Class Task::Description

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This class is a nested type of Class Task.

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class Description

An abstract interface to define the specifics of this task. This implemented description will differentiate this task from others.

Subclassed by rmf_task::requests::ChargeBattery::Description, rmf_task::requests::Clean::Description, rmf_task::requests::Delivery::Description, rmf_task::requests::Loop::Description

Public Functions

virtual ConstModelPtr make_model(rmf_traffic::Time earliest_start_time, const Parameters &parameters) const = 0

Generate a Model for the task based on the unique traits of this description

  • earliest_start_time[in] The earliest time this task should begin execution. This is usually the requested start time for the task.

  • parameters[in] The parameters that describe this AGV

virtual Info generate_info(const State &initial_state, const Parameters &parameters) const = 0

Generate a plain text info description for the task, given the predicted initial state and the task planning parameters.

  • initial_state[in] The predicted initial state for the task

  • parameters[in] The task planning parameters

virtual ~Description() = default
struct Info

Public Members

std::string category
std::string detail