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pr2_playpen::hist_analyzer_tmp Namespace Reference


class  HistAnalyzer


tuple avg = np.mean(back_sum_ls)
tuple back_sum_ls = deque()
tuple background_noise = deque()
string default = 'check for success or failure in batch mode with already stored data'
tuple file_h = open(opt.batch_folder+'/object'+str(i).zfill(3)+'.pkl', 'r')
tuple file_h2 = open(opt.batch_folder+'/object'+str(i).zfill(3)+'.pkl', 'w')
string folder = '/background_noise/'
tuple ha = HistAnalyzer(background_noise, mask)
tuple Imask = cv.CreateImage(cv.GetSize(ha.background_noise[0]), cv.IPL_DEPTH_8U, 1)
tuple img = cv.LoadImage(folder+'file'+str(i).zfill(3)+'.png')
 is_object = False
tuple loc_sum = float(cv.Sum(result)[0])
tuple mask = cv.LoadImage(folder+'mask.png', 0)
int n = 0
tuple p = optparse.OptionParser()
tuple res_dict = cPickle.load(file_h)
tuple result = ha.compare_imgs(img, ha.background_noise[0])
tuple result2 = ha.compare_imgs(img, ha.background_noise[-1])
tuple std = np.std(back_sum_ls)
int sum_val = 0

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string pr2_playpen::hist_analyzer_tmp::default = 'check for success or failure in batch mode with already stored data'

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tuple pr2_playpen::hist_analyzer_tmp::file_h = open(opt.batch_folder+'/object'+str(i).zfill(3)+'.pkl', 'r')

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tuple pr2_playpen::hist_analyzer_tmp::file_h2 = open(opt.batch_folder+'/object'+str(i).zfill(3)+'.pkl', 'w')

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tuple pr2_playpen::hist_analyzer_tmp::Imask = cv.CreateImage(cv.GetSize(ha.background_noise[0]), cv.IPL_DEPTH_8U, 1)

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tuple pr2_playpen::hist_analyzer_tmp::img = cv.LoadImage(folder+'file'+str(i).zfill(3)+'.png')

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tuple pr2_playpen::hist_analyzer_tmp::mask = cv.LoadImage(folder+'mask.png', 0)

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tuple pr2_playpen::hist_analyzer_tmp::p = optparse.OptionParser()

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tuple pr2_playpen::hist_analyzer_tmp::result = ha.compare_imgs(img, ha.background_noise[0])

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tuple pr2_playpen::hist_analyzer_tmp::result2 = ha.compare_imgs(img, ha.background_noise[-1])

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Author(s): Marc Killpack /, Advisor: Prof. Charlie Kemp, Lab: Healthcare Robotics Lab at Georgia Tech
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