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 CCGraphSlamHandler_ROSManage variables, ROS parameters and everything else related to the graphslam-engine ROS wrapper
 CCEdgeRegistrationDecider_MREdge Registration Decider virtual method
 CCNodeRegistrationDecider_MRNode Registration Decider Interface Class
 CCConnectionManagerClass responsible of handling the network communication between SLAM agents in the Multi-Robot graphSLAM algorithm
 CCGraphSlamEngine_MRMrpt::graphslam::CGraphSlamEngine derived class for executing multi-robot graphSLAM
 CTNeighborAgentPropsStruct responsible for holding properties (nodeIDs, node positions, LaserScans) that have been registered by a nearby GraphSlamAgent
 CCGraphSlamEngine_ROSClass template that provides a wrapper around the MRPT CGraphSlamEngine class template and implements methods for interacting with ROS
 CCMapMergerClass responsible of the execution of the map_merger_node
 CCRegistrationDeciderOrOptimizer_MRInterface for implementing deciders/optimizers related to the Condensed Measurements multi-robot graphSLAM algorithm
 CCRegistrationDeciderOrOptimizer_ROSInterface class that all ROS-specific deciders/optimizers can inherit from
 CTNeighborAgentMapPropsStruct holding a COccupancyGridMap2D (as well as subscribers for updating it) for a specific running GraphSlamAgent instance

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