Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
object_manipulator::ActionWrapper< ActionDataType >Wrapper class for SimpleActionClient that checks server availability on first use
object_manipulator::shapes::ArrowA representation of an arrow, using a frame and dimensions
object_manipulator::BadParamExceptionThrown when a needed parameter on the parameter server is found but does not have the right type
object_manipulator::shapes::BoxA representation of a box, using a frame and dimensions
object_manipulator.cluster_bounding_box_finder.ClusterBoundingBoxFinderClass for using PCA to find the principal directions and bounding box for a point cluster
object_manipulator.cluster_bounding_box_finder_3d.ClusterBoundingBoxFinder3DClass for using PCA to find the principal directions and bounding box for a point cluster
cluster_bounding_box_finder_server.ClusterBoundingBoxFinderServerClass for the find cluster bounding box service
object_manipulator::CollisionMapExceptionThrown when the grasping pipeline has failed to communicate with the collision map
object_manipulator::shapes::CylinderA representation of a cylinder, using a frame and dimensions
object_manipulator.draw_functions.DrawFunctionsClass to draw stuff to rviz
object_manipulator::GraspExceptionGeneral base class for all exceptions originating in the grasping pipeline
object_manipulator::GraspExecutorBase class, interface and common functionality for grasp execution
object_manipulator::GraspExecutorWithApproachUses an interpolated IK approach from pregrasp to final grasp
object_manipulator::GraspMarkerPublisherPublishes and keeps track of debug grasp markers
object_manipulator::IncompatibleRobotStateExceptionThrown if the current robot state prevents any grasp execution
object_manipulator::InterruptRequestedExceptionThrown if the user has requested an interruption
object_manipulator::MechanismExceptionThrown when the grasping pipeline has failed to communicate with or issue commands to the robot
object_manipulator::MechanismInterfaceA collection of ROS service and action clients needed for grasp execution
object_manipulator::shapes::MeshA container for a mesh, using a frame and dimensions
object_manipulator::MissingParamExceptionThrown when a needed parameter is not found on the parameter server
object_manipulator::MoveArmStuckExceptionThrown if move arm can not plan out of the current arm state
object_manipulator::MultiArmActionWrapper< ActionDataType >A wrapper for multiple instances of a given action, one for each arm in the system
object_manipulator::MultiArmServiceWrapper< ServiceDataType >A wrapper for multiple instances of a given service, one for each arm in the system
object_manipulator::MultiArmTopicWrapper< TopicDataType >A wrapper for multiple instances of a topic publisher, one for each arm in the system
object_manipulator::ObjectManipulatorOversees the grasping app; bundles together functionality in higher level calls
object_manipulator::ObjectManipulatorNodeWraps the Object Manipulator in a ROS API
object_manipulator::PlaceExecutorFunctionality for placing a grasped object at a given location
object_manipulator::ReactivePlaceExecutorUses a reactive version of the move from pre-place to place
object_manipulator::ReactivePlacePerformerUses a reactive version of the move from pre-place to place
object_manipulator::ScopedGoalCancel< ActionDataType >Cancels all goals of the client when it goes out of scope
object_manipulator::ServiceNotFoundExceptionThrown when a service or action server was not found
object_manipulator::ServiceWrapper< ServiceDataType >Wrapper class for service clients to perform initialization on first use
object_manipulator::SimpleGraspExecutorSimplest grasp executor, using only final grasp information
object_manipulator::shapes::SphereA representation of a sphere/ellipsoid, using a frame and dimensions
object_manipulator::StandardGraspPerformerRegular grasp performer: moveArm to beginning of approach, execute approach, grasp, execute lift
object_manipulator::UnsafeGraspExecutorUses Cartesian movements to get to pre-grasp and grasp
object_manipulator::UnsafeGraspPerformerUses open-loop Cartesian controllers for all movement
object_manipulator::UnsafeGraspTesterDoes not care about collisions when planning approach and lift

Author(s): Matei Ciocarlie and Kaijen Hsiao
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