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wxPython_swig_interface::_core_ex Namespace Reference


class  __DocFilter
class  _wxPyDeadObject
class  _wxPyUnbornObject
class  CallLater
class  FutureCall
class  PyDeadObjectError
class  PyUnbornObjectError


def bool
def CallAfter
def version


 __version__ = VERSION_STRING
tuple default = _sys.getdefaultencoding()

Function Documentation

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def wxPython_swig_interface._core_ex.CallAfter (   callable,
Call the specified function after the current and pending event
handlers have been completed.  This is also good for making GUI
method calls from non-GUI threads.  Any extra positional or
keyword args are passed on to the callable when it is called.

:see: `wx.CallLater`

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Returns a string containing version and port info

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Variable Documentation

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tuple wxPython_swig_interface::_core_ex::default = _sys.getdefaultencoding()

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