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class  CollisionModels
 A class capable of loading a robot model from the parameter server. More...
class  CollisionModelsInterface
 A class capable of loading a robot model from the parameter server. More...
class  CollisionOperationsGenerator
class  CollisionSpaceMonitor
 CollisionSpaceMonitor is a class which in addition to being aware of a robot model, is also aware of a collision space. More...
class  EnvironmentServer
class  JointConstraintEvaluator
class  JointStateMonitor
class  KinematicConstraintEvaluator
class  KinematicConstraintEvaluatorSet
class  KinematicModelStateMonitor
 KinematicModelStateMonitor is a class that monitors the robot state for the kinematic model defined in RobotModels If the pose is not included, the robot state is the frame of the link it attaches to the world. If the pose is included, the frame of the robot is the one in which the pose is published. More...
class  OrientationConstraintEvaluator
class  PlanningMonitor
 PlanningMonitor is a class which in addition to being aware of a robot model, and the collision model is also aware of constraints and can check the validity of states and paths. More...
class  PlanningSceneValidityServer
class  PositionConstraintEvaluator
class  RobotModels
 A class capable of loading a robot model from the parameter server. More...
class  VisibilityConstraintEvaluator


bool applyOrderedCollisionOperationsListToACM (const arm_navigation_msgs::OrderedCollisionOperations &ordered_coll, const std::vector< std::string > &object_names, const std::vector< std::string > &att_names, const planning_models::KinematicModel *model, collision_space::EnvironmentModel::AllowedCollisionMatrix &matrix)
arm_navigation_msgs::AllowedCollisionMatrix applyOrderedCollisionOperationsToCollisionsModel (const CollisionModels *cm, const arm_navigation_msgs::OrderedCollisionOperations &ordered_coll, const std::vector< std::string > &object_names, const std::vector< std::string > &att_names)
void applyOrderedCollisionOperationsToMatrix (const arm_navigation_msgs::OrderedCollisionOperations &ord, collision_space::EnvironmentModel::AllowedCollisionMatrix &acm)
int closestStateOnTrajectory (const boost::shared_ptr< urdf::Model > &model, const trajectory_msgs::JointTrajectory &trajectory, const sensor_msgs::JointState &joint_state, unsigned int start, unsigned int end)
bool computeAttachedObjectPointCloudMask (const pcl::PointCloud< pcl::PointXYZ > &pcl_cloud, const std::string &sensor_frame, CollisionModels *cm, tf::TransformListener &tf, std::vector< int > &mask)
int computeAttachedObjectPointMask (const planning_environment::CollisionModels *cm, const tf::Vector3 &pt, const tf::Vector3 &sensor_pos)
bool configureForAttachedBodyMask (planning_models::KinematicState &state, planning_environment::CollisionModels *cm, tf::TransformListener &tf, const std::string &sensor_frame, const ros::Time &sensor_time, tf::Vector3 &sensor_pos)
shapes::ShapeconstructObject (const arm_navigation_msgs::Shape &obj)
bool constructObjectMsg (const shapes::Shape *shape, arm_navigation_msgs::Shape &obj, double padding=0.0)
void convertAllowedContactSpecificationMsgToAllowedContactVector (const std::vector< arm_navigation_msgs::AllowedContactSpecification > &acmv, std::vector< collision_space::EnvironmentModel::AllowedContact > &acv)
collision_space::EnvironmentModel::AllowedCollisionMatrix convertFromACMMsgToACM (const arm_navigation_msgs::AllowedCollisionMatrix &matrix)
void convertFromACMToACMMsg (const collision_space::EnvironmentModel::AllowedCollisionMatrix &acm, arm_navigation_msgs::AllowedCollisionMatrix &matrix)
void convertFromLinkPaddingMapToLinkPaddingVector (const std::map< std::string, double > &link_padding_map, std::vector< arm_navigation_msgs::LinkPadding > &link_padding_vector)
void convertKinematicStateToRobotState (const planning_models::KinematicState &kinematic_state, const ros::Time &timestamp, const std::string &header_frame, arm_navigation_msgs::RobotState &robot_state)
bool createAndPoseShapes (tf::TransformListener &tf, const std::vector< arm_navigation_msgs::Shape > &orig_shapes, const std::vector< geometry_msgs::Pose > &orig_poses, const std_msgs::Header &header, const std::string &frame_to, std::vector< shapes::Shape * > &conv_shapes, std::vector< tf::Transform > &conv_poses)
bool createConstraintRegionFromMsg (const arm_navigation_msgs::Shape &constraint_region_shape, const geometry_msgs::Pose &constraint_region_pose, boost::scoped_ptr< bodies::Body > &body)
bool doesKinematicStateObeyConstraints (const planning_models::KinematicState &state, const arm_navigation_msgs::Constraints &constraints, bool verbose=false)
void getAllKinematicStateStampedTransforms (const planning_models::KinematicState &state, std::vector< geometry_msgs::TransformStamped > &trans_vector, const ros::Time &stamp)
void getCollisionMarkersFromContactInformation (const std::vector< arm_navigation_msgs::ContactInformation > &contacts, const std::string &world_frame_id, visualization_msgs::MarkerArray &arr, const std_msgs::ColorRGBA &color, const ros::Duration &lifetime)
bool getLatestIdentityTransform (const std::string &to_frame, const std::string &from_frame, tf::TransformListener &tf, tf::Transform &pose)
static double maxCoord (const geometry_msgs::Point32 &point)
bool processAttachedCollisionObjectMsg (const arm_navigation_msgs::AttachedCollisionObjectConstPtr &attached_object, tf::TransformListener &tf, CollisionModels *cm)
bool processCollisionObjectMsg (const arm_navigation_msgs::CollisionObjectConstPtr &collision_object, tf::TransformListener &tf, CollisionModels *cm)
bool removeCompletedTrajectory (const boost::shared_ptr< urdf::Model > &model, const trajectory_msgs::JointTrajectory &trajectory_in, const sensor_msgs::JointState &current_state, trajectory_msgs::JointTrajectory &trajectory_out, bool zero_vel_acc)
void setMarkerShapeFromShape (const arm_navigation_msgs::Shape &obj, visualization_msgs::Marker &mk)
void setMarkerShapeFromShape (const shapes::Shape *obj, visualization_msgs::Marker &mk, double padding=0.0)
bool setRobotStateAndComputeTransforms (const arm_navigation_msgs::RobotState &robot_state, planning_models::KinematicState &state)
void updateAttachedObjectBodyPoses (planning_environment::CollisionModels *cm, planning_models::KinematicState &state, tf::TransformListener &tf)

