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circle_provider.cpp [code]Implementation for circle_provider.h
circle_provider.h [code]
connected_components.cpp [code]
connected_components.h [code]Connected Components implementation to get all the points in a critical region, along with neighbouring critical points to form the topological graph
directed_dfs.cpp [code]Implementation of the Directed DFS class
directed_dfs.h [code]A specific implementation of Directed DFS (DFS with a priority queue) to find whether 2 points are close in obstacle space. Priority is done on using the Euclidean distance to the goal as a heuristic
generate_graph.cpp [code]
graph.cpp [code]Implementation for graph functions
graph.h [code]Contains some simple data structures for holding the graph
map_inflator.cpp [code]Provides an implementation for map_inflator.h
map_inflator.h [code]Provides a simple costmap inflation function
map_loader.cpp [code]Implementation for map_loader.h
map_loader.h [code]Simple wrapper around the map_server code to read maps from a the supplied yaml file. This class itself is based on the map_server node inside the map_server package (written by Brian Gerkey)
map_utils.cpp [code]Implementation for map utilities
map_utils.h [code]
path_finder.cpp [code]
path_finder.h [code]
point.cpp [code]Implementations for the basic point data structures
point.h [code]
point_utils.cpp [code]
point_utils.h [code]Some helpful utilities while dealing with points
prepare_graph.cpp [code]
test_circle.cpp [code]Simple command line test for the circle provider
test_dfs.cpp [code]Simple test for the graph generator. Reads a map and displays information from the topological mapper on to the screen
test_graph.cpp [code]
test_map_loader.cpp [code]Simple test for the map loader. Reads a map and displays it on the screen using opencv highgui
test_voronoi.cpp [code]Simple test for the voronoi approximator. Reads a map and displays information from the voronoi approximator on to the screen
topological_mapper.cpp [code]Implementation for the topological mapper
topological_mapper.h [code]Constructs the topological graph using the voronoi approximation
view_graph.cpp [code]
voronoi_approximator.cpp [code]Implementation for the voronoi approximator
voronoi_approximator.h [code]Constructs a voronoi approximation given a map of the world. The map is a discrete grid world with each cell set to occupied or not, and the voronoi approximation is done in this discrete space
voronoi_point.cpp [code]Implementation of the voronoi point class
voronoi_point.h [code]Base class for a voronoi point. Simple wrapper around Point2d that maintains a given separation between basis points

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