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Thermal-infrared computer vision and data management tools

The thermalvis ROS package (thermalvis-ros-pkg) contains a number of tools or "nodes" which perform various useful functions on thermal-infrared video, or combinations of data involving thermal-infrared. It was motivated by a difficulty in reliably adapting existing tools designed either implicitly or explicitly for the visible-spectrum, to the thermal-infrared modality.


It is encouraged that those who are interested in using the code will contribute back to the source at The Project Page. The author Stephen Vidas can be contacted at [] to discuss the best way for you to utilize the code and/or contribute.

The interactions between the classes and files will depend greatly on your interest. Most users are likely to simply want to use one or more nodes, and perhaps add functionality to or remove bugs from these nodes. In this case, the best place to start would be to familiarize yourself with the cpp/hpp file corresponding to that node. These files are identically named with the node, and can be found within the src and include subdirectories, within nodes/<node name>="">. The node names are:

As you familiarize yourself with the node hpp/cpp, you can then explore its dependencies as well as any associated configuration or message files.

Author(s): Stephen Vidas
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