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class  StableArrayAdapter

Public Member Functions

void advancedCheckboxClicked (View view)
void cancelButtonClicked (View unused)
Intent createNewMasterIntent (boolean newMaster, boolean isPrivate)
void newMasterButtonClicked (View unused)
void newPrivateMasterButtonClicked (View unused)
void okButtonClicked (View unused)
void onActivityResult (int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent intent)
void qrCodeButtonClicked (View unused)

Protected Member Functions

boolean isQRCodeReaderInstalled (Intent intent)
void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState)
void toast (final String text)

Private Attributes

Button connectButton
String selectedInterface
EditText uriText

Static Private Attributes

static final String BAR_CODE_SCANNER_PACKAGE_NAME = ""
static final String PREFS_KEY_NAME = "URI_KEY"

Detailed Description

Allows the user to configue a master URI then it returns that URI to the calling Activity.

When this Activity is started, the last used (or the default) URI is displayed to the user.

Author: (Ethan Rublee) (Damon Kohler) (Munjal Desai)

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Member Function Documentation

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void ( View  unused) [inline]

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Intent ( boolean  newMaster,
boolean  isPrivate 
) [inline]

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boolean ( Intent  intent) [inline, protected]

Check if the specified app is installed.

intentThe activity that you wish to look for.
true if the desired activity is install on the device, false otherwise.

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void ( View  unused) [inline]

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void ( int  requestCode,
int  resultCode,
Intent  intent 
) [inline]

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void ( Bundle  savedInstanceState) [inline, protected]

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void ( View  unused) [inline]

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void ( final String  text) [inline, protected]

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Member Data Documentation

final String = "" [static, private]

Package name of the QR code reader used to scan QR codes.

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final String = "URI_KEY" [static, private]

The key with which the last used URI will be stored as a preference.

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