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rs2::stream_model Class Reference

#include <model-views.h>

Public Member Functions

void begin_stream (std::shared_ptr< subdevice_model > d, rs2::stream_profile p, const viewer_model &viewer)
bool draw_reflectivity (int x, int y, rs2::depth_sensor ds, const std::map< int, stream_model > &streams, std::stringstream &ss, bool same_line=false)
rect get_normalized_zoom (const rect &stream_rect, const mouse_info &g, bool is_middle_clicked, float zoom_val)
rect get_original_stream_bounds () const
rect get_stream_bounds () const
bool is_stream_alive ()
bool is_stream_visible ()
void show_frame (const rect &stream_rect, const mouse_info &g, std::string &error_message)
void show_stream_footer (ImFont *font, const rect &stream_rect, const mouse_info &mouse, const std::map< int, stream_model > &streams, viewer_model &viewer)
void show_stream_header (ImFont *font, const rect &stream_rect, viewer_model &viewer)
void show_stream_imu (ImFont *font, const rect &stream_rect, const rs2_vector &axis, const mouse_info &mouse)
void show_stream_pose (ImFont *font, const rect &stream_rect, const rs2_pose &pose_data, rs2_stream stream_type, bool fullScreen, float y_offset, viewer_model &viewer)
void snapshot_frame (const char *filename, viewer_model &viewer) const
 stream_model ()
void update_ae_roi_rect (const rect &stream_rect, const mouse_info &mouse, std::string &error_message)
std::shared_ptr< texture_bufferupload_frame (frame &&f)

Public Attributes

float _frame_timeout = RS2_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT
animated< float > _info_height { 0.f }
bool _mid_click = false
float2 _middle_pos {0, 0}
float _min_timeout = 167.0f
rect _normalized_zoom {0, 0, 1, 1}
int _prev_mouse_pos_x = 0
int _prev_mouse_pos_y = 0
temporal_event _stream_not_alive
bool capturing_roi = false
int color_map_idx = 1
int count = 0
rect curr_info_rect {}
std::shared_ptr< subdevice_modeldev
fps_calc fps
frame_metadata frame_md
unsigned long long frame_number = 0
std::chrono::high_resolution_clock::time_point last_frame
rect layout
stream_profile original_profile
float2 original_size
stream_profile profile
rect roi_display_rect {}
float roi_percentage = 0.4f
bool show_map_ruler = true
bool show_metadata = false
bool show_stream_details = false
float2 size
std::shared_ptr< texture_buffertexture
double timestamp = 0.0
rs2_timestamp_domain timestamp_domain = RS2_TIMESTAMP_DOMAIN_SYSTEM_TIME
fps_calc view_fps

Private Attributes

std::unique_ptr< reflectivity_reflectivity
utilities::number::stabilized_value< float > _stabilized_reflectivity

Detailed Description

Definition at line 690 of file model-views.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

rs2::stream_model::stream_model ( )

Definition at line 2192 of file model-views.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void rs2::stream_model::begin_stream ( std::shared_ptr< subdevice_model d,
rs2::stream_profile  p,
const viewer_model viewer 

Definition at line 2305 of file model-views.cpp.

bool rs2::stream_model::draw_reflectivity ( int  x,
int  y,
rs2::depth_sensor  ds,
const std::map< int, stream_model > &  streams,
std::stringstream &  ss,
bool  same_line = false 

Definition at line 2343 of file model-views.cpp.

rect rs2::stream_model::get_normalized_zoom ( const rect stream_rect,
const mouse_info g,
bool  is_middle_clicked,
float  zoom_val 

Definition at line 3588 of file model-views.cpp.

rect rs2::stream_model::get_original_stream_bounds ( ) const

Definition at line 716 of file model-views.h.

rect rs2::stream_model::get_stream_bounds ( ) const

Definition at line 715 of file model-views.h.

bool rs2::stream_model::is_stream_alive ( )

Definition at line 2287 of file model-views.cpp.

bool rs2::stream_model::is_stream_visible ( )

Definition at line 2275 of file model-views.cpp.

void rs2::stream_model::show_frame ( const rect stream_rect,
const mouse_info g,
std::string error_message 

Definition at line 3622 of file model-views.cpp.

void rs2::stream_model::show_stream_footer ( ImFont font,
const rect stream_rect,
const mouse_info mouse,
const std::map< int, stream_model > &  streams,
viewer_model viewer 

Definition at line 3089 of file model-views.cpp.

void rs2::stream_model::show_stream_header ( ImFont font,
const rect stream_rect,
viewer_model viewer 

