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rs2::calibrated_sensor Class Reference

#include <rs_sensor.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 calibrated_sensor (sensor s)
rs2_dsm_params get_dsm_params () const
 operator bool () const
void override_dsm_params (rs2_dsm_params const &params)
void override_extrinsics (rs2_extrinsics const &extr)
void override_intrinsics (rs2_intrinsics const &intr)
void reset_calibration ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from rs2::sensor
template<class T >
as () const
void close () const
const std::shared_ptr< rs2_sensor > & get () const
std::vector< stream_profileget_active_streams () const
const char * get_info (rs2_camera_info info) const
std::vector< filterget_recommended_filters () const
std::vector< stream_profileget_stream_profiles () const
template<class T >
bool is () const
void open (const stream_profile &profile) const
void open (const std::vector< stream_profile > &profiles) const
 operator bool () const
 operator std::shared_ptr< rs2_sensor > ()
sensoroperator= (const std::shared_ptr< rs2_sensor > other)
sensoroperator= (const sensor &other)
 sensor ()
 sensor (std::shared_ptr< rs2_sensor > dev)
template<class T >
void set_notifications_callback (T callback) const
template<class T >
void start (T callback) const
void stop () const
bool supports (rs2_camera_info info) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from rs2::options
float get_option (rs2_option option) const
const char * get_option_description (rs2_option option) const
const char * get_option_name (rs2_option option) const
option_range get_option_range (rs2_option option) const
const char * get_option_value_description (rs2_option option, float val) const
std::vector< rs2_optionget_supported_options ()
bool is_option_read_only (rs2_option option) const
optionsoperator= (const options &other)
 options (const options &other)
void set_option (rs2_option option, float value) const
bool supports (rs2_option option) const
virtual ~options ()=default

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from rs2::options
template<class T >
optionsoperator= (const T &dev)
 options (rs2_options *o=nullptr)
- Protected Attributes inherited from rs2::sensor
std::shared_ptr< rs2_sensor_sensor
friend context
friend device
friend device_base
friend device_list
friend roi_sensor

Detailed Description

Definition at line 666 of file rs_sensor.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

rs2::calibrated_sensor::calibrated_sensor ( sensor  s)

Definition at line 669 of file rs_sensor.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

rs2_dsm_params rs2::calibrated_sensor::get_dsm_params ( ) const

Override the intrinsics at the sensor level, as DEPTH_TO_RGB calibration does

Definition at line 699 of file rs_sensor.hpp.

rs2::calibrated_sensor::operator bool ( ) const

Definition at line 680 of file rs_sensor.hpp.

void rs2::calibrated_sensor::override_dsm_params ( rs2_dsm_params const &  params)

Set the sensor DSM parameters This should ideally be done when the stream is NOT running. If it is, the parameters may not take effect immediately.

Definition at line 711 of file rs_sensor.hpp.

void rs2::calibrated_sensor::override_extrinsics ( rs2_extrinsics const &  extr)

Override the intrinsics at the sensor level, as DEPTH_TO_RGB calibration does

Definition at line 691 of file rs_sensor.hpp.

void rs2::calibrated_sensor::override_intrinsics ( rs2_intrinsics const &  intr)

Override the intrinsics at the sensor level, as DEPTH_TO_RGB calibration does

Definition at line 683 of file rs_sensor.hpp.

void rs2::calibrated_sensor::reset_calibration ( )

Reset the sensor DSM calibration

Definition at line 720 of file rs_sensor.hpp.

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