchar* GetGlyphRangesJapanese(); // Default + Hiragana, Katakana, Half-Width, Selection of 1946 Ideographs
1370  IMGUI_API const ImWchar* GetGlyphRangesChinese(); // Japanese + full set of about 21000 CJK Unified Ideographs
1371  IMGUI_API const ImWchar* GetGlyphRangesCyrillic(); // Default + about 400 Cyrillic characters
1373  // Members
1374  // (Access texture data via GetTexData*() calls which will setup a default font for you.)
1375  void* TexID; // User data to refer to the texture once it has been uploaded to user's graphic systems. It ia passed back to you during rendering.
1376  unsigned char* TexPixelsAlpha8; // 1 component per pixel, each component is unsigned 8-bit. Total size = TexWidth * TexHeight
1377  unsigned int* TexPixelsRGBA32; // 4 component per pixel, each component is unsigned 8-bit. Total size = TexWidth * TexHeight * 4
1378  int TexWidth; // Texture width calculated during Build().
1379  int TexHeight; // Texture height calculated during Build().
1380  int TexDesiredWidth; // Texture width desired by user before Build(). Must be a power-of-two. If have many glyphs your graphics API have texture size restrictions you may want to increase texture width to decrease height.
1381  ImVec2 TexUvWhitePixel; // Texture coordinates to a white pixel
1382  ImVector<ImFont*> Fonts; // Hold all the fonts returned by AddFont*. Fonts[0] is the default font upon calling ImGui::NewFrame(), use ImGui::PushFont()/PopFont() to change the current font.
1384  // Private
1386  IMGUI_API bool Build(); // Build pixels data. This is automatically for you by the GetTexData*** functions.
1387  IMGUI_API void RenderCustomTexData(int pass, void* rects);
1388 };
1390 // Font runtime data and rendering
1391 // ImFontAtlas automatically loads a default embedded font for you when you call GetTexDataAsAlpha8() or GetTexDataAsRGBA32().
1392 struct ImFont
1393 {
1394  struct Glyph
1395  {
1397  float XAdvance;
1398  float X0, Y0, X1, Y1;
1399  float U0, V0, U1, V1; // Texture coordinates
1400  };
1402  // Members: Hot ~62/78 bytes
1403  float FontSize; // <user set> // Height of characters, set during loading (don't change after loading)
1404  float Scale; // = 1.f // Base font scale, multiplied by the per-window font scale which you can adjust with SetFontScale()
1405  ImVec2 DisplayOffset; // = (0.f,1.f) // Offset font rendering by xx pixels
1406  ImVector<Glyph> Glyphs; // // All glyphs.
1407  ImVector<float> IndexXAdvance; // // Sparse. Glyphs->XAdvance in a directly indexable way (more cache-friendly, for CalcTextSize functions which are often bottleneck in large UI).
1408  ImVector<short> IndexLookup; // // Sparse. Index glyphs by Unicode code-point.
1409  const Glyph* FallbackGlyph; // == FindGlyph(FontFallbackChar)
1410  float FallbackXAdvance; // == FallbackGlyph->XAdvance
1411  ImWchar FallbackChar; // = '?' // Replacement glyph if one isn't found. Only set via SetFallbackChar()
1413  // Members: Cold ~18/26 bytes
1414  short ConfigDataCount; // ~ 1 // Number of ImFontConfig involved in creating this font. Bigger than 1 when merging multiple font sources into one ImFont.
1415  ImFontConfig* ConfigData; // // Pointer within ContainerAtlas->ConfigData
1416  ImFontAtlas* ContainerAtlas; // // What we has been loaded into
1417  float Ascent, Descent; // // Ascent: distance from top to bottom of e.g. 'A' [0..FontSize]
1419  // Methods
1420  IMGUI_API ImFont();
1421  IMGUI_API ~ImFont();
1422  IMGUI_API void Clear();
1423  IMGUI_API void BuildLookupTable();
1424  IMGUI_API const Glyph* FindGlyph(ImWchar c) const;
1425  IMGUI_API void SetFallbackChar(ImWchar c);
1426  float GetCharAdvance(ImWchar c) const { return ((int)c < IndexXAdvance.Size) ? IndexXAdvance[(int)c] : FallbackXAdvance; }
1427  bool IsLoaded() const { return ContainerAtlas != NULL; }
1429  // 'max_width' stops rendering after a certain width (could be turned into a 2d size). FLT_MAX to disable.
1430  // 'wrap_width' enable automatic word-wrapping across multiple lines to fit into given width. 0.0f to disable.
1431  IMGUI_API ImVec2 CalcTextSizeA(float size, float max_width, float wrap_width, const char* text_begin, const char* text_end = NULL, const char** remaining = NULL) const; // utf8
1432  IMGUI_API const char* CalcWordWrapPositionA(float scale, const char* text, const char* text_end, float wrap_width) const;
1433  IMGUI_API void RenderChar(ImDrawList* draw_list, float size, ImVec2 pos, ImU32 col, unsigned short c) const;
1434  IMGUI_API void RenderText(ImDrawList* draw_list, float size, ImVec2 pos, ImU32 col, const ImVec4& clip_rect, const char* text_begin, const char* text_end, float wrap_width = 0.0f, bool cpu_fine_clip = false) const;
1436  // Private
1437  IMGUI_API void GrowIndex(int new_size);
1438  IMGUI_API void AddRemapChar(ImWchar dst, ImWchar src, bool overwrite_dst = true); // Makes 'dst' character/glyph points to 'src' character/glyph. Currently needs to be called AFTER fonts have been built.
1439 };
1441 #if defined(__clang__)
1442 #pragma clang diagnostic pop
1443 #endif
1445 //---- Include imgui_user.h at the end of imgui.h
1446 //---- So you can include code that extends ImGui using any of the types declared above.