Definition at line 2539 of file model-views.cpp.

void rs2::stream_model::show_stream_imu ( ImFont font,
const rect stream_rect,
const rs2_vector axis,
const mouse_info mouse 

Definition at line 3249 of file model-views.cpp.

void rs2::stream_model::show_stream_pose ( ImFont font,
const rect stream_rect,
const rs2_pose pose_data,
rs2_stream  stream_type,
bool  fullScreen,
float  y_offset,
viewer_model viewer 

Definition at line 3328 of file model-views.cpp.

void rs2::stream_model::snapshot_frame ( const char *  filename,
viewer_model viewer 
) const

Definition at line 3475 of file model-views.cpp.

void rs2::stream_model::update_ae_roi_rect ( const rect stream_rect,
const mouse_info mouse,
std::string error_message 

Definition at line 2427 of file model-views.cpp.

std::shared_ptr< texture_buffer > rs2::stream_model::upload_frame ( frame &&  f)

Definition at line 2203 of file model-views.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

float rs2::stream_model::_frame_timeout = RS2_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT

Definition at line 730 of file model-views.h.

animated<float> rs2::stream_model::_info_height { 0.f }

Definition at line 743 of file model-views.h.

bool rs2::stream_model::_mid_click = false

Definition at line 733 of file model-views.h.

float2 rs2::stream_model::_middle_pos {0, 0}

Definition at line 734 of file model-views.h.

float rs2::stream_model::_min_timeout = 167.0f

Definition at line 731 of file model-views.h.

rect rs2::stream_model::_normalized_zoom {0, 0, 1, 1}

Definition at line 735 of file model-views.h.

int rs2::stream_model::_prev_mouse_pos_x = 0

Definition at line 744 of file model-views.h.

int rs2::stream_model::_prev_mouse_pos_y = 0

Definition at line 745 of file model-views.h.

std::unique_ptr< reflectivity > rs2::stream_model::_reflectivity

Definition at line 748 of file model-views.h.

utilities::number::stabilized_value<float> rs2::stream_model::_stabilized_reflectivity

Definition at line 749 of file model-views.h.

temporal_event rs2::stream_model::_stream_not_alive

Definition at line 739 of file model-views.h.

bool rs2::stream_model::capturing_roi = false

Definition at line 728 of file model-views.h.

int rs2::stream_model::color_map_idx = 1

Definition at line 736 of file model-views.h.

int rs2::stream_model::count = 0

Definition at line 724 of file model-views.h.

rect rs2::stream_model::curr_info_rect {}

Definition at line 738 of file model-views.h.

std::shared_ptr<subdevice_model> rs2::stream_model::dev

Definition at line 729 of file model-views.h.

fps_calc rs2::stream_model::fps

Definition at line 723 of file model-views.h.

frame_metadata rs2::stream_model::frame_md

Definition at line 727 of file model-views.h.

unsigned long long rs2::stream_model::frame_number = 0

Definition at line 721 of file model-views.h.

std::chrono::high_resolution_clock::time_point rs2::stream_model::last_frame

Definition at line 719 of file model-views.h.

rect rs2::stream_model::layout

Definition at line 711 of file model-views.h.

stream_profile rs2::stream_model::original_profile

Definition at line 717 of file model-views.h.

float2 rs2::stream_model::original_size

Definition at line 714 of file model-views.h.

stream_profile rs2::stream_model::profile

Definition at line 718 of file model-views.h.

rect rs2::stream_model::roi_display_rect {}

Definition at line 725 of file model-views.h.

float rs2::stream_model::roi_percentage = 0.4f

Definition at line 726 of file model-views.h.

bool rs2::stream_model::show_map_ruler = true

Definition at line 740 of file model-views.h.

bool rs2::stream_model::show_metadata = false

Definition at line 741 of file model-views.h.

bool rs2::stream_model::show_stream_details = false

Definition at line 737 of file model-views.h.

float2 rs2::stream_model::size

Definition at line 713 of file model-views.h.

std::shared_ptr<texture_buffer> rs2::stream_model::texture

Definition at line 712 of file model-views.h.

double rs2::stream_model::timestamp = 0.0

Definition at line 720 of file model-views.h.

rs2_timestamp_domain rs2::stream_model::timestamp_domain = RS2_TIMESTAMP_DOMAIN_SYSTEM_TIME

Definition at line 722 of file model-views.h.

fps_calc rs2::stream_model::view_fps

Definition at line 723 of file model-views.h.

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