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Public Member Functions

 MainActivity ()
void onClearMapButtonClicked (View view)
void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState)
void onFollowMeToggleButtonClicked (View view)
void onSaveMapButtonClicked (View view)

Protected Member Functions

void init (NodeMainExecutor nodeMainExecutor)

Private Member Functions

void disableFollowMe ()
void enableFollowMe ()
void toast (final String text)

Private Attributes

CameraControlLayer cameraControlLayer
ToggleButton followMeToggleButton
final SystemCommands systemCommands
VisualizationView visualizationView

Static Private Attributes

static final String MAP_FRAME = "map"
static final String ROBOT_FRAME = "base_link"

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file android_tutorial_map_viewer/src/org/ros/android/android_tutorial_map_viewer/

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Member Function Documentation

void ( NodeMainExecutor  nodeMainExecutor) [inline, protected, virtual]

This method is called in a background thread once this Activity has been initialized with a master URI via the MasterChooser and a NodeMainExecutorService has started. Your NodeMains should be started here using the provided NodeMainExecutor.

nodeMainExecutorthe NodeMainExecutor created for this Activity


Definition at line 76 of file android_tutorial_map_viewer/src/org/ros/android/android_tutorial_map_viewer/

void ( Bundle  savedInstanceState) [inline]
void ( final String  text) [inline, private]

Member Data Documentation

final String = "base_link" [static, private]

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