1447 //---- (also convenient for user to only explicitly include vanilla imgui.h)
1449 #include "imgui_user.h"
1450 #endif
static bool is_blank(char c)
Definition: imgui.h:979
value_type & front()
Definition: imgui.h:923
IMGUI_API void Image(ImTextureID user_texture_id, const ImVec2 &size, const ImVec2 &uv0=ImVec2(0, 0), const ImVec2 &uv1=ImVec2(1, 1), const ImVec4 &tint_col=ImVec4(1, 1, 1, 1), const ImVec4 &border_col=ImVec4(0, 0, 0, 0))
Definition: imgui.cpp:5635
float Framerate
Definition: imgui.h:863
ImVector< ImTextureID > _TextureIdStack
Definition: imgui.h:1227
IMGUI_API float GetCursorPosX()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5082
IMGUI_API void ValueColor(const char *prefix, unsigned int v)
Definition: imgui.cpp:9575
void PathStroke(ImU32 col, bool closed, float thickness=1.0f)
Definition: imgui.h:1264
IMGUI_API bool IsKeyPressed(int key_index, bool repeat=true)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3068
IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetCursorStartPos()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5115
void * TexID
Definition: imgui.h:1375
unsigned int ImU32
Definition: imgui.h:63
IMGUI_API void RenderText(ImVec2 pos, const char *text, const char *text_end=NULL, bool hide_text_after_hash=true)
Definition: imgui.cpp:2781
IMGUI_API bool IsMouseReleased(int button)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3121
void * UserData
Definition: imgui.h:797
bool MouseDrawCursor
Definition: imgui.h:843
IMGUI_API bool BeginChildFrame(ImGuiID id, const ImVec2 &size, ImGuiWindowFlags extra_flags=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3601
GLboolean GLboolean GLboolean b
GLboolean GLboolean g
ImDrawList ** CmdLists
Definition: imgui.h:1300
GLint y
ScopePushStyleVar(ImGuiStyleVar idx, const ImVec2 &val)
Definition: imgui.h:220
IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetCursorPos()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5076
IMGUI_API bool BeginPopupContextItem(const char *str_id, int mouse_button=1)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3507
IMGUI_API void ShowTestWindow(bool *p_open=NULL)
void * UserCallbackData
Definition: imgui.h:1175
ImDrawIdx * _IdxWritePtr
Definition: imgui.h:1225
IMGUI_API void SetTooltip(const char *fmt,...) IM_PRINTFARGS(1)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3288
IMGUI_API void BulletText(const char *fmt,...) IM_PRINTFARGS(1)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6191
IMGUI_API void SetScrollFromPosY(float pos_y, float center_y_ratio=0.5f)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5169
typedef void(APIENTRY *GLDEBUGPROC)(GLenum source
Definition: imgui.h:36
GLuint const GLchar * name
static bool GetWindowIsFocused()
Definition: imgui.h:519
const char * LogFilename
Definition: imgui.h:790
IMGUI_API float GetFontSize()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5056
bool IsLoaded() const
Definition: imgui.h:1427
IMGUI_API bool ImageButton(ImTextureID user_texture_id, const ImVec2 &size, const ImVec2 &uv0=ImVec2(0, 0), const ImVec2 &uv1=ImVec2(1, 1), int frame_padding=-1, const ImVec4 &bg_col=ImVec4(0, 0, 0, 0), const ImVec4 &tint_col=ImVec4(1, 1, 1, 1))
Definition: imgui.cpp:5663
bool DoubleClickSelectsWord
Definition: imgui.h:809
void PathFill(ImU32 col)
Definition: imgui.h:1263
IMGUI_API void ProgressBar(float fraction, const ImVec2 &size_arg=ImVec2(-1, 0), const char *overlay=NULL)
Definition: imgui.cpp:7234
ImVec2 MousePos
Definition: imgui.h:840
IMGUI_API void LabelTextV(const char *label, const char *fmt, va_list args)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5398
void(* ImDrawCallback)(const ImDrawList *parent_list, const ImDrawCmd *cmd)
Definition: imgui.h:1166
IMGUI_API bool BeginChild(ImGuiID id, const ImVec2 &size=ImVec2(0, 0), bool border=false, ImGuiWindowFlags extra_flags=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3565
GLdouble s
IMGUI_API ImGuiStorage * GetStateStorage()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5201
IMGUI_API bool InputTextMultiline(const char *label, char *buf, size_t buf_size, const ImVec2 &size=ImVec2(0, 0), ImGuiInputTextFlags flags=0, ImGuiTextEditCallback callback=NULL, void *user_data=NULL)
Definition: imgui.cpp:8223
IMGUI_API void Icon(const char *icon)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5218
float Y1
Definition: imgui.h:1398
IMGUI_API void SetNextWindowCollapsed(bool collapsed, ImGuiSetCond cond=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4967
IMGUI_API bool IsRootWindowFocused()
Definition: imgui.cpp:4755
IMGUI_API bool IsWindowFocused()
Definition: imgui.cpp:4749
Definition: imgui.h:1108
ImWchar Codepoint
Definition: imgui.h:1396
ImColor(ImU32 rgba)
Definition: imgui.h:1110
IMGUI_API bool InputInt3(const char *label, int v[3], ImGuiInputTextFlags extra_flags=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:8379
IMGUI_API void SetCursorPos(const ImVec2 &local_pos)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5094
Definition: imgui.h:989
std::vector< uint32_t > split(const std::string &s, char delim)
IMGUI_API bool ListBox(const char *label, int *current_item, bool(*items_getter)(void *data, int idx, const char **out_text), void *data, int items_count, int height_in_items=-1)
void resize(int new_size)
Definition: imgui.h:931
IMGUI_API void ShowUserGuide()
GLenum GLenum GLenum GLenum GLenum scale
Definition: glext.h:10806
Definition: imgui.h:88
int TexHeight
Definition: imgui.h:1379
IMGUI_API bool IsMouseClicked(int button, bool repeat=false)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3103
IMGUI_API bool IsItemClicked(int mouse_button=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3223
float CurveTessellationTol
Definition: imgui.h:772
IMGUI_API void PopTextWrapPos()
Definition: imgui.cpp:4592
ImVec2 DisplaySize
Definition: imgui.h:786
ImGuiInputTextFlags Flags
Definition: imgui.h:1066
IMGUI_API void CalcListClipping(int items_count, float items_height, int *out_items_display_start, int *out_items_display_end)
Definition: imgui.cpp:2965
IMGUI_API bool IsMouseDown(int button)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3096
Definition: imgui.h:1234
const value_type & operator[](int i) const
Definition: imgui.h:916
ImVec2 ItemSpacing
Definition: imgui.h:759
IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetItemRectMin()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3255
