Project Governance

Technical Steering Committee (TSC)

Since the beginning of ROS, the project has been overseen and prioritized primarily by one organization, first Willow Garage and now Open Robotics. That approach has worked well enough, as evidenced by the widespread adoption of ROS around the world.

But with ROS 2, we want to broaden participation to accelerate ROS 2 delivery, starting with these areas: determining the roadmap, developing core tools and libraries, and establishing working groups to focus on important topics. To that end, we’ve established a Technical Steering Committee (TSC). As described in the charter, the TSC comprises representatives of organizations that are contributing to the development of ROS 2, and it has the responsibility to set the technical direction for the project.

Packages relevant to this ROS 2 TSC are listed in REP 2005.

Meeting notes can be found on ROS Discourse.

The current members of the ROS 2 TSC are (23 as of 2022-02-01):

Amazon logo

Amazon: Matt Hansen

Apex.AI logo

Apex.AI: Lyle Johnson

Bosch logo

Bosch: Christian Henkel

Ubuntu logo

Canonical: Mirko Ferrati

eProsima logo

eProsima: Jaime Martin Losa

GVSC logo

GVSC: Jerry Towler (SwRI)

Intel logo

Intel: Harold Yang

Intrinsic logo

Intrinsic: Chris Lalancette

iRobot logo

iRobot: Alberto Soragna

Microsoft logo

Microsoft: Lou Amadio

OSRF logo

OSRF: Geoff Biggs

PickNik logo

PickNik: Henning Kayser



ROS Industriallogo

ROS-Industrial: Matt Robinson

Sony logo

Sony: Tomoya Fujita

TRI logo

Toyota Research Institute: Ian McMahon

Wind River logo

Wind River: Andrei Kholodnyi

Foxglove logo

Foxglove: Adrian Macneil

Zetta Scale logo

Zetta Scale: Angelo Corsaro

ROS 2 logo

Community Representative: David V. Lu!!

ROS 2 logo

Community Representative: Steve Macenski

ROS 2 logo

Community Representative: Francisco Martin Rico

If you are interested in joining the ROS 2 TSC, please inquire via

Working Groups (WGs)

As described in its charter, the TSC establishes working groups (WGs) to discuss and make progress on specific topics. More information about working groups, along with a list of active ROS 2 working groups can be found here.

Upcoming ROS Events

Upcoming Working group meetings can be found in this Google Calendar. It can be accessed via iCal.

If you have an individual event or series of events that you’d like to post please contact