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E. Gil Jones
Ioan Sucan
Sachin Chitta
Ioan Sucan, E. Gil Jones

Function Documentation

Definition at line 241 of file model_utils.cpp.

arm_navigation_msgs::AllowedCollisionMatrix planning_environment::applyOrderedCollisionOperationsToCollisionsModel ( const CollisionModels *  cm,
const arm_navigation_msgs::OrderedCollisionOperations ordered_coll,
const std::vector< std::string > &  object_names,
const std::vector< std::string > &  att_names 

Definition at line 332 of file model_utils.cpp.

Definition at line 150 of file model_utils.cpp.

int planning_environment::closestStateOnTrajectory ( const boost::shared_ptr< urdf::Model > &  model,
const trajectory_msgs::JointTrajectory &  trajectory,
const sensor_msgs::JointState &  joint_state,
unsigned int  start,
unsigned int  end 

Definition at line 388 of file monitor_utils.cpp.

bool planning_environment::computeAttachedObjectPointCloudMask ( const pcl::PointCloud< pcl::PointXYZ > &  pcl_cloud,
const std::string &  sensor_frame,
planning_environment::CollisionModels cm,
tf::TransformListener tf,
std::vector< int > &  mask 

Definition at line 348 of file monitor_utils.cpp.

int planning_environment::computeAttachedObjectPointMask ( const planning_environment::CollisionModels cm,
const tf::Vector3 &  pt,
const tf::Vector3 &  sensor_pos 

Definition at line 272 of file monitor_utils.cpp.

bool planning_environment::configureForAttachedBodyMask ( planning_models::KinematicState state,
planning_environment::CollisionModels cm,
tf::TransformListener tf,
const std::string &  sensor_frame,
const ros::Time sensor_time,
tf::Vector3 &  sensor_pos 

Definition at line 308 of file monitor_utils.cpp.

