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class  AxialSymmetricPt
 Specialization of cartesian trajectory point. Represents a cartesian point whose rotation about a chosen axis is unconstrained. More...
class  CartTrajectoryPt
 Cartesian Trajectory Point used to describe a Cartesian goal for a robot trajectory. More...
class  JointTrajectoryPt
 Joint Trajectory Point used to describe a joint goal for a robot trajectory. More...
struct  OrientationTolerance
 Description of a per-axis rotational tolerance on orientation Combined with OrientationConstraint to fully define pt orientation. More...
struct  PositionTolerance
 Description of a per-cartesian-axis linear tolerance on position Combined with PositionConstraint to fully define pt position. More...
struct  ToleranceBase
 Description of a per-cartesian-axis tolerance. This tolerance is not meant to be used directly but rather used as a common base for positional/orientation tolerances. More...
struct  TolerancedFrame
 TolerancedFrame extends frame to include tolerances and constraints on position and orientation. Samplers that are called on this object should sample within tolerance, and check if result satisfies constraints. More...
struct  TolerancedJointValue
 Structure to specify a valid joint range [lower, upper] with a nominal position given by 'nominal'. More...
class  TrajectoryPath


typedef std::vector
< descartes_core::TrajectoryPt


double distance (const std::vector< double > &j1, const std::vector< double > &j2)
EigenSTL::vector_Affine3d uniform (const TolerancedFrame &frame, const double orient_increment, const double pos_increment)

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Definition at line 34 of file trajectory.h.

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double descartes_trajectory::distance ( const std::vector< double > &  j1,
const std::vector< double > &  j2 

Definition at line 134 of file src/cart_trajectory_pt.cpp.

EigenSTL::vector_Affine3d descartes_trajectory::uniform ( const TolerancedFrame &  frame,
const double  orient_increment,
const double  pos_increment 

Definition at line 42 of file src/cart_trajectory_pt.cpp.

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