Building RQt from source on macOS

This page provides specific information to building RQt from source on macOS. Follow these instructions before proceeding with RQt Source Install page.

System Requirements

RQt is supported on macOS 10.12, but 10.13 also seems to work.


The primary dependencies of the RQt package are sip and PyQt5. PySide2 may be supported in the future.

Install dependencies

$ brew install sip pyqt5
$ brew install graphviz
$ python3 -m pip install pygraphviz pydot
$ brew link --force qt

This is the quickest solution but may cause issues when upgrading Qt or if other packages are expecting Qt 4. Another option is to update your PATH and CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH to include the Qt install location:

$ export PATH="$(brew --prefix qt)/bin:$PATH"
$ export CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH="$(brew --prefix qt):$CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH"

Install RQt by source

Continue with the RQt source install page.