Building a package with Eclipse 2021-06

You cannot create a ROS 2 package with eclipse, you need to create it with commandline tools. Follow the Create a package tutorial.

After you created your project, you can edit the source code and build it with eclipse.

We start eclipse and select a eclipse-workspace.


We create a C++ project

eclipse_create_c++_project eclipse_c++_project_select_type

We see that we got C++ includes.


We now import our ROS 2 project. The code is still in the old place.

eclipse_import_project eclipse_import_filesystem

Click the Advanced in the Options and check the Create links in worksapce.


We see in the source code that the C++ includes got resolved but not the ROS 2 ones.

eclipse_c++_wo_ros_includes eclipse_c++_path_and_symbols

Add include paths of needed packages. (e.g. /opt/ros/iron/include/rclcpp, /opt/ros/iron/include/std_msgs, etc.)


We now see that the ROS 2 includes got resolved too.


Adding Builder colcon, so that we can build with right-click on project and “Build project”.

eclipse_c++_properties_builders eclipse_c++_builder_main

With PYTHONPATH you can also build python projects.

eclipse_c++_builder_env eclipse_c++_properties_builders_with_colcon

Right-click on the project and select “Build Project”.