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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions: [code]
Footstep.cpp [code]
Footstep.h [code]
footstep_navigation.cpp [code]
footstep_planner.cpp [code]
footstep_planner_walls.cpp [code]
FootstepNavigation.cpp [code]
FootstepNavigation.h [code]
FootstepPlanner.cpp [code]
FootstepPlanner.h [code]
FootstepPlannerEnvironment.cpp [code]
FootstepPlannerEnvironment.h [code]
FootstepPlannerNode.cpp [code]
FootstepPlannerNode.h [code]
helper.cpp [code]
helper.h [code]
Heuristic.cpp [code]
Heuristic.h [code]
PathCostHeuristic.cpp [code]
PathCostHeuristic.h [code] [code]
PlanningState.cpp [code]
PlanningState.h [code]
PlanningStateChangeQuery.cpp [code]
PlanningStateChangeQuery.h [code]
State.cpp [code]
State.h [code]
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