Class Request

Class Documentation

class Request

Public Functions

Request(const std::string &id, rmf_traffic::Time earliest_start_time, ConstPriorityPtr priority, Task::ConstDescriptionPtr description, bool automatic = false)


  • earliest_start_time[in] The desired start time for this request

  • priority[in] The priority for this request. This is provided by the Priority Scheme. For requests that do not have any priority this is a nullptr.

  • description[in] The description for this request

  • automatic[in] True if this request is auto-generated

Request(Task::ConstBookingPtr booking, Task::ConstDescriptionPtr description)


  • booking[in] Booking information for this request

  • description[in] Description for this request

const Task::ConstBookingPtr &booking() const

Get the tag of this request.

const Task::ConstDescriptionPtr &description() const

Get the description of this request.