ImVector< ImVec2 > _Path
Definition: imgui.h:1228
Definition: imgui.h:908
IMGUI_API bool IsItemActive()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3212
IMGUI_API void * MemAlloc(size_t sz)
Definition: imgui.cpp:1955
bool Valid
Definition: imgui.h:1299
IMGUI_API void SetNextWindowFocus()
Definition: imgui.cpp:4974
IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetMouseDragDelta(int button=0, float lock_threshold=-1.0f)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3160
IMGUI_API void NewFrame()
Definition: imgui.cpp:2040
IMGUI_API const char * GetStyleColName(ImGuiCol idx)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4690
int _ChannelsCount
Definition: imgui.h:1230
IMGUI_API bool IsRootWindowOrAnyChildHovered()
Definition: imgui.cpp:4767
int ImGuiColorEditMode
Definition: imgui.h:74
static const textual_icon repeat
Definition: model-views.h:242
int ImGuiTreeNodeFlags
Definition: imgui.h:80
IMGUI_API void SetNextWindowPos(const ImVec2 &pos, ImGuiSetCond cond=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4923
IMGUI_API void EndTooltip()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3310
IMGUI_API bool InputInt4(const char *label, int v[4], ImGuiInputTextFlags extra_flags=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:8384
const value_type * const_iterator
Definition: imgui.h:906
IMGUI_API void LogButtons()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5780
IMGUI_API int GetKeyIndex(ImGuiKey key)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3055
value_type & operator[](int i)
Definition: imgui.h:915
IMGUI_API bool BeginPopupContextWindow(bool also_over_items=true, const char *str_id=NULL, int mouse_button=1)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3514
IMGUI_API void CaptureMouseFromApp(bool capture=true)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3195
IMGUI_API void PlotLines(const char *label, float(*values_getter)(void *data, int idx), void *data, int values_count, int values_offset=0, const char *overlay_text=NULL, float scale_min=FLT_MAX, float scale_max=FLT_MAX, ImVec2 graph_size=ImVec2(0, 0))
Definition: imgui.cpp:7217
IMGUI_API bool Selectable(const char *label, bool *p_selected, ImGuiSelectableFlags flags=0, const ImVec2 &size=ImVec2(0, 0))
Definition: imgui.cpp:8630
static bool IsClipped(const ImVec2 &size)
Definition: imgui.h:523
int size() const
Definition: imgui.h:1006
ImVec2 ItemInnerSpacing
Definition: imgui.h:760
int(* ImGuiTextEditCallback)(ImGuiTextEditCallbackData *data)
Definition: imgui.h:81
float Descent
Definition: imgui.h:1417
ImVec4 ClipRect
Definition: imgui.h:1172
IMGUI_API void SetScrollHere(float center_y_ratio=0.5f)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5181
IMGUI_API void PopAllowKeyboardFocus()
Definition: imgui.cpp:4564
IMGUI_API bool SmallButton(const char *label)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5579
IMGUI_API bool IsMouseHoveringRect(const ImVec2 &r_min, const ImVec2 &r_max, bool clip=true)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3017
IMGUI_API void PushClipRect(const ImVec2 &clip_rect_min, const ImVec2 &clip_rect_max, bool intersect_with_current_clip_rect)
Definition: imgui.cpp:2533
GLenum GLenum dst
Definition: glext.h:1751
Definition: imgui.h:1306
IMGUI_API bool Begin(const char *name, bool *p_open, const ImVec2 &size_on_first_use, float bg_alpha=-1.0f, ImGuiWindowFlags flags=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3777
unsigned char * TexPixelsAlpha8
Definition: imgui.h:1376
IMGUI_API void ShowMetricsWindow(bool *p_open=NULL)
Definition: imgui.cpp:9703
int CmdListsCount
Definition: imgui.h:1301
IMGUI_API void BeginTooltip()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3304
IMGUI_API void BulletTextV(const char *fmt, va_list args)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6167
IMGUI_API bool IsMouseHoveringAnyWindow()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3038
bool FontDataOwnedByAtlas
Definition: imgui.h:1315
ImVec2 DisplayVisibleMax
Definition: imgui.h:804
bool ShortcutsUseSuperKey
Definition: imgui.h:808
void swap(ImVector< T > &rhs)
Definition: imgui.h:927
Definition: imgui.h:532
GLdouble GLdouble GLdouble w
const_iterator begin() const
Definition: imgui.h:920
Definition: imgui.h:1177
static void SetWindowSize(ImGuiWindow *window, const ImVec2 &size, ImGuiSetCond cond)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4834
IMGUI_API void Indent(float indent_w=0.0f)
Definition: imgui.cpp:9490
float StartPosY
Definition: imgui.h:1136
IMGUI_API void PushTextWrapPos(float wrap_pos_x=0.0f)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4585
IMGUI_API void PushButtonRepeat(bool repeat)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4571
IMGUI_API void ResetMouseDragDelta(int button=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3172
IMGUI_API bool IsWindowHovered()
Definition: imgui.cpp:4743
ImVec2 DisplayVisibleMin
Definition: imgui.h:803
IMGUI_API void SetWindowFocus(const char *name)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4909
ImGuiAlign WindowTitleAlign
Definition: imgui.h:755
GLenum src
Definition: glext.h:1751
int MetricsAllocs
Definition: imgui.h:864
IMGUI_API bool IsItemHoveredRect()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3206
bool MultiSelectUsesSuperKey
Definition: imgui.h:810
GLfloat GLfloat GLfloat GLfloat h
Definition: glext.h:1960
Definition: imgui.h:101
IMGUI_API ImGuiMouseCursor GetMouseCursor()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3180
IMGUI_API float GetColumnOffset(int column_index=-1)
Definition: imgui.cpp:9343
Definition: imgui.h:615
const char * begin() const
Definition: imgui.h:975
IMGUI_API bool ColorButton(const ImVec4 &col, bool small_height=false, bool outline_border=true)
Definition: imgui.cpp:8944
TextRange(const char *_b, const char *_e)
Definition: imgui.h:974
bool HasSelection() const
Definition: imgui.h:1087
IMGUI_API void SetStateStorage(ImGuiStorage *tree)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5195
float FrameRounding
Definition: imgui.h:758
const char * end() const
Definition: imgui.h:1005
IMGUI_API void TextDisabled(const char *fmt,...) IM_PRINTFARGS(1)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5253
bool WantCaptureKeyboard
Definition: imgui.h:861
IMGUI_API bool InputText(const char *label, char *buf, size_t buf_size, ImGuiInputTextFlags flags=0, ImGuiTextEditCallback callback=NULL, void *user_data=NULL)
