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 Ccostmap_2d::CellDataStorage for cell information used during obstacle inflation
 Ccostmap_2d::Costmap2DA 2D costmap provides a mapping between points in the world and their associated "costs"
 Ccostmap_2d::Costmap2DPublisherA tool to periodically publish visualization data from a Costmap2D
 Ccostmap_2d::Costmap2DROSA ROS wrapper for a 2D Costmap. Handles subscribing to topics that provide observations about obstacles in either the form of PointCloud or LaserScan messages
 Ccostmap_2d::LayeredCostmapInstantiates different layer plugins and aggregates them into one score
 Ccostmap_2d::ObservationStores an observation in terms of a point cloud and the origin of the source
 Ccostmap_2d::ObservationBufferTakes in point clouds from sensors, transforms them to the desired frame, and stores them
 CXmlRpc::XmlRpcValue [external]

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