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 CCollisionCheckAssigns a cost value to each robot state by evaluating if the robot is in collision
 CStompCostFunctionAssigns a cost value to each robot state by evaluating the minimum distance between the robot and the nearest obstacle
 CNormalDistributionSamplingUses a normal distribution to apply noise onto the trajectory
 CJointLimitsChecks that the joint values are within the limits as defined in the urdf file. It modifies the values of those joints that exceed the limits
 CMultiTrajectoryVisualizationPublishes rviz markers to visualize the noisy trajectories
 CStompNoisyFilterInterface class for filtering noisy trajectories
 CPolynomialSmootherThis is a constrained polynomial trajectory smoother
 CStompUpdateFilterInterface class which applies filtering methods to the update parameters before it is added onto the optimized trajectory
 CTrajectoryVisualizationPublishes rviz markers to visualize the optimized trajectory
 CUpdateLoggerSaves the update values into a file for post analysis. The file is compatible with the python numpy library and can be loaded into a numpy array by running. 'numpy.loadtxt(file_name)'
 NkinematicsUtility functions related to finding Inverse Kinematics solutions
 CIKSolverWrapper around an IK solver implementation
 CPolyFitRequestThe Polynomial Fit request data
 CPolyFitResultsThe Polynomial Fit results data
 CMultivariateGaussianGenerates samples from a multivariate gaussian distribution
 CStompNoiseGeneratorInterface class for plugins that apply random noise to the trajectory in order to explore the workspace
 CStompOptimizationTaskLoads and manages the STOMP plugins during the planning process
 CStompPlannerThe PlanningContext specialization that wraps the STOMP algorithm
 CStompPlannerManagerThe PlannerManager implementation that loads STOMP into moveit
 Cupdate_filtersUses a Control Cost Matrix projection in order to smooth out the trajectory. The matrix is built using a numerical derivative method
 CPluginDataPacks plugin information into a single struct

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