Definition: imgui.cpp:8216
ImColor(int r, int g, int b, int a=255)
Definition: imgui.h:1109
bool empty() const
Definition: imgui.h:911
ImVector< ImFont * > Fonts
Definition: imgui.h:1382
IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetItemRectSize()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3267
void SetHSV(float h, float s, float v, float a=1.0f)
Definition: imgui.h:1116
void PrimWriteVtx(const ImVec2 &pos, const ImVec2 &uv, ImU32 col)
Definition: imgui.h:1289
IMGUI_API float GetWindowWidth()
Definition: imgui.cpp:4773
IMGUI_API bool SliderInt(const char *label, int *v, int v_min, int v_max, const char *display_format="%.0f", bool render_bg=false)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6687
IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetContentRegionMax()
Definition: imgui.cpp:4981
GLenum GLuint id
ImVector< char > Buf
Definition: imgui.h:1000
T * Data
Definition: imgui.h:902
ImVector< Pair > Data
Definition: imgui.h:1033
iterator begin()
Definition: imgui.h:919
IMGUI_API bool CheckboxFlags(const char *label, unsigned int *flags, unsigned int flags_value)
Definition: imgui.cpp:7317
IMGUI_API void TextDisabledV(const char *fmt, va_list args)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5246
void ClearInputCharacters()
Definition: imgui.h:854
ImVec2 uv
Definition: imgui.h:1190
int _ChannelsCurrent
Definition: imgui.h:1229
IMGUI_API bool BeginMenuBar()
Definition: imgui.cpp:8796
IMGUI_API void AlignFirstTextHeightToWidgets()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5385
bool empty() const
Definition: imgui.h:977
float ColumnsMinSpacing
Definition: imgui.h:763
Definition: imgui.h:109
float DeltaTime
Definition: imgui.h:787
IMGUI_API void PushStyleVar(ImGuiStyleVar idx, const ImVec2 &val)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4663
bool WantCaptureMouse
Definition: imgui.h:860
GLboolean GLboolean GLboolean GLboolean a
IMGUI_API void MemFree(void *ptr)
Definition: imgui.cpp:1961
IMGUI_API ImGuiContext * CreateContext(void *(*malloc_fn)(size_t)=NULL, void(*free_fn)(void *)=NULL)
Definition: imgui.cpp:1995
unsigned short ImDrawIdx
Definition: imgui.h:1182
GLenum GLuint GLenum GLsizei const GLchar * buf
IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetMousePos()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3146
IMGUI_API void Bullet()
Definition: imgui.cpp:6144
GLuint GLfloat * val
GLuint64 key
Definition: glext.h:8966
IMGUI_API bool InputFloat3(const char *label, float v[3], int decimal_precision=-1, ImGuiInputTextFlags extra_flags=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:8336
unsigned short ImWchar
Definition: imgui.h:67
IMGUI_API void PushAllowKeyboardFocus(bool v)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4557
int _grow_capacity(int new_size)
Definition: imgui.h:929
IMGUI_API bool BeginPopup(const char *str_id)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3455
int ImGuiInputTextFlags
Definition: imgui.h:78
IMGUI_API ImGuiID GetID(const void *ptr_id)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6139
IMGUI_API void SameLine(float pos_x=0.0f, float spacing_w=-1.0f)
Definition: imgui.cpp:9246
void pop_back()
Definition: imgui.h:943
bool MergeGlyphCenterV
Definition: imgui.h:1323
IMGUI_API void SetMouseCursor(ImGuiMouseCursor type)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3185
IMGUI_API bool SliderFloat2(const char *label, float v[2], float v_min, float v_max, const char *display_format="%.3f", float power=1.0f)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6735
IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetContentRegionAvail()
Definition: imgui.cpp:4997
GLdouble f
int Size
Definition: imgui.h:900
IMGUI_API void CaptureKeyboardFromApp(bool capture=true)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3190
static ImFont * GetWindowFont()
Definition: imgui.h:516
GLenum mode
ImGuiInputTextFlags EventFlag
Definition: imgui.h:1065
const value_type & back() const
Definition: imgui.h:926
bool MergeMode
Definition: imgui.h:1322
ImVec2 DisplayOffset
Definition: imgui.h:1405
IMGUI_API float GetScrollMaxY()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5149
IMGUI_API void SetCurrentContext(ImGuiContext *ctx)
Definition: imgui.cpp:1990
ImFontAtlas * ContainerAtlas
Definition: imgui.h:1416
IMGUI_API ImDrawList * GetWindowDrawList()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5045
#define IM_ASSERT(_EXPR)
Definition: imgui.h:29
IMGUI_API bool InputInt2(const char *label, int v[2], ImGuiInputTextFlags extra_flags=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:8374
int ImGuiWindowFlags
Definition: imgui.h:76
#define IMGUI_API
Definition: imgui.h:23
IMGUI_API void PopStyleVar(int count=1)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4675
IMGUI_API void SetScrollY(float scroll_y)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5162
float FontSize
Definition: imgui.h:1403
static void SetScrollPosHere()
Definition: imgui.h:526
GLsizeiptr size
float Alpha
Definition: imgui.h:751
IMGUI_API ImVec2 CalcTextSize(const char *text, const char *text_end=NULL, bool hide_text_after_double_hash=false, float wrap_width=-1.0f)
Definition: test-wrap.cpp:15
IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetWindowContentRegionMin()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5009
IMGUI_API bool IsPosHoveringAnyWindow(const ImVec2 &pos)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3044
IMGUI_API void Dummy(const ImVec2 &size)
Definition: imgui.cpp:9171
IMGUI_API void SetNextWindowPosCenter(ImGuiSetCond cond=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4930
IMGUI_API bool IsAnyItemHovered()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3228
char front() const
Definition: imgui.h:978
float w
Definition: imgui.h:100
const GLubyte * c
Definition: glext.h:12690
IMGUI_API bool IsMouseDragging(int button=0, float lock_threshold=-1.0f)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3135
Definition: imgui.h:705
GLdouble GLdouble r
IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetWindowContentRegionMax()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5015
int capacity() const
Definition: imgui.h:913
IMGUI_API bool IsRectVisible(const ImVec2 &size)
Definition: imgui.cpp:9182
Pair(ImGuiID _key, void *_val_p)
Definition: imgui.h:1031
