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basic_types.h File Reference
#include <vector>
#include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>
#include <industrial_extrinsic_cal/basic_types.h>
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struct  industrial_extrinsic_cal::ARTargetParameters
 Parameters defining AR target. More...
struct  industrial_extrinsic_cal::CameraObservations
 A vector of observations made by a single camera of posibly multiple targets. More...
struct  industrial_extrinsic_cal::CameraParameters
struct  industrial_extrinsic_cal::CheckerBoardParameters
 Parameters defining checker board target. More...
struct  industrial_extrinsic_cal::CircleGridParameters
 Parameters defining circle grid target. More...
struct  industrial_extrinsic_cal::MovingTarget
 moving need a new pose with each scene in which they are used More...
struct  industrial_extrinsic_cal::Observation
 An observation is the x,y image location of a target's point in an image. More...
struct  industrial_extrinsic_cal::Point3d
struct  industrial_extrinsic_cal::Pose6d
struct  industrial_extrinsic_cal::Roi
 A region of interest in an image. More...
struct  industrial_extrinsic_cal::Target
 A target's information. More...
struct  industrial_extrinsic_cal::Trigger
 what kind of trigger initiates the collection of data for this scene More...


namespace  industrial_extrinsic_cal


typedef struct
 moving need a new pose with each scene in which they are used
typedef double * industrial_extrinsic_cal::P_BLOCK

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