Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
robot_calibration::CalibrationOffsetParserCombined parser and configuration for calibration offsets. Holds the configuration of what is to be calibrated, and and parses the actual adjustments from the free parameters
robot_calibration::Camera3dModelModel of a camera on a kinematic chain
robot_calibration::Camera3dToArmErrorModel of a camera on a kinematic chain
robot_calibration::CameraToCameraErrorModel of a camera on another camera chain
robot_calibration::ChainManagerManages moving joints to a new pose, determining when they are settled, and returning current joint_states
robot_calibration::ChainModelModel of a kinematic chain. This is the basic instance where we transform the world observations into the proper root frame
robot_calibration::CheckerboardFinderThis class processes the point cloud input to find a checkerboard
robot_calibration::LedFinder::CloudDifferenceTrackerInternally used within LED finder to track each of several LEDs
robot_calibration::DepthCameraInfoManagerBase class for a feature finder
robot_calibration::FeatureFinderBase class for a feature finder
robot_calibration::LedFinderThis class processes the point cloud input to find the LED
robot_calibration::OptimizationParamsClass to hold parameters for optimization
robot_calibration::OptimizerClass to do optimization
robot_calibration::OutrageousErrorError block to restrict the offsets generated by ceres-solver from becoming outrageously large

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