IMGUI_API bool TreeNodeEx(const void *ptr_id, ImGuiTreeNodeFlags flags, const char *fmt,...) IM_PRINTFARGS(3)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6043
ImVec2 WindowMinSize
Definition: imgui.h:753
ImVector< ImDrawChannel > _Channels
Definition: imgui.h:1231
int TexWidth
Definition: imgui.h:1378
IMGUI_API void TextUnformatted(const char *text, const char *text_end=NULL)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5276
IMGUI_API bool DragFloat4(const char *label, float v[4], float v_speed=1.0f, float v_min=0.0f, float v_max=0.0f, const char *display_format="%.3f", float power=1.0f)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6984
static void SetWindowCollapsed(ImGuiWindow *window, bool collapsed, ImGuiSetCond cond)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4876
IMGUI_API bool TreeNodeExV(const void *ptr_id, ImGuiTreeNodeFlags flags, const char *fmt, va_list args)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6013
GLdouble x
IMGUI_API bool ColorEdit3(const char *label, float col[3])
Definition: imgui.cpp:8969
IMGUI_API void SetColumnOffset(int column_index, float offset_x)
Definition: imgui.cpp:9363
IMGUI_API void SetNextWindowContentWidth(float width)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4960
Definition: imgui.h:909
IMGUI_API void Unindent(float indent_w=0.0f)
Definition: imgui.cpp:9498
const char * _OwnerName
Definition: imgui.h:1222
IMGUI_API int GetColumnsCount()
Definition: imgui.cpp:9322
IMGUI_API void PlotHistogram(const char *label, float(*values_getter)(void *data, int idx), void *data, int values_count, int values_offset=0, const char *overlay_text=NULL, float scale_min=FLT_MAX, float scale_max=FLT_MAX, ImVec2 graph_size=ImVec2(0, 0))
Definition: imgui.cpp:7228
IMGUI_API bool SliderAngle(const char *label, float *v_rad, float v_degrees_min=-360.0f, float v_degrees_max=+360.0f)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6679
ImVector< ImDrawCmd > CmdBuffer
Definition: imgui.h:1217
static bool IsMouseHoveringBox(const ImVec2 &rect_min, const ImVec2 &rect_max)
Definition: imgui.h:525
ImTextureID TextureId
Definition: imgui.h:1173
IMGUI_API void LabelText(const char *label, const char *fmt,...) IM_PRINTFARGS(2)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5423
int ImGuiStyleVar
Definition: imgui.h:71
IMGUI_API bool SliderFloat3(const char *label, float v[3], float v_min, float v_max, const char *display_format="%.3f", float power=1.0f)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6740
IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetMousePosOnOpeningCurrentPopup()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3152
float MouseDoubleClickTime
Definition: imgui.h:791
const ImWchar * GlyphRanges
Definition: imgui.h:1321
void(* ImGuiSizeConstraintCallback)(ImGuiSizeConstraintCallbackData *data)
Definition: imgui.h:82
float GrabMinSize
Definition: imgui.h:766
Definition: imgui.cpp:2014
IMGUI_API bool SeekSlider(const char *label, int *v, const char *display_format="%.0f%%")
Definition: imgui.cpp:6559
int MetricsRenderIndices
Definition: imgui.h:866
IMGUI_API void SetNextWindowSize(const ImVec2 &size, ImGuiSetCond cond=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4937
int ImGuiKey
Definition: imgui.h:72
IMGUI_API bool DragInt4(const char *label, int v[4], float v_speed=1.0f, int v_min=0, int v_max=0, const char *display_format="%.0f")
Definition: imgui.cpp:7062
IMGUI_API bool InputFloat2(const char *label, float v[2], int decimal_precision=-1, ImGuiInputTextFlags extra_flags=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:8331
IMGUI_API bool IsRootWindowOrAnyChildFocused()
Definition: imgui.cpp:4761
IMGUI_API ImU32 GetColorU32(const ImVec4 &col)
unsigned int * TexPixelsRGBA32
Definition: imgui.h:1377
float z
Definition: imgui.h:100
IMGUI_API bool InputFloat4(const char *label, float v[4], int decimal_precision=-1, ImGuiInputTextFlags extra_flags=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:8341
IMGUI_API ImFont * GetFont()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5051
IMGUI_API void EndGroup()
Definition: imgui.cpp:9209
Definition: imgui.h:91
ImVec2 GlyphExtraSpacing
Definition: imgui.h:1320
IMGUI_API float GetTime()
Definition: imgui.cpp:2030
IMGUI_API void TextV(const char *fmt, va_list args)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5207
const char * c_str() const
Definition: imgui.h:1009
IMGUI_API int GetColumnIndex()
Definition: imgui.cpp:9316
IMGUI_API void Spacing()
Definition: imgui.cpp:9163
IMGUI_API void LogToFile(int max_depth=-1, const char *filename=NULL)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5714
IMGUI_API void SetNextWindowSizeConstraints(const ImVec2 &size_min, const ImVec2 &size_max, ImGuiSizeConstraintCallback custom_callback=NULL, void *custom_callback_data=NULL)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4944
GLbitfield flags
IMGUI_API bool InputFloat(const char *label, float *v, float step=0.0f, float step_fast=0.0f, int decimal_precision=-1, ImGuiInputTextFlags extra_flags=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:8286
IMGUI_API ImGuiContext * GetCurrentContext()
Definition: imgui.cpp:1985
def callback(frame)
void reserve(int new_capacity)
Definition: imgui.h:932
float ScrollbarRounding
Definition: imgui.h:765
IMGUI_API bool IsWindowCollapsed()
Definition: imgui.cpp:4892
IMGUI_API void SetCursorPosX(float x)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5101
int Capacity
Definition: imgui.h:901
GLenum GLenum GLsizei const GLuint GLboolean enabled
Definition: imgui.h:1233
IMGUI_API float GetContentRegionAvailWidth()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5003
GLint GLint GLsizei GLint border
bool KeyShift
Definition: imgui.h:845
IMGUI_API void ColorEditMode(ImGuiColorEditMode mode)
Definition: imgui.cpp:9120
ImVector< float > IndexXAdvance
Definition: imgui.h:1407
GLdouble GLdouble GLint stride
IMGUI_API void PushItemWidth(float item_width)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4486
IMGUI_API bool MenuItem(const char *label, const char *shortcut, bool *p_selected, bool enabled=true)
Definition: imgui.cpp:8760
IMGUI_API void Text(const char *fmt,...) IM_PRINTFARGS(1)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5223
int CountGrep
Definition: imgui.h:986
IMGUI_API bool Button(const char *label, const ImVec2 &size=ImVec2(0, 0))
