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Protected Member Functions

 AcmDeviceActivity (String notificationTicker, String notificationTitle)
Collection< UsbDevice > getUsbDevices (int vendorId, int productId)
void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState)
void onDestroy ()
void onNewIntent (Intent intent)
void requestPermission (UsbDevice usbDevice)

Static Package Attributes

static final String ACTION_USB_PERMISSION = ""

Private Member Functions

void closeAcmDevices ()
void newAcmDevice (UsbDevice usbDevice)
void onUsbDeviceAttached (Intent intent)

Private Attributes

final Map< String, AcmDeviceacmDevices
BroadcastReceiver usbDeviceDetachedReceiver
BroadcastReceiver usbDevicePermissionReceiver
UsbManager usbManager
PendingIntent usbPermissionIntent

Static Private Attributes

static final boolean DEBUG = true
static final Log log = LogFactory.getLog(AcmDeviceActivity.class)

Detailed Description

Author: (Damon Kohler)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation ( String  notificationTicker,
String  notificationTitle 
) [inline, protected]

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Member Function Documentation

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Collection<UsbDevice> ( int  vendorId,
int  productId 
) [inline, protected]

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void ( UsbDevice  usbDevice) [inline, private]

Creates a new AcmDevice for the newly connected

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void ( Bundle  savedInstanceState) [inline, protected]

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Reimplemented from

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void ( Intent  intent) [inline, protected]

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void ( UsbDevice  usbDevice) [inline, protected]

Request permission from the user to access the supplied UsbDevice.

usbDevicethe UsbDevice that provides ACM serial
callbackwill be called once the user has granted or denied permission

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Member Data Documentation

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final String = "" [static, package]

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final boolean = true [static, private]

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final Log = LogFactory.getLog(AcmDeviceActivity.class) [static, private]

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