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descartes_trajectory::AxialSymmetricPtSpecialization of cartesian trajectory point. Represents a cartesian point whose rotation about a chosen axis is unconstrained
descartes_trajectory_test::CartesianRobotCartesian Robot used for test purposes. This is a simple robot with simple kinematics. Each joint corresponds to a cartesian direction (i.e. x, y, R, P, Y) (don't ask me how this is built, it just works)
descartes_trajectory_test::CartesianRobotModelTest< T >
descartes_trajectory::CartTrajectoryPtCartesian Trajectory Point used to describe a Cartesian goal for a robot trajectory
descartes_trajectory::JointTrajectoryPtJoint Trajectory Point used to describe a joint goal for a robot trajectory
descartes_trajectory::OrientationToleranceDescription of a per-axis rotational tolerance on orientation Combined with OrientationConstraint to fully define pt orientation
descartes_trajectory::PositionToleranceDescription of a per-cartesian-axis linear tolerance on position Combined with PositionConstraint to fully define pt position
descartes_trajectory_test::RobotModelTest< T >
descartes_trajectory::ToleranceBaseDescription of a per-cartesian-axis tolerance. This tolerance is not meant to be used directly but rather used as a common base for positional/orientation tolerances
descartes_trajectory::TolerancedFrameTolerancedFrame extends frame to include tolerances and constraints on position and orientation. Samplers that are called on this object should sample within tolerance, and check if result satisfies constraints
descartes_trajectory::TolerancedJointValueStructure to specify a valid joint range [lower, upper] with a nominal position given by 'nominal'
TrajectoryPtTest< T >

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