Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
BagSubscriber< M >
calibratorDataStores configuration information for the calibration routines
calibratorNodeManages the calibration procedures
camData_Stores some basic camera information in OpenCV format
cameraParametersStores camera calibration information in OpenCV format
camExtrinsicsData_Stores some basic extrinsic camera information in OpenCV format
connectionDescribes a link between two keyframes in terms of matched features
cSchemeFor configuring and applying false-colormapping or modality-fusion schemes
extractorDataStores configuration information for the rosbag extractor routine
extractorNodeManages the extractor procedure
featureTrackStores all spatial and temporal locations of a single feature in a video stream, along with its 3D estimate
featureTrackerNodeManages the optical flow procedure
indexedFeatureStores the spatial and temporal location of a single feature occurence in the video stream
initializationData(probably obsolete..)
keyframeContains feature information corresponding to a keyframe which may eventually be used for loop closure
keyframeStoreStores information linking keyframes within a SLAM sequence
mserPatchClass enables for storing an MSER feature beyond simply its bounding points
radiometryDataStores configuration information for the radiometry node
radiometryNodeManages the driver / streamer
rSchemeFor configuring and applying radiometric mapping to thermal images
slamDataStores configuration information for the SLAM routine
slamNodeManages the SLAM procedure
stereoDataStores configuration information for the stereo routine
stereoDepthNodeManages the stereo procedure
streamerDataStores configuration information for the camera driver / streamer
streamerNodeManages the driver / streamer
streamerSourceInteracts with LIBAV and other relevant libraries to read video data from USB
timeAnalyzerUsed to analyze chokepoints in processing time
trackerDataStores configuration information for the sparse optical flow routine
usb_bufferBuffer for storing USB video data
usb_cam_camera_image_tStores critical USB camera information
validPatternCritical frame data regarding whether it contains a pattern valid for use in calibration
videoslamDataStores configuration information for the ODOMETRY routine
videoslamNodeManages the ODOMETRY procedure

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