Definition: imgui.cpp:5573
ImU32 col
Definition: imgui.h:1191
IMGUI_API float GetItemsLineHeightWithSpacing()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5039
Definition: imgui.h:640
IMGUI_API void Separator()
Definition: imgui.cpp:9127
IMGUI_API void End()
Definition: imgui.cpp:4330
int FontDataSize
Definition: imgui.h:1314
void clear()
Definition: imgui.h:918
Definition: imgui.h:98
IMGUI_API void BeginGroup()
Definition: imgui.cpp:9189
bool FontAllowUserScaling
Definition: imgui.h:801
IMGUI_API bool DragFloatRange2(const char *label, float *v_current_min, float *v_current_max, float v_speed=1.0f, float v_min=0.0f, float v_max=0.0f, const char *display_format="%.3f", const char *display_format_max=NULL, float power=1.0f)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6989
IMGUI_API bool SliderFloat4(const char *label, float v[4], float v_min, float v_max, const char *display_format="%.3f", float power=1.0f)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6745
ScopePushFont(ImFont *font)
Definition: imgui.h:202
float SizePixels
Definition: imgui.h:1317
IMGUI_API float GetScrollX()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5133
IMGUI_API bool IsKeyReleased(int key_index)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3086
float GetCharAdvance(ImWchar c) const
Definition: imgui.h:1426
IMGUI_API bool SliderInt4(const char *label, int v[4], int v_min, int v_max, const char *display_format="%.0f")
Definition: imgui.cpp:6787
IMGUI_API bool DragFloat(const char *label, float *v, float v_speed=1.0f, float v_min=0.0f, float v_max=0.0f, const char *display_format="%.3f", float power=1.0f)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6884
IMGUI_API bool BeginPopupContextVoid(const char *str_id=NULL, int mouse_button=1)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3523
ImGuiListClipper(int items_count=-1, float items_height=-1.0f)
Definition: imgui.h:1143
unsigned int _VtxCurrentIdx
Definition: imgui.h:1223
int ImGuiMouseCursor
Definition: imgui.h:75
IMGUI_API float GetColumnWidth(int column_index=-1)
Definition: imgui.cpp:9377
IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetWindowSize()
Definition: imgui.cpp:4828
ImVec2(float _x, float _y)
Definition: imgui.h:92
float FallbackXAdvance
Definition: imgui.h:1410
IMGUI_API void EndPopup()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3489
IMGUI_API float GetTreeNodeToLabelSpacing()
Definition: imgui.cpp:6085
IMGUI_API bool Combo(const char *label, int *current_item, bool(*items_getter)(void *data, int idx, const char **out_text), void *data, int items_count, int height_in_items=-1, bool show_arrow_down=true)
bool KeyCtrl
Definition: imgui.h:844
IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetFontTexUvWhitePixel()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5061
bool AntiAliasedShapes
Definition: imgui.h:771
Definition: imgui.h:727
IMGUI_API void NextColumn()
Definition: imgui.cpp:9280
float x
Definition: imgui.h:100
Pair(ImGuiID _key, int _val_i)
Definition: imgui.h:1029
T value_type
Definition: imgui.h:904
float IndentSpacing
Definition: imgui.h:762
IMGUI_API void PushStyleColor(ImGuiCol idx, const ImVec4 &col)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4599
Definition: imgui.h:588
ImVector< ImDrawIdx > IdxBuffer
Definition: imgui.h:1205
static float GetWindowFontSize()
Definition: imgui.h:517
ScopePushStyleVar(ImGuiStyleVar idx, float val)
Definition: imgui.h:219
IMGUI_API float GetWindowHeight()
Definition: imgui.cpp:4779
IMGUI_API bool ButtonEx(const char *label, const ImVec2 &size_arg=ImVec2(0, 0), ImGuiButtonFlags flags=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5523
IMGUI_API bool DragFloat2(const char *label, float v[2], float v_speed=1.0f, float v_min=0.0f, float v_max=0.0f, const char *display_format="%.3f", float power=1.0f)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6974
const value_type & front() const
Definition: imgui.h:924
IMGUI_API bool BeginMainMenuBar()
Definition: imgui.cpp:8771
IMGUI_API void SetNextTreeNodeOpen(bool is_open, ImGuiSetCond cond=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6091
IMGUI_API ImU32 ColorConvertFloat4ToU32(const ImVec4 &in)
Definition: imgui.cpp:1185
ImVec2 DisplaySafeAreaPadding
Definition: imgui.h:769
const Glyph * FallbackGlyph
Definition: imgui.h:1409
IMGUI_API void TreePush(const void *ptr_id=NULL)
Definition: imgui.cpp:9514
IMGUI_API void PushFont(ImFont *font)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4539
ImVec2 DisplayWindowPadding
Definition: imgui.h:768
IMGUI_API void SetClipboardText(const char *text)
Definition: imgui.cpp:1972
float IniSavingRate
Definition: imgui.h:788
IMGUI_API bool InvisibleButton(const char *str_id, const ImVec2 &size)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5591
float y
Definition: imgui.h:90
int MetricsRenderVertices
Definition: imgui.h:865
IMGUI_API void EndChild()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3573
IMGUI_API float GetWindowContentRegionWidth()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5021
IMGUI_API float GetScrollMaxX()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5143
ImVec2 FramePadding
Definition: imgui.h:757
bool IsActive() const
Definition: imgui.h:993
Definition: imgui.h:741
IMGUI_API void SetTooltipV(const char *fmt, va_list args)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3282
IMGUI_API bool BeginMenu(const char *label, bool enabled=true)
Definition: imgui.cpp:8833
IMGUI_API float GetTextLineHeightWithSpacing()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5033
GLsizei const GLfloat * values
iterator insert(const_iterator it, const value_type &v)
Definition: imgui.h:946
IMGUI_API void ListBoxFooter()
Definition: imgui.cpp:8683
IMGUI_API bool SliderIntWithSteps(const char *label, int *v, int v_min, int v_max, int v_step=1, const char *display_format="%.3f")
Definition: imgui.cpp:6793
void Clear()
Definition: imgui.h:990
void PrimVtx(const ImVec2 &pos, const ImVec2 &uv, ImU32 col)
Definition: imgui.h:1291
IMGUI_API float CalcItemWidth()
Definition: imgui.cpp:4514
ImDrawCallback UserCallback
Definition: imgui.h:1174
int TotalIdxCount
Definition: imgui.h:1303
IMGUI_API bool SliderFloat(const char *label, float *v, float v_min, float v_max, const char *display_format="%.3f", float power=1.0f, bool render_bg=false)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6570
