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class  NodeMainExecutorServiceConnection

Public Member Functions

URI getMasterUri ()
String getRosHostname ()
void startActivityForResult (Intent intent, int requestCode)
void startMasterChooser ()

Protected Member Functions

void bindNodeMainExecutorService ()
void init ()
abstract void init (NodeMainExecutor nodeMainExecutor)
void onActivityResult (int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data)
void onDestroy ()
void onStart ()
 RosActivity (String notificationTicker, String notificationTitle)
 RosActivity (String notificationTicker, String notificationTitle, URI customMasterUri)

Protected Attributes

NodeMainExecutorService nodeMainExecutorService

Private Member Functions

String getDefaultHostAddress ()

Private Attributes

final String notificationTicker
final String notificationTitle

Static Private Attributes

static final int MASTER_CHOOSER_REQUEST_CODE = 0

Detailed Description

Author: (Damon Kohler)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation ( String  notificationTicker,
String  notificationTitle 
) [inline, protected]

Definition at line 100 of file ( String  notificationTicker,
String  notificationTitle,
URI  customMasterUri 
) [inline, protected]

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Member Function Documentation

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void ( ) [inline, protected]

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abstract void ( NodeMainExecutor  nodeMainExecutor) [protected, pure virtual]
void ( int  requestCode,
int  resultCode,
Intent  data 
) [inline, protected]

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void ( ) [inline, protected]

Reimplemented in

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void ( ) [inline, protected]

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void ( Intent  intent,
int  requestCode 
) [inline]

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