Ioan Sucan

Definition at line 41 of file construct_object.cpp.

bool planning_environment::constructObjectMsg ( const shapes::Shape shape,
arm_navigation_msgs::Shape obj,
double  padding = 0.0 

Definition at line 101 of file construct_object.cpp.

Definition at line 573 of file model_utils.cpp.

Definition at line 218 of file model_utils.cpp.

Definition at line 194 of file model_utils.cpp.

void planning_environment::convertFromLinkPaddingMapToLinkPaddingVector ( const std::map< std::string, double > &  link_padding_map,
std::vector< arm_navigation_msgs::LinkPadding > &  link_padding_vector 

Definition at line 543 of file model_utils.cpp.

void planning_environment::convertKinematicStateToRobotState ( const planning_models::KinematicState kinematic_state,
const ros::Time timestamp,
const std::string &  header_frame,
arm_navigation_msgs::RobotState robot_state 

Definition at line 111 of file model_utils.cpp.

bool planning_environment::createAndPoseShapes ( tf::TransformListener tf,
const std::vector< arm_navigation_msgs::Shape > &  orig_shapes,
const std::vector< geometry_msgs::Pose > &  orig_poses,
const std_msgs::Header header,
const std::string &  frame_to,
std::vector< shapes::Shape * > &  conv_shapes,
std::vector< tf::Transform > &  conv_poses 

Definition at line 70 of file monitor_utils.cpp.

bool planning_environment::createConstraintRegionFromMsg ( const arm_navigation_msgs::Shape constraint_region_shape,
const geometry_msgs::Pose constraint_region_pose,
boost::scoped_ptr< bodies::Body > &  body 

Definition at line 114 of file kinematic_state_constraint_evaluator.cpp.

Definition at line 358 of file model_utils.cpp.

void planning_environment::getAllKinematicStateStampedTransforms ( const planning_models::KinematicState state,
std::vector< geometry_msgs::TransformStamped > &  trans_vector,
const ros::Time stamp 

Definition at line 556 of file model_utils.cpp.

void planning_environment::getCollisionMarkersFromContactInformation ( const std::vector< arm_navigation_msgs::ContactInformation > &  contacts,
const std::string &  world_frame_id,
visualization_msgs::MarkerArray &  arr,
const std_msgs::ColorRGBA &  color,
const ros::Duration lifetime 

Definition at line 601 of file model_utils.cpp.

bool planning_environment::getLatestIdentityTransform ( const std::string &  to_frame,
const std::string &  from_frame,
tf::TransformListener tf,
tf::Transform pose 
E. Gil Jones

Definition at line 43 of file monitor_utils.cpp.

static double planning_environment::maxCoord ( const geometry_msgs::Point32 &  point) [inline, static]

Definition at line 46 of file collision_space_monitor.cpp.

Definition at line 151 of file monitor_utils.cpp.

Definition at line 108 of file monitor_utils.cpp.

bool planning_environment::removeCompletedTrajectory ( const boost::shared_ptr< urdf::Model > &  model,
const trajectory_msgs::JointTrajectory &  trajectory_in,
const sensor_msgs::JointState &  current_state,
trajectory_msgs::JointTrajectory &  trajectory_out,
bool  zero_vel_acc 

Definition at line 451 of file monitor_utils.cpp.

void planning_environment::setMarkerShapeFromShape ( const arm_navigation_msgs::Shape obj,
visualization_msgs::Marker &  mk 

Definition at line 370 of file model_utils.cpp.

void planning_environment::setMarkerShapeFromShape ( const shapes::Shape obj,
visualization_msgs::Marker &  mk,
double  padding = 0.0 

Definition at line 416 of file model_utils.cpp.

E. Gil Jones

Definition at line 42 of file model_utils.cpp.

Definition at line 235 of file monitor_utils.cpp.

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