IMGUI_API void DestroyContext(ImGuiContext *ctx)
Definition: imgui.cpp:2005
IMGUI_API void LogToTTY(int max_depth=-1)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5699
float MouseDoubleClickMaxDist
Definition: imgui.h:792
float GrabRounding
Definition: imgui.h:767
ImDrawVert * _VtxWritePtr
Definition: imgui.h:1224
float FontGlobalScale
Definition: imgui.h:800
IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetCursorScreenPos()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5121
bool KeySuper
Definition: imgui.h:847
IMGUI_API void Shutdown()
Definition: imgui.cpp:2277
IMGUI_API void EndChildFrame()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3611
IMGUI_API bool SliderInt3(const char *label, int v[3], int v_min, int v_max, const char *display_format="%.0f")
Definition: imgui.cpp:6782
void push_back(const value_type &v)
Definition: imgui.h:942
IMGUI_API void PopItemWidth()
Definition: imgui.cpp:4507
static bool GetWindowCollapsed()
Definition: imgui.h:520
IMGUI_API bool TreeNodeV(const void *ptr_id, const char *fmt, va_list args)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6029
float V1
Definition: imgui.h:1399
float XAdvance
Definition: imgui.h:1397
float KeyRepeatDelay
Definition: imgui.h:795
IMGUI_API void TreePop()
Definition: imgui.cpp:9530
iterator erase(const_iterator it)
Definition: imgui.h:945
int OversampleV
Definition: imgui.h:1318
float MouseDragThreshold
Definition: imgui.h:793
int TotalVtxCount
Definition: imgui.h:1302
value_type * iterator
Definition: imgui.h:905
static ImVec2 GetItemBoxMin()
Definition: imgui.h:521
static ImVec2 GetItemBoxMax()
Definition: imgui.h:522
IMGUI_API bool ListBoxHeader(const char *label, int items_count, int height_in_items=-1)
Definition: imgui.cpp:8667
ImVec2 MousePosPrev
Definition: imgui.h:873
Definition: imgui.h:131
static auto it
ImVec2 TexUvWhitePixel
Definition: imgui.h:1381
bool AntiAliasedLines
Definition: imgui.h:770
GLuint in
Definition: glext.h:8859
IMGUI_API bool IsItemVisible()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3238
GLenum type
Definition: imgui.h:1392
IMGUI_API void TextColoredV(const ImVec4 &col, const char *fmt, va_list args)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5231
GLuint GLsizei const GLchar * label
IMGUI_API float GetTextLineHeight()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5027
IMGUI_API bool SliderInt2(const char *label, int v[2], int v_min, int v_max, const char *display_format="%.0f")
Definition: imgui.cpp:6777
IMGUI_API bool IsMouseHoveringWindow()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3032
ImVec4(float _x, float _y, float _z, float _w)
Definition: imgui.h:102
void PathLineToMergeDuplicate(const ImVec2 &pos)
Definition: imgui.h:1262
GLint GLsizei count
void PathLineTo(const ImVec2 &pos)
Definition: imgui.h:1261
ImWchar FallbackChar
Definition: imgui.h:1411
GLint ref
IMGUI_API int GetFrameCount()
Definition: imgui.cpp:2035
int ImGuiButtonFlags
Definition: imgui.h:107
bool empty()
Definition: imgui.h:1007
void * ImeWindowHandle
Definition: imgui.h:834
IMGUI_API bool BeginPopupModal(const char *name, bool *p_open=NULL, ImGuiWindowFlags extra_flags=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3465
IMGUI_API const char * GetClipboardText()
Definition: imgui.cpp:1967
ImVector< short > IndexLookup
Definition: imgui.h:1408
IMGUI_API void SetNextWindowContentSize(const ImVec2 &size)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4953
Definition: imgui.h:606
Definition: imgui.h:780
IMGUI_API void PopButtonRepeat()
Definition: imgui.cpp:4578
IMGUI_API bool ColorEdit4(const char *label, float col[4], bool show_alpha=true)
Definition: imgui.cpp:8985
bool WantTextInput
Definition: imgui.h:862
IMGUI_API bool Checkbox(const char *label, bool *v)
Definition: imgui.cpp:7269
int TexDesiredWidth
Definition: imgui.h:1380
ImU32 ImGuiID
Definition: imgui.h:69
ImVector< ImDrawVert > VtxBuffer
Definition: imgui.h:1219
bool PixelSnapH
Definition: imgui.h:1319
IMGUI_API bool VSliderInt(const char *label, const ImVec2 &size, int *v, int v_min, int v_max, const char *display_format="%.0f")
Definition: imgui.cpp:6697
int ImGuiAlign
Definition: imgui.h:73
float rs2_vector::* pos
ImVec2 MouseDelta
Definition: imgui.h:874
unsigned int ElemCount
Definition: imgui.h:1171
IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetItemRectMax()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3261
ImVec4 Value
Definition: imgui.h:1106
IMGUI_API float GetScrollY()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5138
IMGUI_API void SetCursorScreenPos(const ImVec2 &pos)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5127
IMGUI_API void PushID(int int_id)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6116
int MetricsActiveWindows
Definition: imgui.h:867
ImVec2 DisplayFramebufferScale
Definition: imgui.h:802
int ImGuiSelectableFlags
Definition: imgui.h:79
IMGUI_API void LogToClipboard(int max_depth=-1)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5741
int ImGuiSetCond
Definition: imgui.h:77
const char * begin() const
Definition: imgui.h:1004
IMGUI_API void EndMenuBar()
Definition: imgui.cpp:8816
void clear()
Definition: imgui.h:1008
IMGUI_API const char * GetVersion()
Definition: imgui.cpp:1978
float MouseWheel
Definition: imgui.h:842
static bool IsRectClipped(const ImVec2 &size)
Definition: imgui.h:524
IMGUI_API void SetContentRegionWidth(float y)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4990
char operator[](int i)
Definition: imgui.h:1003
#define NULL
Definition: tinycthread.c:47
IMGUI_API bool DragIntRange2(const char *label, int *v_current_min, int *v_current_max, float v_speed=1.0f, int v_min=0, int v_max=0, const char *display_format="%.0f", const char *display_format_max=NULL)
Definition: imgui.cpp:7067
bool KeyAlt
Definition: imgui.h:846
int i
ImFont * DstFont
Definition: imgui.h:1327
float KeyRepeatRate
Definition: imgui.h:796
ImVec2 pos
Definition: imgui.h:1189
ImVec2 TouchExtraPadding
Definition: imgui.h:761
IMGUI_API ImVec2 GetWindowPos()
Definition: imgui.cpp:4785
static void OpenNextNode(bool open)
Definition: imgui.h:518
ImVector< ImDrawCmd > CmdBuffer
Definition: imgui.h:1204
IMGUI_API bool DragInt2(const char *label, int v[2], float v_speed=1.0f, int v_min=0, int v_max=0, const char *display_format="%.0f")
Definition: imgui.cpp:7052
ImColor(float r, float g, float b, float a=1.0f)
Definition: imgui.h:1111
