Setting up a robot simulation (Gazebo)

Goal: Launch a Simulation with Gazebo and ROS 2

Tutorial level: Advanced

Time: 5 minutes


These instructions are about the current Gazebo (previously known as Ignition), not Gazebo Classic.


You’ll need to install both ROS 2 and Gazebo.


For ROS 2 you should follow the ROS 2 install instructions.


Gazebo and ROS support different combinations of versions.

All supported combinations can be seen here.

ROS REP-2000 standardizes what the default version of Gazebo is for each ROS distribution.

If you haven’t installed a version of Gazebo on your system yet, you can install Gazebo by following the installation instructions.

Quick Check

To verify your Gazebo installation is correct, check you can run it:

gz sim

Further Resources

Once Gazebo is installed and is all clear on the last quick test, you can move to the Gazebo tutorials to try out building your own robot!

If you use a different version of Gazebo than the recommended version, make sure to use the dropdown to select the correct version of documentation.


In this tutorial, you have installed Gazebo and set-up your workspace to start with the Gazebo tutorials.