Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
bwi_mapper::CircleProviderSingleton class which provides the mid-point circle algorithm implementation
bwi_mapper::ConnectedComponentsAPI for 8-connected connected components algorithm to find critical regions in a map demarcated by obstalces and critical lines Neigbouring critical regions help form the topological graph. Since this algorithm is 8-connected, any demarcating lines should be drawn 4-connected if they are single pixel
bwi_mapper::DirectedDFSThe directed DFS class. Checks whether 2 points are close inside the map in obstacle space. Uses euclidean distance to goal to guide the search
bwi_mapper::MapLoaderBase class for reading a standard ROS map from a YAML file and writing it to an OpenCV Image
bwi_mapper::PathFinderPerforms a 4-connected dynamic programming search around a given point to find which other points it is connected to in the map
bwi_mapper::Point2dA simple class to hold a 2D pixel point along with distance to a reference position
bwi_mapper::Point2dDistanceCompA simple class acting as a comparator for Point2d using the reference distance. Useful while using std::sort
Point2fA floating point 2D point
bwi_mapper::TopologicalMapperComputes the 2 variants of the topological graph using the voronoi approximator
bwi_mapper::VoronoiApproximatorThe voronoi approximator API. Inherits MapLoader to directly load a map from file and be able to draw a map

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