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void loadMapFromFile (nav_msgs::GetMap::Response *resp, const char *fname, double res, bool negate, double occ_th, double free_th, double *origin, bool trinary=true)

Function Documentation

void map_server::loadMapFromFile ( nav_msgs::GetMap::Response *  resp,
const char *  fname,
double  res,
bool  negate,
double  occ_th,
double  free_th,
double *  origin,
bool  trinary = true 

Read the image from file and fill out the resp object, for later use when our services are requested.

respThe map wil be written into here
fnameThe image file to read from
resThe resolution of the map (gets stored in resp)
negateIf true, then whiter pixels are occupied, and blacker pixels are free
occ_thThreshold above which pixels are occupied
free_thThreshold below which pixels are free
originTriple specifying 2-D pose of lower-left corner of image
trinaryIf true, only outputs Occupied/Free/Unknown
std::runtime_errorIf the image file can't be loaded

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