IMGUI_API ImGuiStyle & GetStyle()
Definition: imgui.cpp:2019
IMGUI_API void TextWrappedV(const char *fmt, va_list args)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5261
IMGUI_API void ColorConvertRGBtoHSV(float r, float g, float b, float &out_h, float &out_s, float &out_v)
Definition: imgui.cpp:1197
int ImGuiCol
Definition: imgui.h:70
IMGUI_API void SetItemAllowOverlap()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3246
IMGUI_API void CloseCurrentPopup()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3408
IMGUI_API bool IsKeyDown(int key_index)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3061
IMGUI_API void PopClipRect()
Definition: imgui.cpp:2540
const char * IniFilename
Definition: imgui.h:789
ImVector< Glyph > Glyphs
Definition: imgui.h:1406
void SetTexID(void *id)
Definition: imgui.h:1363
IMGUI_API void OpenPopup(const char *str_id)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3343
IMGUI_API bool TreeNode(const void *ptr_id, const char *fmt,...) IM_PRINTFARGS(2)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6061
Definition: imgui.h:564
IMGUI_API bool DragInt3(const char *label, int v[3], float v_speed=1.0f, int v_min=0, int v_max=0, const char *display_format="%.0f")
Definition: imgui.cpp:7057
bool WordMovementUsesAltKey
Definition: imgui.h:807
IMGUI_API bool DragFloat3(const char *label, float v[3], float v_speed=1.0f, float v_min=0.0f, float v_max=0.0f, const char *display_format="%.3f", float power=1.0f)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6979
Pair(ImGuiID _key, float _val_f)
Definition: imgui.h:1030
IMGUI_API void TextWrapped(const char *fmt,...) IM_PRINTFARGS(1)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5268
ImVector< TextRange > Filters
Definition: imgui.h:985
ImColor(const ImVec4 &col)
Definition: imgui.h:1112
iterator end()
Definition: imgui.h:921
IMGUI_API void SetCursorPosY(float y)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5108
const char * end() const
Definition: imgui.h:976
float Scale
Definition: imgui.h:1404
ImVector< ImDrawIdx > IdxBuffer
Definition: imgui.h:1218
GLboolean * data
ImVector< ImFontConfig > ConfigData
Definition: imgui.h:1385
IMGUI_API bool VSliderFloat(const char *label, const ImVec2 &size, float *v, float v_min, float v_max, const char *display_format="%.3f", float power=1.0f, bool render_bg=false)
Definition: imgui.cpp:6633
IMGUI_API ImDrawData * GetDrawData()
Definition: imgui.cpp:2025
static bool CollapsingHeader(const char *label, const char *str_id, bool framed=true, bool default_open=false)
Definition: imgui.h:515
ImFontConfig * ConfigData
Definition: imgui.h:1415
IMGUI_API void Columns(int count=1, const char *id=NULL, bool border=true)
Definition: imgui.cpp:9398
int FontNo
Definition: imgui.h:1316
IMGUI_API void SetWindowFontScale(float scale)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5066
IMGUI_API bool DragInt(const char *label, int *v, float v_speed=1.0f, int v_min=0, int v_max=0, const char *display_format="%.0f")
Definition: imgui.cpp:7015
IMGUI_API bool IsMouseDoubleClicked(int button)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3128
ImFontAtlas * Fonts
Definition: imgui.h:799
GLdouble v
IMGUI_API bool IsAnyItemActive()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3233
float ChildWindowRounding
Definition: imgui.h:756
ImVec2 WindowPadding
Definition: imgui.h:752
Definition: imgui.h:690
float ItemsHeight
Definition: imgui.h:1137
static void SetWindowPos(ImGuiWindow *window, const ImVec2 &pos, ImGuiSetCond cond)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4799
IMGUI_API void EndMenu()
Definition: imgui.cpp:8937
IMGUI_API void ColorConvertHSVtoRGB(float h, float s, float v, float &out_r, float &out_g, float &out_b)
Definition: imgui.cpp:1219
IMGUI_API void PopID()
Definition: imgui.cpp:6123
void PrimWriteIdx(ImDrawIdx idx)
Definition: imgui.h:1290
float WindowRounding
Definition: imgui.h:754
short ConfigDataCount
Definition: imgui.h:1414
IMGUI_API float GetCursorPosY()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5088
IMGUI_API bool IsItemHovered()
Definition: imgui.cpp:3200
void PathClear()
Definition: imgui.h:1260
IMGUI_API void SetKeyboardFocusHere(int offset=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5188
IMGUI_API void Value(const char *prefix, float v, const char *float_format=NULL)
Definition: imgui.cpp:9553
float ScrollbarSize
Definition: imgui.h:764
IMGUI_API void ShowStyleEditor(ImGuiStyle *ref=NULL)
IMGUI_API void LogText(const char *fmt,...) IM_PRINTFARGS(1)
Definition: imgui.cpp:2709
Definition: parser.hpp:150
void * ImTextureID
Definition: imgui.h:68
IMGUI_API void LogFinish()
Definition: imgui.cpp:5755
const_iterator end() const
Definition: imgui.h:922
static ImColor HSV(float h, float s, float v, float a=1.0f)
Definition: imgui.h:1118
GLint GLsizei width
GLdouble GLdouble GLint GLint const GLdouble * points
IMGUI_API void SetScrollX(float scroll_x)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5155
IMGUI_API void PopFont()
Definition: imgui.cpp:4549
float y
Definition: imgui.h:100
IMGUI_API void Render()
Definition: imgui.cpp:2619
IMGUI_API void TreeAdvanceToLabelPos()
Definition: imgui.cpp:6078
float x
Definition: imgui.h:90
IMGUI_API bool InputInt(const char *label, int *v, int step=1, int step_fast=100, ImGuiInputTextFlags extra_flags=0)
Definition: imgui.cpp:8296
GLintptr offset
IMGUI_API ImVec4 ColorConvertU32ToFloat4(ImU32 in)
Definition: imgui.cpp:1179
ScopePushStyleColor(ImGuiCol idx, const ImVec4 &col)
Definition: imgui.h:210
IMGUI_API void PopStyleColor(int count=1)
Definition: imgui.cpp:4609
Definition: imgui.h:717
IMGUI_API bool RadioButton(const char *label, int *v, int v_button)
Definition: imgui.cpp:7389
ImVector< ImVec4 > _ClipRectStack
Definition: imgui.h:1226
IMGUI_API void EndMainMenuBar()
Definition: imgui.cpp:8789
void * FontData
Definition: imgui.h:1313
value_type & back()
Definition: imgui.h:925
IMGUI_API void NewLine()
Definition: imgui.cpp:9269
IMGUI_API void TextColored(const ImVec4 &col, const char *fmt,...) IM_PRINTFARGS(2)
Definition: imgui.cpp:5238
IMGUI_API ImVec2 CalcItemRectClosestPoint(const ImVec2 &pos, bool on_edge=false, float outward=+0.0f)
Definition: imgui.cpp:3273
int size() const
Definition: imgui.h:912

Author(s): Sergey Dorodnicov , Doron Hirshberg , Mark Horn , Reagan Lopez , Itay Carpis
autogenerated on Mon May 3 2021 02:47:17